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Over their dead bodies

A team of slowpokes who will test the patience of the fiercest opponents and the tolerance of the most obdurate viewers

Peter Roebuck

October 26, 2010

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Glenn McGrath sends down a delivery in his final Test, Australia v England, 5th Test, Sydney, January 2, 2007
If there was ever a meanie with the ball, in terms of runs conceded, it was old Pidge © Getty Images

By way of response to Ian Chappell's exciting team, picked from the history of the game, your correspondent felt called upon to name a cautious team that might in some quarters be regarded as a touch conservative.

Our next step is to issue a challenge to the World Boys. Of course the match rules will be sorted out beforehand. Apparently the Adventurers have better things to do than to chew the cud with match referees, so an early advantage can be gained. Mr Jeff Crowe will be our referee, a choice made inevitable by his achievement in being among the slowest scorers in Test history. Our coach will be Mike Brearley (likewise). Bill Lawry will be our commentator. Alas, no place could be found for him in the side as he was not amongst the game's foremost slow coaches. He steamed along at 20 runs an hour, an oversight that caused widespread dismay

Naturally we will insist on playing a seven-day Test. My fellows don't really get into their stride until the fourth or fifth day. Our tactic is secret and simple. Hold the Swashbucklers for the first few days, send crates of beer to their room and meanwhile talk loudly about all the excellent casinos, clubs and pubs in the area. Or persuade them to start a poker school. In short, wear them out and then pounce.

Our strategy will be to occupy the crease for the first three days. By then Shane Warne ought to have fallen out with his captain and Sir Garfield will be thinking mostly about horses. The hotheads will bat for a day, score 380 and so concede a hefty deficit; we'd bat for two more days and then leave them to chase 600 in a day and a half. Obviously they'd have a crack and be all out by tea for 423.

Regarding selection, apart from slowness, the focus was on quality, with averages taken into account. Only one exception was made. It was not possible to omit Glenn McGrath, whose figures are the most economical of the age. Unfortunately modern batsmen bash the ball about recklessly, so bowlers are about as economical as the Fed.

Anyhow here is my side to defeat the thrill-a-minute merchants:

1. Glenn Turner
A stoical and skilful opener who is the ninth slowest scorer on record. Averaged 47 despite playing on dodgy pitches. Can bat for a week, and unlikely to let his partner run him out. Might manage to upset the opposition selector as well.

2. Geoff Boycott
Could bat all seven days. If Turner cannot upset the opposition then I like Boycott's chances.

3. Herbert Sutcliffe
Haughty Yorkshireman who averaged 63 in Test cricket and, more impressively, stands high in the cautious rankings. Played particularly well against Australia.

4. Bill Woodfull
This admirable school master was the slowest of the Australian batsmen. Pips Chris Tavaré for the vacant middle-order spot. Tavaré rattled along at 13 runs an hour but the selectors felt he did not last long enough.

5. Douglas Jardine
Included mostly for his captaincy. Any man capable of beating Don Bradman won't have much trouble with this mob. Also a fine batsman. Once said, "I have cut out all my risky shots. Now I don't have any left." Won't take any nonsense from barrackers.

6. Ken Mackay It was close run between Slasher and Barnacle Bailey for the coveted allrounder's position. MacKay takes it because he was among the tightest bowlers in the game's history and moved along at 17 runs to the hour. Good man for a crisis. For example, if the team is tottering at 370 for 4 towards the end of the second day, he could be relied upon to hold the fort. Can tie up an end with bat or ball - a rare gift.

Douglas Jardine in action, 1930
Douglas Jardine: if you can take on Don Bradman, the rest of the world is a piece of cake © AFP

7. Jack Russell
Russell had plenty of shots and a tidy average (27) and still chose to put up the shutters. That's the spirit.

8. Trevor Goddard
The meanest bowler the game has known. Grudgingly gave away 1.65 runs an over and averaged 26. Thirty-nine per cent of his overs were maidens. Let them try to attack him off his length.

9. Bapu Nadkarni
Tops the list of maidens (43% of overs delivered) and second in the economy-rate stakes, and so the perfect partner for Goddard. Just resisted the challenge of Derek Underwood - a superior bowler, but he gave away 2.10 runs an over.

