India cricket January 25, 2014

The trouble with Ashwin

Sunil Subramaniam, who coaches R Ashwin, is disturbed by his pupil's recent lack of success. "Even JP Duminy was getting far more off the pitch than Ashwin in South Africa," he tells Mumbai Mirror's Sriram Veera. The problem, Subramaniam says, is the lack of body in his action.

"If you don't use the body, the ball will still fall in the same place (as when you are using the body) but see it's all about how the ball arrives at the other end." The phone crackles with Sunil's excitement.

"The parabola will make the batsman think. The arc of the ball - from down to up and then the dip - is what gets the batsman. He then can't just pick it off the hand - as batsmen are now doing it with Ashwin - and just get ready to smash. He has to clearly watch the trajectory of the ball and then there is the chance of getting out."

What is Ashwin doing now? "Now he is all about just Newton's law!"