August 12, 2009


Buchanan speaks his mind

Ashwin Achal

Mike O'Connor, from Couriermail, talks to the former Australia coach about varied topics like his stint with the Kolkata Knight Riders, the failures he endured in his role as coach of Middlesex and his early days as an aspiring cricketer.

"There's always people out there who are wanting to make some comment. Once you're out there, then there are people who are supportive and people who have the knives poised all the time and they'll find a reason to plunge the knife."

Shane Warne is one who has wielded the knife on Buchanan and I ask if his stab wounds have healed.

"I think so," he says easily. "The thing about Warnie is that his agendas are pretty open. He just likes to be the centre of attention and be centre stage. He has a good way of managing that and finding his way there."

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