September 6, 2010

Indian cricket

Out but not out, again and again

Abhishek Purohit

A rare day when rain stayed away from Mumbai’s monsoon tournament, the Kanga league, was livened up by some outrageous umpiring according to a Times of India report.

The first incident was when the ball was ‘lost’ in the grass following a shot from a Koli Combined XI batsman. With the fielding side Amar CC searching for the ball, the batsmen completed four runs and were attempting the fifth when the ball was ‘found’, and a run out effected. Amar CC’s joy was cut short by umpires Vishwasrao RM and Anil Pawar who recalled the batsman, judging the fielders had deliberately delayed the throw after finding the ball. They also awarded Koli XI four runs. Amar CC protested, demanding a dead ball as a neutral verdict.

After twenty minutes of commotion, the game resumed. Three overs later, so did the chaos. Devidas Koli defended a delivery and then used his bat to stop the ball from rolling onto the stumps. A loud appeal followed and Pawar raised his finger. A livid Koli refused to budge, and Pawar cancelled his decision. After some time, Pawar declared Koli out and cancelled his decision once again. Koli was at the receiving end for one last time, as Pawar adjudged him caught behind off a turner that Koli didn’t edge. An exasperated Koli walked up to Pawar and touched his feet. “There was enough space for a football to pass between the bat and ball. Thank you,’’ Koli said. For the record, Amar CC progressed after taking the first innings lead.


Abhishek Purohit is a sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo

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