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Warne likens Clarke to Taylor

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Shane Warne has likened Michael Clarke, the new Australia captain, to a young Mark Taylor, but says he will need to bring a more formal side to his personality in order to be a complete leader. Clarke and Warne remain close friends, and it is arguable that Warne's is the most powerful influence on Clarke's cricket thinking.

In that context, Warne's warmth was understandable, and it was high praise indeed to place Clarke alongside Taylor, widely regarded as the most naturally gifted Australian captain of the past 30 years.

"Michael as a tactician is very, very good, as we have seen in his ODI and Twenty20 appearances as skipper," Warne wrote in his News Ltd column. "His communication skills remind me of a young Mark Taylor, who was the best captain I played under.

"He works well with the bowlers and we don't see him running up to them after every ball - that's a good thing by the way - or looking like a cop directing traffic. Some captains like that because it's a power trip - look at me, I'm in charge.

"His tactics are spot on and his style of play is aggressive. With a team in transition, it's important to put players under pressure; that is, you have to risk losing to win, not be happy to not lose and draw. That way the players learn how to win and learn by their mistakes."

Warne counselled Clarke to add a harder edge to his leadership, making an attacking mindset clear to his team from the start - something Taylor also did. "You can't just be defensive, sit back and hope someone will make something happen. You must be pro-active and set the ground rules out from day one," Warne wrote. "As far as a leader of men goes, this is where I think Michael can improve. The way he conducts himself is laid back and fun by nature, but as skipper he will need to become a bit more formal and firm.

"Sure, keep the fun aspect as that is crucial to everything we do in life - if it isn't fun, do something else. But when I say formal, I mean dealing with the press, sponsors, the board, the corporate part of the job.

"But also just keep being Michael Clarke.

"In dealing with his team, I believe he has their respect as a player, but now it's time to earn that respect as a leader - firstly from the extended Australian cricket family and then the public."

As for the enduring issue of Clarke's public perception, Warne tended to think that the silent majority was in the new captain's corner. "Regarding his popularity, which always seems to be questioned, I actually think he is popular," Warne wrote. "We only hear the people who complain or whinge because they want to be heard. The detractors are in the minority. I think the majority of the public like Pup and the best way to win over the public is to perform as a player and as a team."

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  • oze13 on April 4, 2011, 10:12 GMT

    As his 30th birthday celebrations show, he is quite immature for someone of his age. As a leader of men? I don't thinks so. I'll give him 12 months in the job before CA are forced to look elsewhere.

  • Meety on April 4, 2011, 6:45 GMT

    @clyde1972 - that certainly is left field (Kapil Dev as Coach of Oz)! Couldn't be worse then the coach we already have. Its funny (if it wasn't so stupid), but Sutherland the CEO has made several references/comaprisons to the football codes in Oz. Football is very harsh on its coaches, some coaches get dumped before the season has started others about 4 weeks in! If Nielsen was a Football coach - he would of been dumped within 12 mths of taking on the role! Bring back Bobby Simpson as Coach!!!!!! I'd be happy with Geoff Marsh (as long as that doesn't we HAVE to HAVE either of the Marsh boys in the side!). AB maybe?????????

  • clyde1972 on April 4, 2011, 3:15 GMT

    I believe there was on other alternative on Clark's decision. CA had stood to long term view and given the current situation. Now it is better to be supportive to AUSTRALIAN TEAM if you are a true fan. However I believe the days of Nielson are gone and he has achieved nothing ever since the departure of Buchanan. I'm Indian BUT been a fan of the Aussie Cricket ever since I watched cricket on TV from a kid. I believe CA should think of changing the coach and my favourite coach will be KAPIL DEV, the former captain of India and the person who won the WC in 1983. Trust this guy, could bring changes to CA, like nobody who would dream off.

  • David47 on April 4, 2011, 1:33 GMT

    Like a young Mark Taylor? Mmm - I would say more like Kim Hughes. Having said that, he should be given a fair go to prove his credentials as captain and I wish him all the best. I think the real problem is the squad - has been for the last 18 months or so in both forms of the game. The squad chosen for the Banga tour is essentially the same one that was not good enough at the WC2011 - so why persist with them? I'll bet the same treatment will be given to the test squad in August - will be the same one that lost the Ashes. I genuinely feel sorry for Usman K, O'Keefe, Copeland, Cummins, Finch, Butterworth, Faulkner, Christian, Marsh etc etc etc.

  • Meety on April 3, 2011, 10:02 GMT

    @Peter Bourke - it was S Waugh that ordained Pup before he had played Test cricket. It was Dennis Lillee that stated MJ was a once in a generation player - nothing to do with Cric Oz. @Alexk400 - you can have that opinion - but what proof? I would say he put the Oz cricket teams ahead of personal gain by declining the IPL. Pleanty of 'team' men like Hussey & Bollinger didn't! @straight_drive4 - right on! We all (Ozzys) get behind him.

  • dummy4fb on April 3, 2011, 7:12 GMT

    i think if clarke struggles it will usher the end of haddin, as paine has shown his leadership qualities, getting him into the side is cruical over the next year as he is only 25 we have a chance at a long term keeper like healy/gilly, obviously not as good but he could average about 40 get a few tons hell do his job, watto must remain vice captain, too much pressure may get to him, he has held our team out of the pit of embarrassment for 2 years now, time to trial, cummins, pattison, butterworth, lyon, maddinson, there is some talent coming through for the first time in about 10 years lets not waste it

  • ssyam on April 3, 2011, 4:31 GMT

    Clarke is not fit for one days.he has shown many a time that he cant accelerate.Ponting is still the best one.when bolllinger got injured during the world cup he insisted on a bower to be replaced with but the stupid selectors sent an ailing micheal hussey there and we all see wat happened.The chief selector is the one who shoud have been dropped long back.

  • dummy4fb on April 3, 2011, 3:50 GMT

    this is a team in transition. this is what the team will look in 2015. Aaoron finch, Mathew wade,Cosgrove,Callum Fergusson, Shane watson (C),Luke pomersbach,daniel christian, james pattison, Patrick cummins, Peter siddle and Xavier doherty. there is no point selecting the husseys, Ponting , brett lee and Jhonson, as they are going to be past their prme when the aussies start their 2015 campign. even the test side needs a a overhaull. we need cosgrove in place of Hussey as he is much more of a free flowing batsmen and callu fegusson in place of Steven smith. No half measures, lets not play the ambidexterity card here, we all saw how steven smith let them down in ashes and WC.Mitchell jhonson gets the boot and in comes Trent copeland, Mitchell starc and Josh hazelwood .I hear a lot of promising stuff about these youngsters. Also thre is a lot of talk about nathan lyon as the spinnig option.

  • CrankyFranky on April 2, 2011, 22:48 GMT

    I have my doubts about M Clarke, just as I had my doubts about S Waugh & R Ponting. Waugh surprised me. Ponting didn't. Guess we'll see. Personally, I would have given the captaincy to S Katich a while back.

  • straight_drive4 on April 2, 2011, 21:33 GMT

    @ Gilly4ever - now that Cameron white is in absolutely miserable form and Dave hussey is getting on and there are no Victorians putting their hand up the get selected, who would you have as captain? I think if you cant have a Victorian you would rather only support domestic cricket. You have made it clear time and time again in your comments that You aren't Interested in australian cricket. I suggest you stick to commenting on articles on domestic cricket - your comments would be more appropriate. Get behind your new captain like the rest of the country got behind white when he was named T20 captain.

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