Kenya news March 6, 2009

Inamdar set to be re-elected Cricket Kenya chairman

Cricinfo staff

Samir Inamdar, Cricket Kenya's chairman, has been endorsed by the Nairobi Provincial Cricket Association for re-election at the AGM which is due to be held on March 15. The backing of Kenya's largest province means that Inamdar will almost certainly be returned to office.

The AGM also marks the end of more than two years of dispute between CK and the NPCA which has led to the board's elections being delayed since June 2007. The NPCA constantly stalled in introducing a new constitution and at one stage it appeared as if CK might be forced to disband it and force it to elect new officials.

The NPCA will also support Shamji Patel (vice-chairman) and Nassor Verjee (treasurer) for re-elections.

Inamdar, who comes from Mombasa, will also have the support of the Coast Cricket Association and the Rift Valley Cricket Association. Another province, Central Province Cricket Association, has been disbanded after leading officials constantly failed to provide evidence to disprove claims the region was dormant.

Nilesh Lakhani will be elected to represent the Kenya Women's Cricket Association "because we could not get any other candidate".