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Mohammad Yousuf set to retire


Mohammad Yousuf is preparing to retire from all forms of international cricket, a direct result it is believed, of the treatment and punishment the PCB handed out to him in the aftermath of Pakistan's recent Australian tour of which he was captain.

Yousuf was handed an indefinite ban as per the recommendations of an inquiry committee set up by the board to investigate why Pakistan lost every single one of the nine international matches in Australia over the turn of the year. Seven of those losses - three in Tests and four in ODIs - came under the leadership of Yousuf.

In their findings, the board blamed Yousuf for spreading infighting and indiscipline within the side and banned him for an indefinite period - along with Younis Khan - from all forms of the international game. He was subsequently not included in the central contracts list for this year.

Yousuf had taken over the captaincy last year when Younis stepped down following an ODI series loss to New Zealand in Abu Dhabi, at a time he says no one was willing to take the responsibility. Though he hasn't yet specified the reasons behind his decision, it is believed that the PCB's punishment and a lack of support from the board have made his mind up for him. Those close to him say that constant run-ins with the board have diminished his appetite to stay on.

"I have decided to quit cricket," Yousuf told the Urdu-language daily Jang. "This is not an emotional decision. I consulted my family, friends and elders before taking it."

In the past Yousuf has twice bid farewell to Pakistan cricket, after being upset over his treatment from Pakistan's selectors and management. In 2007, after being overlooked for Pakistan's World Twenty20 squad, he signed up with the ICL in protest. Though he was convinced to come back into the fold by the PCB - and paid handsomely to do so - he ultimately joined the league again in 2008. Both times he was barred from playing for Pakistan.

Underlining his decision each time was a strained relationship with the then captain Shoaib Malik. Yousuf publicly accused Malik of destroying his career and though he returned to the national team as Malik was deposed as captain, the pair have been involved in a public slanging match again after the Australian tour. Yousuf is scheduled to hold a press conference on Monday in Karachi to make the decision official and is expected to outline the reasons for his retirement.

If it is the final goodbye - and his current mood, say friends, indicates that he is serious - then Pakistan will lose the services of their most accomplished batsman of the decade alongside Inzamam-ul-Haq. He has over seven thousand Test runs from 88 Tests at 53.07, the highest average for any Pakistani batsman. He has 39 international hundreds, including 24 in Tests alone. Pakistan are due to play six Tests in England this summer, a prospect they must now consider - if Younis also misses out - without either of their most formidable middle-order batsmen.

Osman Samiuddin is Pakistan editor of Cricinfo

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  • Dummy4 on March 29, 2010, 11:30 GMT

    Hey Once again our PCB has prooven why they are considered as one of the worst(awful) cricket boards of all times. And we have the best example among many set out by our very dear board, this time the victim being Star batsman Mohammad Yousuf.

    Infact All these worthless and useless people starting from Ijaz But to Wasim Bari should be kicked out and banned to represent Pakistan in any form! I was under the impression that the country's President has a saying in cricketing affairs of our nation however in this case there is utmost silence!!!

    Why and till when are we continue to let people like Ijaz But rule PCB and make baseless allegations and irrational actions! I think like in other important affairs of the country, army should intervene here as well!!Gems like Yousuf and Younus are simply allowed to fall into the pit and useless and worthless people like Kamran Akmal who in collaboration with Shoaib Malik created trouble in the team, are allowed to play!! Bravo!!!

  • Dummy4 on March 29, 2010, 10:29 GMT

    Sadly, All goods things must come to an end ! As a batsman, He was the "CLASS-ACT" coated the "ELEGANCE" , "POETRY IN MOTION" ! He was the "SAVIOUR" and delivered in "pressure-cooker" situations ! Deserves all the accolades for his batting prowess.

