English cricket October 5, 2013

Three lions over the baggygreen

ESPNcricinfo staff
In the Independent, Kevin Garside speaks to Sam Robson, who was born in Sydney but is climbing the rungs in English cricket because of his dual citizenship

In their not-too-distant times of plenty, Australia might have barely paid heed to a young talent with dual citizenship choosing to play for England. But now, as their stock has thinned, Australia must prepare for disappointment as Sydney-born Sam Robson climbs the rungs in English cricket, writes Kevin Garside in the Independent.

"The first time I played here [Lord's] it felt incredible but even when you turn up on a Monday morning and there are not many people around, you stroll across the ground to put your kit in the dressing room, seeing the pavilion, the Long Room or whatever, you realise this is such a special place, the tradition that comes with it, all the great players, the great games. I think all the Middlesex guys recognise that. I've got a good gig, if you like."

It's not just about the cricket. He is hanging out in a city that rivals any in the world. Yesterday he set off with his mates for a weekend in Barcelona promising to be "professional at the right times". He lists Rome as the favourite place he has visited, marginally ahead of Capri. Take a 90-minute flight out of Sydney and you might still be in New South Wales. "I love living in London and feel very lucky to be here. The city has got everything, especially for a young bloke, but on top of that, being a professional cricketer turning up at Lord's every day doesn't really get any better."