10. Charlie "Terror" Turner As a rule fast bowlers tend to get carried away but Turner was tight as a banker. He could bowl as well, and averaged 16.5 with the ball and conceded 1.93 runs an over. Just the man for the new ball.

11. Glenn McGrath Meanest of the moderns. Shooting wild pigs proved to be the perfect preparation for subduing batsmen. Beats Jason Gillespie to the prized position. Gillespie scored slow but was a bit generous with the ball

Trevor Bailey 12th man. No explanation required.

Chris Tavaré Coach
Mike Brearley Manager
Bob Taylor Keeping coach
Jeff Crowe Match referee

Don't bet against this lot!

Peter Roebuck is a former captain of Somerset and the author, most recently, of In It to Win It

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Posted by ras on (October 28, 2010, 11:14 GMT)

Would have loved to see Mark richardson as an opener. The best stonewaller i have seen

Posted by Mitcher on (October 28, 2010, 9:36 GMT)

@Ajit Tamhane: "How can you omit legendary Bapu Nadkarni". Are you being funny, or are you taking commenting on an article without reading a word of it to giddy new heights? Truly I feel your comment is the true triumph of this article. Otherwise Peter, classic team. Would love to sit in the back of the Bradman stand nodding off while this side toiled away. There'd be no danger of missing anything!

Posted by   on (October 27, 2010, 22:09 GMT)

my All time 11 against the world 11 is

Sunil Gavaskar Virendra Sehawag George Hadley Brian lara Ricky Ponting Alan Knott Ian Botham Imran Khan Kapil Dev Curtly Ambrose Muttiah Murlidharan

Posted by rson on (October 27, 2010, 21:14 GMT)

How does Trevor Goddard,a quality opening batsman,manage to bat below Ken Mackay and Jack Russell?

Posted by   on (October 27, 2010, 16:25 GMT)

where are mudassar nazar, shoaib mohammad, anshuman gaekwad and jimmy adams.. and the king of 'em all, rahul dravid?

Posted by Bhatin on (October 27, 2010, 16:10 GMT)

Travor Bailey in place of Mackay. After all the Barnacle has slowest 50 on records in 6 hrs..!!!

Posted by   on (October 27, 2010, 12:17 GMT)

Very biased team. Jardine and May have 1 century between them. I would cut from this team just like they have cut risky shots and still managed to score 1 century. Just that all fans are not offended please mention that we are only going select from certain countries. Dont call it WORLD XI Do a bit of research. Check my team where each player has scored over 20 centuries, averages over 50 Highest scores over 300 and runs over 6000. To check team you need to go through some of the comments on other articles.

Posted by murthydn16 on (October 27, 2010, 11:35 GMT)

Surprised, no Srilankan players are there. Srilanka is the place where the dullest of dullest test cricket pitches are. So few players should have been in there in pete squad.

Posted by   on (October 27, 2010, 10:45 GMT)

Hi Mr Roebuck: Have you ever heard of Hanif Mohammad, Mudassar Nazar ( record holders for slowest century and triple centuries

Posted by gyanesh_don on (October 27, 2010, 9:04 GMT)

Where is Ravi shastri? He deserves a place in the squad.

Posted by Meety on (October 27, 2010, 6:09 GMT)

Hey where is Sachin in this list? LOL. Although seriously his 200 odd @ the SCG was pretty gruesome - not one shot between the bowler & cover point. Anyway an excellent team it would be a fascinating contest between Chappell's Thrills & Roebucks Stodgy's.

Posted by   on (October 27, 2010, 5:50 GMT)

Anybody remember Craig Matthews from the South African team, circa early 90's? Hardly a great but wow he was boring

Posted by   on (October 27, 2010, 1:04 GMT)

Expectations of Bapu Nadkarni's legendary miserliness remained with him when he continued to play in late middle age. In March 1997 I was playing at Mumbai's Cricket Club of India for the British High Commision (New Delhi) against the CCI Seniors. I was made to feel I was guilty of something akin to lese-majesty when in a rare moment of batting success I struck Bapu (then just a few days short of his 64th birthday) for straight sixes of two successive balls. Had there been a crowd present they would have been hushed. When I returned to the Clubhouse a short time later (bowled for 72 by the guy at the other end) Raj Singh Dungapur, President of the CCI, called out iin a voice that suggested that an unpardonable sin had just been commited - "Mark, no one hits Bapu for two sixes". Mark Williams

