May 29, 2011

Sri Lanka in England, 2011

England's run machines

Dustin Silgardo

Watching Alastair Cook and Jonathan Trott bat on a wet day, in a Test headed for a draw, may not be the most exciting in the world, but while they may not always put bums on seats, you can't neglect how effective the pair have been for England, Tom Fordyce writes on

Cook and Trott have formed a bond as successful as it is unlikely. The latter is an anxious starter and twitchy stayer - scratching that trench on the popping crease, fiddling his way through an extended routine before every ball that he faces. Cook, by contrast, increasingly resembles a run-making robot, as unflustered on 99 as he is on nine.

Cardiff has failed to produce substantial crowds for the Test so far, but in the Daily Telegraph Steve James says criticism of the venue is harsh.

The crowds have not been exceptional – although there were 10, 479 present on Saturday, by far the best of the three days – and in an instant the judgement has been that there is little or no appetite for Test cricket in Wales. Before the accusations of bias fly, I must stress that I too remain sceptical on that front, but it is far too soon to say categorically. And there is no going back now. Glamorgan simply cannot survive without Test cricket. As a venue this has to be granted time.


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