Could be fit to tour West Indies April 1, 2006

Tendulkar makes a quick recovery

Cricinfo staff

Sachin Tendulkar could well be seen in action in West Indies © AFP

Sachin Tendulkar could be declared fit to tour West Indies next month, having made a rapid recovery after undergoing shoulder surgery in London, according to Dr Andrew Wallace, his surgeon.

Tendulkar was ruled out of the seven-match ODI series against England after suffering a tear, and faces a long tour of West Indies, which includes four Tests and five ODIs.

"The surgery was fairly straightforward," Wallace told BBC's Test Match Special. "He's made an excellent recovery. I expect he will be back for India some time in the very near future."

Wallace stressed that Tendulkar felt discomfort only while throwing and that the injury had little to do with his batting. "His batting was not affected and most of the shoulder does not take too much of the force when bowling. It's a common injury in baseball pitchers and tennis players - anyone who is doing a lot of overhead throwing. The rim of the socket had become a little bit frayed so the ball was sliding out the back of the joint a little bit. It opened up a small tear in the labrum. A little bit of fluid was escaping through that tear and created a cyst."

He added: "The main reason for operating was that the cyst was slowly enlarging so we felt it was timely to do it now before we felt there was any danger."

Tendulkar also had his left elbow - a case of tennis elbow had confined him to the sidelines in recent times - examined as a precautionary measure, and Wallace confirmed that there were no worries on that front.