Sreesanth needs to keep his emotions in check © AFP

Sreesanth, the Indian fast bowler, has been fined 30% of his match fee after he pleaded guilty to breaching the ICC Code of Conduct on two counts during the first Test against South Africa at Johannesburg.

Sreesanth was found to have broken clause C 1 of the Code, which states "Players and/or Team Officials shall, at all times, conduct play within the spirit of the game", when he ran towards Hashim Amla after dismissing him in the second innings. He was fined 20% of his match fee for this indiscretion.

"At the pre-series meeting both captains and the two sets of management were reminded about the need for everyone to show respect for their opponents," said Roshan Mahanama, the match referee. "We do not want robots out there but we do want players to control their emotions once they get onto the field because they have to realise they are role models for all those watching. Sreesanth, by his actions, showed a lack of respect for the departing batsman and to his credit he acknowledged that by pleading guilty to the charge."

Sreesanth was fined a further 10% of his match fee after he was found guilty of breaching the ICC Logo Policy which states that only white garments must be worn under a shirt in a Test match. While batting, Sreesanth wore a black garment under his shirt. After it was pointed out, he took the field in a white garment but it had a commercial logo.

"It gives me no satisfaction to punish a player for a breach of the logo policy but the rule is there in print and both sides were reminded of it before the series," said Mahanama. "The fact that Sreesanth breached the policy not once but twice showed a lack of respect and although he once again pleaded guilty it was still appropriate he was fined for his actions."