December 21, 2012


More problems for under-fire USACA


A proposed Twenty20 league in the USA, headed by the USA Cricket Association and New Zealand Cricket, may be on the verge of collapse after USACA president Gladstone Dainty allegedly informed stakeholders at the annual general meeting on December 15 in New York that the board's partnership with Rajiv Podar, the primary investor supplying funding to USACA through Cricket Holdings America LLC, might be coming to an end. It is a scenario that is being denied by Podar.

And USACA is under fire from stakeholders after several claimed they were barred from attending the board's AGM in Florida.

One told ESPNCricinfo: "On approaching the door to the meeting room, we were approached by a gentleman who asked both of us to sign in on the “sign in” sheet provided and to produce some form of photo ID for verification. We both complied, and upon examination of my credentials, the gentleman, who identified himself as Chief of Security of that Hilton Hotel, informed me that he had a list of individuals in hand who were not allowed in the meeting and that furthermore, my name was on that list. He insisted that I leave the establishment immediately or he would take further action, he also stated he was 'just doing his job'."


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