4.4 Rankin to Amla, OUT, and now he is gone, Amla goes for the upper cut, something he had attempted two deliveries earlier, but too much of a thick outside edge this one as he connects from outside off stump, the ball swirls quickly wide of third man where young Dockrell dives to his left and pulls off the stunner, it did not lodge cleanly in his hands but he kept them close to his chest, and managed to hold on as he fell

5.6 Johnston to van Wyk, no run, dropped it is Kevin O'Brien at short cover who puts down the tough chance, it was a length ball that was smashed by van Wyk, went straight to Kevin who got both hands to it but could not hold on, Johnston is distraught

8.4 Rankin to van Wyk, no run, another dropped chance, Ireland are hurting themselves big time, they are so safe normally in the field, Rankin got one to cut back in from wide outside off stump, van Wyk went for the drive as usual, and the outside edge flew to Stirling at slip who clanged it, it climbed on him fast, but he could not quite get his hands to it, Rankin is stunned, totally stunned

27.2 Mooney to Ingram, FOUR, he comes forward and gets the drive in the gap between extra cover and mid off, first boundary in ages

39.1 Johnston to Duminy, FOUR, Johnston comes round the wicket, floating one up outside off and Duminy leans into a languid drive ... a diving cover sweeper can do nothing about it, and there's his fifty

49.4 Mooney to Duminy, OUT, Duminy is out for 99! He tried to go down the ground, but sliced at it and got underneath the ball, lifting it very high ... two fielders converge and one of them dives and slides to pull off a great one-handed catch. Guess who? Yep, it's Kevin O'Brien!

21.3 Peterson to KJ O'Brien, OUT, gone this time! O'Brien was aiming for long-on but sliced across the ball, skying it up for Hashim Amla to take an easy catch at long-off. No O'Brien show tonight ...

21.5 Peterson to Wilson, OUT, arm ball from Peterson, Wilson is wrapped on the pads to spark a huge appeal ... and he's given! After a quick chat, they review it, but to no avail. Ireland lose both of their set batsmen in the space of three balls, and they're sliding now