Posted by SouksWidji on (October 26, 2010, 23:38 GMT)

Since the 12th man (usually) only fields, selection should be based on his ability to cut off runs and contribute to drying up the scoring rate! EG Viv Richards, Jonty Rhodes, etc

Posted by Sal076 on (October 26, 2010, 22:55 GMT)

All I gotta say is that this one's actually pretty funny. Enough with the criticism, take a chill pill. Love the article Pete. Interesting choices. I say, WORLD XI - BRING IT ON.

Posted by bishwa305 on (October 26, 2010, 22:28 GMT)

There are several persons that can walk into that team : Hanif Mohamed, Ken Barrington, Shiv Chanderpal, Rahul Dravid, Len Baichan.

Posted by Bhatin on (October 26, 2010, 22:02 GMT)

Can not agree more except one change. Bailey should have been in to replace Mackay. Also for wicket keeper Kirmani could also have been considered, he was such a slow scorer with bat.

Posted by nafzak on (October 26, 2010, 21:38 GMT)

We now need an alltime XI of short players (under 5' 3") (my Indian friends will dominate here - Gavaskar, Vishwanath, Sachin comes to mind plus another of Indian origin in Guyanese Alvin Kallicharran). an alltime XI of tall players (over 6' 4"). Big Bird Joel garney will head eth pace attack. an all time XI of fat players? Arjuna Rantunga will captain this team. all time XI of bearded players. WG Grace will captain this team which will be dominated by my fellow Muslims players. Amla, Mohamed Yusuf, Saeed Anwar, Mushy and a bunch of others.

Posted by nafzak on (October 26, 2010, 21:25 GMT)

As usual, I have to protest the exclusion of several of my Guyanese bretheren. Surely Lancelot Gibbs deserve a place in this XI. He once returned figures of 53.3-37-38-8 against India in Barbados, all eight wickets coming in a 15- over spell at a cost of just six runs. Leonard Baichan only playes a couple of test matches and scored a century in his debut against Pakistan. Okay, so Greenidge and co made it hard for him to get a test place, but many of us still believe that it was his BLATTING (As we say in Guyana) that cost him. The man had the patience of Job and no bad ball gets a.. well a perfect Foward Defensive. And finally I agree with my Indian brothers who claim this site as their own.. Yes, you do deserve to have the man we West Indians call "the brick wall", Sunil Gavaskar in this team.

Posted by hattrick_thug on (October 26, 2010, 21:03 GMT)

The funniest blogs on Dull XI's, from Andy Zaltzman (in 3 parts): Part 1: Titans of Tedium Appendix to Part 1 Part 2: Deities of Dull I nearly died laughing. "Were Shastri to bowl to himself, cricket would have died."

Posted by 2.14istherunrate on (October 26, 2010, 20:48 GMT)

I am shocked that Martin Snedden could not get into the side to hound audiences into catatonia with his depressingly tedious medium pace. The man oozed absolute sopoforia with every step of that run in and action. He'd have me chewing bits of furniture as he bowled from start to finish. Dreadful. The trouble with picking bowlers in a side like this is that the economy rate is what gets focussed on. But the criteria should be be more damning than that such as economy rate plus total sterility in the wickets column,plus as Snedden had, a complete lack of charisma about the whole damned action. Yardy might contend for a place.

Posted by NareshSharma on (October 26, 2010, 20:20 GMT)

what an apt response to another fancy dream team :) fit in Gavaskar and tell him it's a 1 Day match ...will make things more interesting ;)

Posted by Laxyvick on (October 26, 2010, 19:42 GMT)

ATXI series ... a collection of poorly thought out articles posted in a hurry. Speaks volumes about Cricinfo's current standards.

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 18:08 GMT)

Leaving out Shastri and Manjrekar from this lot is sinful (Maybe they will make it to the 30-hopeful category :) )

Posted by P.N.Sudarshan on (October 26, 2010, 17:53 GMT)

Peter, How can you forget Ravi Shastri, the ultimate all-rounder - he even made feilding look boring

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 17:28 GMT)

Rahul Dravid can bat whole day without scoring a run.He should have been included.

