Played at CHRISTCHURCH, February, 27, 29, March 1. South Africa won by an innings and 12 runs. The first Test match ever played between New Zealand and South Africa ended in a victory for the visitors by an innings and 12 runs. Included in the home eleven were seven of the side who toured England in the previous summer. Weir, who alone withstood the bowling on a worn pitch in New Zealand's second innings, scored 120 for once out. On the first day Badcock with three 6's and three 4's hit up 64 in eighty minutes, his powerful driving contrasting strongly with the careful play of Roberts. Christy and Mitchell got 29 runs before stumps were drawn and on the second day they mastered the bowling so completely that their opening stand realised 196 in two hours before brilliant fielding by Kerr ran out Christy. Mitchell, fourth out at 249, showed extremely good form; Cameron continued the free hitting with 47 in about as many minutes and Dalton, meeting the bowling with sound defence, also scored readily in front of the wicket. Morkel hit up 51 out of 78 in fifty minutes. Dalton was last out. McMillan, taking nine wickets for 127 in the match, was easily the most successful bowler.