January 17, 2006

Ban the Kookaburra

Waqar Younis is fuming

Waqar Younis is fuming. Reason? The Kookaburra ball being used in the India-Pakistan series. "The seam sinks after the first eight-ten overs and there’s nothing for the bowlers... Obviously, it gets worse on wickets such as the one prepared at the Gaddafi," Waqar told The Telegraph, the Kolkata-based daily. "The Boards should look at using the Duke [manufactured in UK] or even the SG-Test [made in India] balls... The seam is prominent and visible for much longer. Then, the balls stay harder for a longer duration and even the batsmen won't complain."

And how would have he fared against Virender Sehwag on such a flat track? "If I did, I would have had to wear a helmet... He’s amazing... He just punches and the ball is past the boundary... As he doesn't use his feet, he’s best equipped to negotiate the reverse swing..."

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