    M. Yousuf never had the "GENES" of a leader.

    Also, he has the unfinished business of explaining to fans the rationale behind : * his "field-placement" on 5th Morning of "SYDNEY-TEST". (His "field-placement" were as if Australia was 800/2 - whereas actually Australians were 80/8) ! * Hara-Kiri Style batting of Paki. batsmen while chasing a modest total.

    So as to rub some of his batting magic on youngsters, I request PCB to reverse their decision and allow him to stay 6 more months in Test Cricket and arrange a decent send-off ! And after retirement, he can take up the "Batting-Coach" assignment (of Green Shirts).

    Mohd. Yousuf - We SALUTE, ADORE and THANK YOU ! Your "SILKY" batting was a joy to watch !.

    Jawed, Karachi

  • Dummy4 on March 29, 2010, 7:19 GMT

    i think cricket lose a great player..and i will lose one of the my best from india.but this is so sad to hear dat he is going to retire..pcb is worst board of the cricket.this time ijaz butt should be retire not yousuf or others..really he is great batsman..he is claassy..pcb is going to close one more extraordinary chapter..i think pakistan cricket now going to do a big mistake.go pcb go and stop him.he is urs..he givn u lot of honour lot of priase..he rises ur name in whole world.salute to u yousuf..for intertained us.salaam to u yousuf for ur honesty..his retirement deciosion is a big lesson for pcb who always insulting players..just show me at least one player wich pcb gives honour for his retirement most players retire after unnecsorry blames and insulting.. every human is having some gud things some bad..if he is poor fielder means he always batted well and personal thinking and request is dont go u fight to board u can fight..and be with us some more yrs

  • muhammad y on March 29, 2010, 5:43 GMT

    salams, i m gutted to hear that, i think there is lot of politics going on in PCB it-self let alone the players. i want all these adhoc based appointments in PCB to be religated and curse of favoritism should be halted, which is the main cause of the decline in our team performances. shoiab malik should have been kicked out of the team long ago as his peformance has never been impressive enough. About muhammad yousuf i would say by far he is the best batsman in pakistan team and he has probably scored more runs then any other batsman even in recent past in spite of his failure in many tours. his technique, temperament, strike rate and average is still very good and he can still make history for pakistan. after javed miandad, muhammad yousuf was the only batsman who is elegant and a class of his own as every body in the world accepts it. i would rate him higher than even the great inzimam...... let alone the rest. pakistan cricket team can not afford his retirement..... mykhan

  • ahamed on March 29, 2010, 4:30 GMT

    A technical question.

    Can Mohammed Yousuf migrate to Bangladesh and play for Bangladesh.

    He can live with dignity there.

    How many times he was made RUNOUT by he own teammates?

  • Obaid on March 28, 2010, 23:13 GMT

    good riddance. no doubt a great batsman but his delusions of being an effective limited over player was doing more harm than good.

  • Michael on March 28, 2010, 22:43 GMT

    I knew this would happen. With the way Yousuf was speaking during the Australian tour, one could tell he was fed up with what was going on behind the scenes. He obviously believes it's not worth his while putting up with all of that - he has nothing left to prove in international cricket. It's a shame that he has been punished for what I believe was caused by other members of the squad, and Pakistan cricket is the poorer for it. He wasn't a great captain, but he is a nice guy and a star batsman. Still, all players must call time at some point. Congratulations, Yousuf - you provided much enjoyment and you will be missed.

  • fahad.from on March 28, 2010, 22:27 GMT

    shahzad husan for your kind info he is old man trying to get his place in side listen ek to wo bura feilder hai ek to us ko kaptani ati nahi hai us ka mental approach gali mohallay ki cricket wala hai wo actually team main aa kaisay gaya us ko to carem board khailni chayay shahzad husan loooser think b4 u speak

  • Chris on March 28, 2010, 21:36 GMT

    As a cricket fan foremost (aussie) you gotta feel for Pakistan cricket supporters. Such a talented team but they always seems to be struggling with these sorts of issues....

  • Hina on March 28, 2010, 19:51 GMT

    yea life time ban was insulting

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