April 17, 2001

Captains' Comments

Here are the ODI 6, post-match comments by Sri Lanka captain Sanath Jayasuriya and New Zealand captain Craig McMillan.

'This defeat is difficult to understand', Sanath Jayasuriya

On the Sri Lankan performance in the match?:
'Well today, nothing went right, bowling, batting or fielding.'

On the Sri Lanka making a hash of not a big target?:
'Well, it was seaming a lot today. But that is no excuse. It was really disappointing.'

On what would he want to do differently in the final?:
'Going by today's performance we've to pull up our socks in all three departments, bowling, batting and fielding. I am a bit worried about the fielding; we've to tighten up our act here.'

On his being the only full-strength side of the tournament, and still giving a disappointing performance?:
'We've to accept that we have not done well. Losing four games out of three is really not good performance.'

On Lankans starting well in the first over and then losing wickets?:
'Well, it was seaming a lot. I was forced to play a waiting game.'

(Coach Dav Whatmore interjects):
'Well, what do you call starting well? Nine runs in the first over and then nothing.'

So Mr Whatmore, what is your appreciation of the tournament so far?:
'Yeah, disappointing for us. Well, Pakistan are clear favourites. Aren't they?'

(Back to Sanath Jayasuriya:)
On why did he choose to field first?:
'Well, in the last two games we had played four spinners, and the conditions, there was dew bowling second, were such that they were finding it difficult to grip the ball. Even the Pakistanis were finding it difficult. So we thought that if we bowl second we might struggle a lot.'

On nothing going according to the plan?:
'Well, it really didn't.'

(Coach Dav Whatmore interjects again, taking bites from a cake):
'Well, only the black forest cake from Murali's birthday tastes nice today.'

To Coach Whatmore: On what would he want to do differently in the final?:
(shaking his head) 'it was difficult to understand, this result. Most of us would agree it was a dead match. Then we had to play like this to lose the match before the final. Maybe, there was a sense of complacency. I hope not, but it is very difficult to understand this result.'

To Coach Whatmore: On whether he thinks it is a sense of complacency, which was responsible for the defeat?:
'Well, I don't think its complacency. We have to regroup, reassess. We'll have a talk tomorrow and try to work things out. Pakistan have easily been the best team in this series so far.'

'Almost everything went right for us', Craig McMillan

On how everything went right for his team?:
'Well, almost everything. We kept the pressure on for the whole 100 overs instead of 50 overs or so. We batted very well, and then while bowling I think Mills was outstanding. He swung the ball and we bowled very well over all and didn't give them any easy fours.'

On Mathew Sinclair's batting?:
'I think Sinclair's batting was outstanding in this tournament. He scored two hundreds. He came a long way in this tournament, and that was good for us.'

On why is it that only Sinclair has been a real success and not others?:
'Well, other batsmen have chipped in. Nevin has chipped in a couple of times, Bell today. They have not been key contributors but they too have chipped in. Perhaps not as much as we would like but you know, the conditions have been tough. The conditions have been best at the start, when the ball is new; it's key time to bat and Sinclair has thrived.'

On his being happy to be going back with a win?:
'Obviously, yes, I'm happy. I would have been disappointed had we left here without a win because I think we've had our moments. Perhaps we could have won another couple of games in the tournament. We showed tonight that we had learnt from the previous three games. And that's what it has been - as I told you from the very start - a learning experience.'

On what is the most important lesson his side has learnt?:
'Well, the most important lesson has been that the boys now know the kind of conditions they are likely to face when we tour Sri Lanka and Pakistan later in the year. Now they would go there and know what they should expect. They would not be taken by complete surprise. And that is good for us.'

On his favourite for the final?:
'Well, Pakistan has played the best cricket in the tournament so far. So they definitely have an edge. But Sri Lanka on their day could be quite devastating. So I believe it is the team which