The Mound Stand receives a new roof February 23, 2006

Lord's completes latest refurbishments

Cricinfo staff

The Mound Stand's 'tented' roof design has been retained © Cricinfo Ltd
The latest ground improvement project at Lord's - the installation of a new roof over the Mound Stand - has just been completed, below budget and ahead of schedule.

The five-month project, which cost in excess of £500,000, was undertaken for MCC by a Bristol-based firm. The new roof shares the 'tented' look of its predecessor which, after eighteen years, had reached the end of its scheduled lifespan. Thanks to the use of more advanced materials, the new surface is expected to last appreciably longer.

"Thanks to its 'tented' roof, the Mound Stand has long been regarded as one of the iconic buildings at Lord's. We're delighted that, once again, it's looking back to its best," David Batts, MCC's deputy chief executive, said. "I am equally pleased that, in partnership with our contractors, we have delivered this important project ahead of schedule - and below budget as well.

"Now we're planning to go even further, so that every part of the Mound Stand looks as good as its new roof. Next winter, we intend to spend a similar sum on another refurbishment project - which will involve improving the rest of the building from top to bottom, inside and out.

t's all part of MCC's policy of continuous investment in Lord's, to ensure that the ground remains not only world-famous but truly world-class."