West Indies cricket January 15, 2016

Kieran Powell, Major League baseballer?

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The West Indies opener's cricketing dream has been replaced by another...

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West Indies players missing international cricket to play T20 Leagues around the world is quite common. Now, the WICB is in danger of losing players to other sports. This time it's Major League Baseball in the USA catching the attention of one of its players.*

Kieran Powell, the opener who last played for West Indies in June 2014, is looking to get himself a place in an MLB franchise.

"An opportunity came about after a few discrepancies with the West Indies Cricket Board; I decided to take some time off from cricket and some footage of me playing cricket was seen by the LA Dodgers," Powell said. "I've had some training out here in the US for a few months."

Powell, who has three Test tons in 21 Tests, says baseball is his priority right now, even though cricket remains his first love. "[Baseball is] really fun, it's an interesting game, I've loved every minute of it so far, and I hope to continue doing it for the rest of my career.

"It's a unique opportunity, it's a once in a lifetime thing. This is what dreams are made of, as I said earlier. I'm just so excited about it."

Whether he makes it or not, we'll have to wait and watch. One thing is for sure though, Powell will not be joining the New York Yankees: a Yankees scout had a look at Powell in Florida this week, and was rather unimpressed.

What exactly did he think of his hitting skills? "He sucks. He's not worth any time," the scout told ESPN.com.

*05.30GMT, January 15: This blog was updated after Kieran Powell was observed by a baseball scout

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  • Raki99 on January 22, 2016, 21:53 GMT

    Powell Stick to cricket, two different skills needed to play baseball and cricket. Kids Start playing baseball in US at an early age of 4 or 5 and just like cricket 99% of them don't make it, to even the minor-league which plays the salary what an Macdonald employee makes in US. Money is Only in the major league and that also the average age of baseball career is 3 to 4 years max. And Not everybody can make millions of Dollars Only few do.

  • AndreafromItaly on January 20, 2016, 19:34 GMT

    MLB and minor league baseball are two totally different galaxies. In MLB minimum salary is half million $ for 6 months. Top players earn in the range of several millions. In AAA, top minor league, best players (not temporarily seconded from MLB) don't even make 3,000$ per month (for 6 months), i.e. less than 20,000$ a year. An international first class cricketer has definitely more chances to make money by playing cricket rather than shifting to baseball. Getting into MLB is the fiercest of competition, staying in MLB is as difficult. Now that Cuba embargo is over a flood of outstanding Cuban baseball players will be attracted by MLB. So why ditching a decent career in cricket for hoping to win a lottery? No sense. W.I. will remain a cricket province.

  •   Paul Rone-Clarke on January 19, 2016, 20:43 GMT

    Cuba s in the Caribbean. Look how much Cespedes is earning. He's a free agent now likely to be picked up by the Padres I hear. For 8 million a year for 5 years. He's no superstar, but he'll earn 40 million by the time he renews his contract, and he's from the island next to Powells. Of course I wish the A's had kept him... And Donaldson...Now I hear Reddick might go. arghhh.

  • adreanal on January 17, 2016, 3:47 GMT

    One has to look at both sides of the coin. A lot of the frustrations that the West Indies team is experiencing are brought on by some of the players non committal to the team. Yes, its good to follow your dream, but do not expect to come back and your place will be waiting. Baseball in the USA has so many contenders that one has to be really good to get picked. Good luck Powell.

  • wpbus13 on January 15, 2016, 22:07 GMT

    It was never reported why Kieran Powell decided to abandon WI cricket. All that was said was that he had a disagreement with the Board, which really doesn't tell you anything. The guy already has three test centuries to his name, by now he could've been the established opener on the team. I have seen him bat...he is a tremendous talent! Too bad he decided to take this route. The transition from cricket to baseball is not as easy as it appears and vice versa, many people fall into the trap. Having said that, all the best to him! Maybe some day we will see him donning the maroon cap once more.

  • sajjadparrey on January 13, 2016, 6:29 GMT

    I am a fan of West indies Cricket team's Yester year bowlers. Every week i watch videos of those legends. Really it is hard to understand where the magic of West indies has faded away. It is not possible the talent wouldn't be there but the management is a big question mark. What a send off was gifted to Shiv Narayan Chanderpaul. And West Indies have climbed to No.1 spot in Test cricket now. The way they treat talented Dwayne Bravo, etc No. 1 rank is round the corner in ODI's also in some days.

  • BlueJayBanter on January 11, 2016, 21:03 GMT

    @JOHNTHEKIWI.. im also from the Toronto area and love both baseball and cricket. Interesting article but its really tough to transition into baseball after playing cricket. Wish him the best and also to my Toronto Blue Jays :)

  • Starvybz on January 10, 2016, 1:50 GMT

    @Yorkshire-86 For 2016 the highest paid player based on total annual salary is Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers with a total of US$30,714,286 . I believe he is currently on a 7 year contract worth US$215 million and he is only 27 years old. For 2016 minor league player Jose Tabatha will earn US$4,500,000 and it will be increased annually by US$1,000,000. Kieran Powell on the other hand would be earning around US$100,000 playing for West Indies provided they actually pay him.

  • CricketChat on January 8, 2016, 19:39 GMT

    I admire Powell for just trying out basketball. Good luck. Cricket is always there to fall back on. If I had his record, I would be very optimistic of a recall right now, given the disarray the WI team is in. So, hang on Powell, don't give up hope on cricket yet!

  • yorkshire-86 on January 8, 2016, 14:27 GMT

    How much would a AAA-league base baller earn, as opposed to a major leaguer or an international cricketer?

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