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 16:41 GMT)

shiv chanderpaul is another stodgy/quirky customer aside from of course mudassar nazar who probably made watching paint dry easier on the eye!Anshu gaekwad was a stellar stonewaller and roger tolchard possesed an unique defensive batting technique on that tour to india in 1976 and lets not forget the grand dad of Ugly batsmanship -Sherwin" oh so boring " word he almost seemed like he had stinging bees/wasps/cockroaches/silkworms on his body whilst batting and to top it all almost had two left feet..phew..the kinda batsman who would make watching wood warp mighty better any day!

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 16:27 GMT)

Where is Sunil Gavaskar...I was fully expecting Gavaskar to be here. I think that a guy who scores 36 off 60 overs (a strike rate of exactly 10) isn't slow enough here.

Posted by gujratwalla on (October 26, 2010, 15:54 GMT)

Not bad! but Hanif Mohammad is missing as well as Fazal Mahmood and my favourite Ken Barrington.Gavaskar was also a very defiant batsman,It goes that it is impossible to pick an all time eleven as there have other less known bowlers and batsmen who played little or no test cricket but maintained an excellent first-class record.Anybody can dream i suppose!Trevor Bailey SHOULD have been first choice!

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 15:31 GMT)

Forgetting to mention Jimmy (P)Adams is a crime bigger than murder.

Posted by Cricster1 on (October 26, 2010, 15:31 GMT)

Boycott,Mudassar,Dravid,Chanderpaul,Steve Waugh/Kallis,Shastri,Andy Flower,Ambrose,Garner,McGrath,Emburey

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 15:28 GMT)

Ravii shastri & Mudassar Nazar will be hurt seeing this list!!

Posted by trueanalyst on (October 26, 2010, 15:25 GMT)

Dravid & Kallis should be there definitely.Would defeat the world X1 hands down.

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 15:24 GMT)

shiv chanderpaul is another stodgy/quirky customer aside from of course mudassar nazar who probably made watching paint dry easier on the eye!Anshu gaekwad was a stellar stonewaller and roger tolchard possesed an unique defensive batting technique on that tour to india in 1976 and lets not forget the grand dad of Ugly batsmanship -Sherwin" oh so boring " word he almost seemed like he had stinging bees/wasps/cockroaches/silkworms on his body whilst batting and to top it all almost had two left feet..phew..the kinda batsman who would make watching wood warp mighty better any day!

Posted by latercut on (October 26, 2010, 15:23 GMT)

What? How could you forget those brilliant blocker-pals of mine, Rizwan-uz-Zaman and Younis Ahmed ?:)

Posted by Bluntman on (October 26, 2010, 15:16 GMT)

Chanderpaul would not be a bad mention either I'd say.

Posted by Tigg on (October 26, 2010, 15:13 GMT)

The Wall shouldn't be in this side. Just having an excellent defence in a crisis doesn't make you a will-crushingly slow scorer. Paul Collingwood can do that but it doesn't make him stodgy.

A strike rate of 40 is far too rapid for this team. I'd hesitate to name Jardine as captain as he was a very aggressive skipper.

Posted by Tauqir on (October 26, 2010, 15:08 GMT)

Amazing !!!! BUt I am missing "The Wall" here ;)

Posted by trueanalyst on (October 26, 2010, 14:56 GMT)

Dravid & Kallis should be there definitely.Would defeat the world X1 hands down.

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 14:32 GMT)

One generation wasted all their resources for the Sachin and they are compelling the next generations to do in their way..Next generation is wasting their money and time and following Sachin blindly..Its a sheer waste of time..Me living in a society..Their acting towards life affecting everyone including myself..

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 14:17 GMT)

Hashan thilakaratne and tilan samaraweera [at the start of his career] were notorious dead bats from sri much so that in a match against pakistan when the two scored a century each pakistani fielders were either sleeping or tearing their hair out in frustration! i believe there was a spell of more than 10 maiden overs at one point!

Posted by Ijaz13 on (October 26, 2010, 14:03 GMT)

I wonder where Hanif Mohammad is...!?

