Miscellaneous October 9, 2013

Cannabis museum highlights cricket connection

Dunedin, New Zealand is vying to be recognised as 'Dunsterdam,' in reference to their relaxed views on recreational cannabis use. The cannabis museum, Whakamana, recently opened a new exhibition that highlighted the long-standing connection between cannabis use and cricket, providing newspaper clippings and stories about some more illustrious names who have dabbled with the substance, with varying degrees of success. Andy Bull from The Guardian provides a lovely tidbit:

Its debilitating effects were never better illustrated than by the tale of the Australian team Nerrena CC. In 2005 they travelled to Inverloch for a crucial league fixture. The Nerrena players were pleasantly surprised to find that the hosts had laid on a spread of suspiciously moreish chocolate cupcakes for their guests. "I thought, gee this is pretty good," said Nerrena player Tim Clark. "They usually feed us crap." He ate five of them. Soon his team-mates began complaining of "sunstroke-like symptoms". Two broke into hysterical giggling fits, and had to leave the field because their mouths were so dry. Clark said it took him 20 minutes to put his pads on once play started, and almost four hours to assemble a kit bicycle at the end of the day. "I was all over the shop. I was putting the handlebars where the seat was meant to be."