7.3 KJ O'Brien to Smith, OUT, and the move has come off for Porterfield as Kevin pitches one up just outside off which Dwayne goes after as he lofts O'Brien straight into the clutches of long on, who takes it comfortably. Really a poor shot given the fielder in the deep
DR Smith c Mooney b KJ O'Brien 18 (29m 24b 3x4 0x6)

7.6 KJ O'Brien to Gayle, OUT, gets a leading edge from this leg-stump line delivery that was just back of a length. This ends up squirting away to the point fielder, who runs to his left before collecting to throw down the striker's ends stumps, with Darren woefully short of his ground. Really ignominious way to go as he leaves without even facing a ball!
DM Bravo run out 0 (4m 0b 0x4 0x6)

44.4 Mooney to Sammy, OUT, and Sammy's search for that elusive ODI ton will have to wait for another day. Is not at all in control of this pull through midwicket, with this one coming off the top-edge before flying to the man in the deep, who takes the catch comfortably. The Nelson contingent rise to applaud a special knock
DJG Sammy c Dockrell b Mooney 89 (88m 67b 9x4 4x6)

49.4 Sorensen to Simmons, FOUR, with a club through midwicket that makes it to the rope, Lendl becomes the fifth World Cup centurion of the tournament as the West Indies dressing room rises to applaud his sterling effort. Has really been a wonderful knock considering where West Indies were at one point

13.3 Gayle to Porterfield, OUT, and Porterfield has to go as he looked to get on with it, going after this slightly wide delivery on a flatter trajectory, which he ends up getting a bottom-edge to which Ramdin is able to get his fingers under and complete the take. Porterfield goes for 23
WTS Porterfield c †Ramdin b Gayle 23 (57m 43b 1x4 1x6)

26.4 Holder to Joyce, FOUR, dropped hard to call this a chance, but you need to take these in games like this. Joyce manages to get away a boundary through long leg as he tries to help this shorter one down with a hook, but is not at all in control of the shot. Bravo, at the position in the deep, is able to get a hand on it, before bobbling it on towards the boundary rope

27.5 Samuels to Stirling, OUT, and in the most nonchalant fashion, Stirling departs the Saxton after offering an outside edge to this one spinning across him, with Ramdin able to complete the take after it took the edge. Really has been a wonderful innings to set the platform for Ireland in this chase
PR Stirling c †Ramdin b Samuels 92 (115m 84b 9x4 3x6)

#BendTheRules moments from the Group B match between Ireland and West Indies played in Nelson on Monday.