Posted by Shoaib-Naveed on (October 26, 2010, 13:51 GMT)

Any such team without the inclusion of Hanif Mohammad is not fitting the bill properly

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 13:49 GMT)

How can you omit legendary Bapu Nadkarni. This is what his player profile says: " In the 1960-61 series against Pakistan, he returned figures of 32-24-23-0 at Kanpur followed by 34-24-24-1 at Delhi. He crowned that with Test cricket's finest display of quantity-control bowling, with 21 successive maidens in his 32-27-5-0 against England at Madras in 1964."

Posted by SUNDOS on (October 26, 2010, 13:48 GMT)

Mr Roebuck is the modern answer to the great Cardus.Now for the silly season of lists to run it;'s course.The best 11 in all categories i.e.meanest,most genial,gentleman,louts,drunkards,men of strange faiths.etc.etc..Two interesting series to look forward to,the Proteas play the Inidans on their home turf,and the England travel to redemption in Austraila.What glories await the unassuming Strauss should he retain the Ashes?What Ponting would give for a Mcgrath and a Warne in his current team.Probably the ":goodbye"series for Ponting, &Hussey.The mind games have already started.

Posted by the_sherminator on (October 26, 2010, 13:23 GMT)

I don't think you can have McGrath in the Stodgy XI - he was too entertaining to watch. It should be packed with medium pacers and finger spinners and bat right down - but any all-rounders should be stodgy with bat and ball. Here is my go: Boycott (Capt) Richardson Tavare Dravid Shastri Mackay Coney Kurruppu (WK) Bailey Bangar Nadkarni. Please don't forget Bangar - he was a player so dull he could make your brain dribble out of your ears with boredom. This team would be the all-time eleven on day 8 of a timeless test.

Posted by ROLAYH on (October 26, 2010, 13:13 GMT)

Mudassir Nazar, Shoaib Mohammad should be part of the squad if not XI.... :D

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 12:43 GMT)

You can get two teams prepared since world had tons of slow is not justified.

Posted by sonjjay on (October 26, 2010, 12:41 GMT)

People seem to have forgotten Bill Lawry after all wasnt he the corpse with pads on ??

Posted by jmsblk on (October 26, 2010, 12:40 GMT)

What about Michael Bevan? He's Finest when it comes to LMO batting w/ tailenders, and making opponents cry.

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 12:36 GMT)

Hanif Mohammed of Pakistan should have been in the list as if one watns he can bat for all five days. He was a picture of concentration and never used to take risks. Why Ken Barrington was left out? I remember the 21 consecutive maidens in Madras (now Chennai) bowled by Bapu Nadkarni. You could have got Shivnaraine Chanderpaul along with Ravi Shasri in the team and then the list would have been complete .. A nice thoughtful XI by the author !

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 12:19 GMT)

Mark Richardson would have to be a shoe-in as opener

Posted by Christy1268 on (October 26, 2010, 12:12 GMT)

where is Shiv Narain Chanderpaul - c mon, he deserves a chance to be at least 13th or 14th man..

Posted by nair_ottappalam on (October 26, 2010, 12:00 GMT)

Good work done on the selection. I would have suggested the inclusion of Chris Tavare, Mudassar Nazar in the 'Playing XI'. I am not aware of the "skills" of this particular sort w.r.t Woodfull, Jardine & Goddard. Well somone suggested the name of Rahul Dravid-the wall-. Dravid doesnt even rank in the top 200 in this list. Mike Brearley and Bob Taylor may probably gain place. Another notable absentee is Sunil Gavaskar with his "match saving" 36* off 60 overs in the 1st Prudential world cup. Anushuman Gaekwad also needs special award for his 201 at Jullunder against Pakistan.

Posted by UNIVERSAL_CRICKETER on (October 26, 2010, 11:19 GMT)

Mr. Peter, you forgot Sunil Gavaskar...........he scored 36 n.o. in 60 OVERS in 1975 World Cup..........

Posted by India_boy on (October 26, 2010, 10:30 GMT)

NO DRAVIDDDDD????????????????????????? u kidding me pete??? none of them is nicknamed the!!!

Posted by venbas on (October 26, 2010, 10:26 GMT)

Really surprising to see the WALL missing in this list. Most of the players in this top order have compiled only 3000 odd runs in few tens of tests. But to compile nearly 12000 Test runs in 100+ tests and still have a royal Scoring rate of 42, thats the WALL for you.

Also Ravi shastri could have given anyone in this list a run. I remember being paralysed and comatosed all at the same time just watching shastri in can imagine his impact on the test arena then :)

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 9:09 GMT)

Brilliant! Perhaps Shaun Pollock,Craig Matthews,Richard Hadlee and Hugh Tayfield deserve a mention as do Joel Garner,Vince van der Bijl and Sylvester Clarke

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 8:58 GMT)

Pretty amusing stuff. Would die rather than watch these guys play.

Posted by chuck.of.all.trades on (October 26, 2010, 8:42 GMT)

Bob Willis on commentary, surely?

Posted by CricketPissek on (October 26, 2010, 8:35 GMT)

let me be the first to ask where the dude nicknamed "The Wall" is? :-D hell, i'm not even Indian lol

Posted by AsherCA on (October 26, 2010, 8:18 GMT)

Wow - Muddassar Zazar of Pakistan & India's major stodgies - Anshuman Gaekwad, Mohinder Amarnath, Yashpal Sharma (He who blocked donkey drops from Greg Chappel) & Ravi Shastri are not even mentioned !

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 8:06 GMT)

i like cricinfo and its articles.u guys have done a great job.

Posted by CricketPissek on (October 26, 2010, 6:57 GMT)

they should play pakistan in pakistan to airtight a draw being the only result :)

Posted by PGW81 on (October 26, 2010, 6:54 GMT)

Where is Shiv Chanderpaul?

Posted by Nuxxy on (October 26, 2010, 6:53 GMT)

No Hanif Mohammad? Crazy! And I'd pick Gary Kirsten as coach. He actually has coaching credentials as well as an obdurate batting record.

Posted by SirWilliam on (October 26, 2010, 6:50 GMT)

What a gloriously obdurate collection of stonewallers. If only Hadrian had played Test cricket. And to think that Ken Barrington didn't make the cut!

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 6:48 GMT)

hanif muhammad and mudasir nazar r missing ...they were slower than a tortoise. nazar can bat for days as well

Posted by Truemans_Ghost on (October 26, 2010, 6:31 GMT)

Trevor Bailey only carrying the drinks? This in a crime! An insult! Cricinfo clearly has no one on its staff who knows anything about cricket. Trevor Bailey is a GOD of CRICKET and makes me proud to be ENGLISH (etc....etc.... etc......)

Posted by Tendulkars_Tennis_Elbow on (October 26, 2010, 6:26 GMT)

aome mark richardson and mudassar nazar please :)

Posted by KnightRiderX on (October 26, 2010, 6:05 GMT)

Good selection. To other fellow countrymen (Indians), Pakistans, and Lankans : please do not start grumbling about the lack of South Asian representation in the team. The truth is that we're not stodgy enough :)

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 6:01 GMT)

No Steve Waugh?? u cannot be serious Peter??????????????

Posted by viper25 on (October 26, 2010, 5:55 GMT)

It's really getting silly now (dissecting teams just for the sake of it). What next? The team that wear red socks?

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 5:27 GMT)

Finally a test team of players who know what test cricket is all about. Test cricket meant to be a war of attrition that has the possibility of never ending.

Posted by ronnieb on (October 26, 2010, 5:26 GMT)

May be Ambrose/Walsh could get into the team if one of the bowlers got injured.

Posted by ygkd on (October 26, 2010, 5:17 GMT)

Come on, Mr Roebuck, get serious. Where are the early hungry ones, Alf Shaw and Alec Bannerman? Glenn Turner made a swashbuckling 300, did Barndoor Bannerman ever dream of that? As for the athletic Jack Russell being boring enough to be considered (even light-heartedly), surely any early Englishman (before Blackham showed them how to do it) would suffice. Or even better, Alec Stewart, a fine opening batsman but rather dull behind the sticks compared to Crackerjack Russell.

Posted by KC1977 on (October 26, 2010, 5:13 GMT)

Amazing team Peter, I just can think of one more name, not sure where to fit him, may be David Steele?

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 5:11 GMT)

This is possibly by far the most unanimous World XI based on the skill-set and cricketing pedigree outlined - good job!

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 4:28 GMT)

one word Perfect, these guys will play on your patience. I wish there was a place for the modern players like Dravid, Kallis and Shiv. Goddard and Nadkarni bowling in Tandem to Don Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar and Viv.... that would have been a spectacle!!! There is no way this team can lose!! In a 5 match series, this team can upset the world XI 1-0 or draw 1-1.

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 4:21 GMT)

How can you miss Rahul Dravid? :)

Posted by vaidyar on (October 26, 2010, 4:19 GMT)

Lol...Thought that's the kind of thing Andy Zaltzman would come up with... Now makes me wonder what XI Andy will throw up!

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 4:12 GMT)

You have forgot india's Anshuman Gayakwad...

Posted by 9ST9 on (October 26, 2010, 4:12 GMT)

Ha ha what a line up of blockers. Nice to see the managers nominated as well. but seriously this all time XI joke is wearing a bit thin now. time for cricinfo to come up with something new. hope this is the last.

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 4:06 GMT)

No Mark Richardson :( he surely had to be a chance with his favorite shot being the leave

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 3:56 GMT)

McGrath is no slowpoke. He is so entertaining with a bat. You never know what's gonna happen.

Posted by kpisthebest on (October 26, 2010, 3:33 GMT)

Anyone who picks Russell over Andy Flower hasn't seen much cricket or is biased.

Posted by Valerio_DiBattista on (October 26, 2010, 3:32 GMT)

Peter - A very strong cricket side. Bapu Nadkarni from India is an inspired selection. Would be a very difficult side to beat. The Barnacle is a fraction stiff to be carrying the drinks.

Posted by Vivek.Bhandari on (October 26, 2010, 3:24 GMT)

another nicely arranged eleven...some names could have been discussed here...Hanif Mohammed (Bridgetown Test match. Period), NS Sidhu (remember how he was called the strokeless wonder, and despite being a six hitter for rest of his life he consumed a lot of balls...), and among the more recent ones Paul Collingwood is one of those who can test the patience of the best of the lot...also, I understand that since most of the candidates in this XI are from the yesteryears there will be lot of disagreement in the comments...but keep up the good work, I have loved these XIs more than the actual World XI...

Posted by   on (October 26, 2010, 3:18 GMT)

Thanks for knowing about Bapu Nadkarni. Wow what a player his stats are amaging! Why he was not short listed for at least India's XI?? Puzzle.

Posted by willywonka04 on (October 26, 2010, 3:03 GMT)

where is the wall - Dravid?

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David Frith
David Frith
Cricket historian, writer and archivist. Author of the definitive history of Bodyline
Tony Greig
Tony Greig
Former England allrounder who captained the side in 14 Tests and two ODIs in the mid-to-late 1970s. Currently a cricket commentator and presenter on television.
Ramachandra Guha
Ramachandra Guha
Historian and cricket writer. Author of A Corner of a Foreign Field, Wickets in the East, Spin and Other Turns, and editor of the Picador Book of Cricket
Gideon Haigh
Gideon Haigh
Cricket historian and writer. His books include acclaimed biographies of Warwick Armstrong and Jack Iverson, and the definitive history of the Kerry Packer era.
Clive Lloyd
Clive Lloyd
Captained the all-conquering West Indies team of the 70s and 80s in 74 Tests and 84 ODIs. Served as ICC match referee and chairman of the ICC's cricket committee.
Duleep Mendis
Duleep Mendis
Captained Sri Lanka in 19 Tests (including in their first Test and series victories) and 61 ODIs, between 1982 and 1987. Currently chief executive of Sri Lanka Cricket.
Peter Roebuck
Peter Roebuck
Former captain of Somerset; author of It Never Rains and Sometimes I Forgot to Laugh among other books.
Ajit Wadekar
Ajit Wadekar
Former India captain, between 1971 and 1974, during which period the team notched up their landmark first wins in the West Indies and England. Later a manager of the national side.
John Wright
John Wright
Former New Zealand opener and captain, and later India coach. Led in 14 Tests and 31 ODIs between 1983 and 1987.

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