India news May 14, 2012

Goa Cricket Association president sacked

The managing committee of the Goa Cricket Association has removed Dayanand Narvekar from the post of president amid an investigation into the association's finances. The committee voted 11 to 2 to remove Narvekar and the new administration took possession of the GCA premises on Sunday with the help of the police.

"He [Narvekar] was acting to the detriment of the association," acting president Vinod Phadke told ESPNcricinfo. He said he could not elaborate on all the reasons for why the committee voted to depose Narvekar, but said "because of him a lot of things are not happening, especially regarding international stadiums in Goa". The police were called in as protection because Narvekar initially refused to step down and chose to occupy the association premises, according to Phadke. "Even after expelling, still he was saying he was the president. But in the end he handed over the association and he went."

The managing committee met earlier on Monday and appointed a new group of office bearers to manage the association's affairs until new elections can be held. Elections must be held before the end of July. According to Phadke, the BCCI has also been informed of the change in the administration.

Narvekar had been president of the GCA since 1998 and his ouster comes two weeks after the Goa state government has ordered an investigation into the finances of the GCA after two local clubs affiliated to the GCA lodged a complaint alleging incidents of fraud. The government also asked the GCA not to take any financial decisions until the investigation is over.

Chetan Desai, who is leading the government's investigation, told ESPNcricinfo last week that the GCA was not co-operating and he might be forced to involve the police to obtain the information he needs.

Edited by Siddarth Ravindran

Tariq Engineer is a senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo