New Zealand v Bangladesh, only Test, Hamilton, 4th day

Jamie Siddons blasts 'terrible batting'

Andrew Fernando

February 18, 2010

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Tamim Iqbal drives through the off side, only Test, Hamilton, 4th day, February 17, 2010
Jamie Siddons compared Tamim Iqbal's batting approach to Virender Sehwag's, and was critical of the rest of the batsmen for not showing resolve © Getty Images

Jamie Siddons, the Bangladesh coach, was critical of his team's performance after the top order collapsed once again, on the fourth evening in Hamilton to leave the hosts in sight of victory. "The game got away from us in the 25 or so overs of terrible batting. Our aim was to get through today and regroup for tomorrow. I'm not sure what went wrong, whether the boys felt the pressure of the big occasion or if they thought they could go out and actually get the runs but it was certainly not in the plan, the way Tamim played," Siddons said.

He was however quick to defend the Bangladesh opener's aggressive approach. "That's just the way he plays. He bats in the same way as a Sehwag. We all loved it when he got 68 in the first innings and 150 odd against India. But the other boys have to realise that just like it's not all about [Mohammad] Ashraful, it's not all about Tamim. They have to stand up and perform."

Siddons hinted that the Bangladesh cricket establishment's patience for Ashraful may have reached its end. "[He] had a terrible tour and he kept making the same bad decisions. We might have to reassess Ashraful when we get back," Siddons said.

Siddons also tried to remain upbeat about the looming final day of the match. "We have three guys there who are all capable of making Test centuries and we need at least two of those guys to make big scores for us to have a chance.

"We have to keep picking ourselves up after games like this. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is a young team and that's part of the reason we keep failing under pressure. I think our opponents know that and believe that they have what it takes to get the better of us," Siddons said.

Tim McIntosh, who top-scored with 89 for the hosts, felt that the disappointment of missing a hundred was compensated by the fact that his knock had put his side on course for a win. "It was a bit disappointing not to get to three figures but I am happy to have contributed," McIntosh said.

McIntosh had a strange day, being involved in three run outs, the last of which claimed his own wicket. "You think it might come back to you when you have been involved in all three. But I think it's just part of the game and it's unfortunate that it seemed to happen today. I don't know if you can directly blame anyone for it. They were all pretty good calls and they were all good, direct hit throws as well." McIntosh said.

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Posted by rsmehdihasan on (February 19, 2010, 19:50 GMT)

Dear MT2010 you are a Bangladeshi Fan ?. it doesn't look so or your ideas were totally disaster. Your idea of playing with A team of other Test national counties were very nice!!! Then it is better to play Hockey. And 28-30 age players will come from where? it is better to play you and me for Bangladesh Test team because i am 28. Remember Cricket is a Mind Game. it takes time to be mature in your batting and bowling. Current Bangladesh problem is they can not handle pressure because they are very very young Team but they start to believe in themselves and now they do a fight in each games . Under Sakib's Captaincy How Bangladesh is performing see the statistics if you really understand international cricket?

Posted by Robin_BD on (February 19, 2010, 16:28 GMT)

You people are playing test Cricket for last 75 years and we are playing it for last 10 years.I do believe we need to improve ourselves and we are doing it.Let us play more 2/3 years. We will prove why we are known as Tiger.

Posted by MT2010 on (February 19, 2010, 6:32 GMT)

hasasin, lets be practical .. Bangladesh has yet to produce a (consistent) player like sehwag or dhoni .. and india has many many cricket icons (how can you miss the name of S.Ganguly or Anil Kumble or Laxman?) Have you ever heard about Azharuddin, Dilip Vengsarkar or Viswanath ? And there are many many more .. at this stage, it is ridiculous for us to compare ourselves with any major test playing nations. We (bangladesh) need more practice games .. let these players play practice matches for next 3 years .. and if they can last for that period and play good cricket consistently then one day Bangladesh will become a good team. We have seen what happened to Ashraful already ... let's see how long Tamim Iqbal last. We need a batsman who can last on the crease for a longer period, not a hard hitter, depending on luck, in a test match. And yes, Bangladesh benefitted from Dalmia and his associates ..

Posted by Nipun on (February 19, 2010, 5:06 GMT)

OK,both Jamie & Gary compared Tamim's batting style to Virender Sehwag.My mistake.I still can't believe how such respected people can think so.Sehwag can't be termed as flashy;you don't average 53 in test cricket with flashy cricket.Just looking at the shot Tamim Iqbal played in the 2nd innings,& his reaction "This is how I play" without any hint of shame tells you so much about him & Bangladesh cricket.

Posted by Biddut1 on (February 19, 2010, 4:57 GMT)

I am tired of hearing " Bangladesh should not be playing Test Cricket, because they are not worthy". Let me tell you guys, there are only a few nations in this planet who play test cricket and apart from India , nowhere else it is the most popular game. Why in India? Because Indians are not good at any other sports, just watch Olympic and check their medal record. Bangladesh has the best Under 23 team in the world. Look at players of other country and they look like Tamim Iqbal's Father. Do not overrate cricket because it is not really that popular. If Americans, Russians, Chinese, German's played cricket, do you think India would have a chance to win anything? LOL. ICC is lucky to have a country like Bangladesh who has cricket crazy fans. Bangladesh playing test cricket is good for cricket, not necessarily for Bangladesh. As far as those snobbish cricket fans, TAKE A HIKE.

Posted by hasasin on (February 19, 2010, 3:39 GMT)

@ soilder... i m sry u have very week knowledge in cricket and its history... bangladesh isnt playing for last 15 years.. they got test status on 10th nov. 2000... its nt 10 yet... and india playing since 1932... 25 june... india playing from 75 years of cricket... they jst have tendulkar dravid kapil gavaskar... as the real icons... can u even say any other name who is so hit dominant on test cricket frm india... over da last 75 yrs... i dnt stil see sehwag gambhir or dhoni on dat spot yet... so dear soilder if it took 75 years to produce 4 icons frm india.. u cant demand bangladesh to produce atleast 2 icons in jst 9 years... well no offence to indian team.. they r great team.. bt they need to show respect to all other teams.. whom they r playing wid... and abt granting test status.. it never comes wid one man decissions.. its voted before he makes a decission.. so majority accepted. then bangladesh got test status... majority are nt fools sitting in icc council.

Posted by sawn on (February 19, 2010, 2:10 GMT)

well played tigerz!shakib had a good knock!

Posted by MT2010 on (February 19, 2010, 2:02 GMT)

I am from Bangladesh and I definitely love my country and my team, but I admit that Bangladesh has not done enough in last 10 years to prove it's improvement in Test matches. It is true that Rome wasn't built in one day but there has to be a reasonable improvement. I think Bangladesh team needs to play more 5 day matches against "A" team of major test playing nations. We need more 5 day matches in domestic league, more investment on school level cricket and we need players who learns as they play more cricket. Instead of seeing one or two great innings from players who are 20/21, we need to see more players in the team who are 28-30 and have played consistently for the last 5/6 years. Also, it was partially Dalmia's fault to give bangladesh a go ahead signal to play test cricket because he needed some vote to win the ICC presidency at that time.

Posted by   on (February 19, 2010, 1:50 GMT)

I think Indian supporters should never take such comparison like Tamim with shewag.Its normal.Because they can never forget the memory of world cup (bangladesh vs India) .The Indian cricket heroes !! what happened after the world cup? with whom they compared with their indian heroes at that time?

Posted by   on (February 19, 2010, 1:43 GMT)

lol, it's funny how some people consider Sehwag to be a "god-like" batsmen. He is indeed good, but certainly nothing close to being deemed as god-like. I agree, Tamim Iqbal's inning could be compared to sehwag, but comparing Tamim as a player himself to sehwag, is wrong. Sehwag is indeed miles ahead and better than Tamim Iqbal.

Posted by h313 on (February 19, 2010, 1:39 GMT)

to Nipun,i am sorry to say that sakib and mahmudullah got lucky again!can someone reminde me after playing how many test india won their first test match?

Posted by hasasin on (February 19, 2010, 1:37 GMT)

nipun... well dnt take it disrespect to india... or any other countries... i would like to mention.. when india came to test cricket they were playing wid teams who were new for test cricket... for example whn india came to test cricket.. other teams whr only 10 to 15 years older... so in dat case.... you all the top teams now were practically having no strong domestic structure of cricket... over the last 70 years test cricket is been played.... if u go to see or assume.. u top teams r supposed to hav good domestic structure.... and hw would u say dat bangladesh dosnt hav... good players... and they were all lucky getting scores.. whn u guys were new to test cricket rest all were new in test cricket... whn bangladesh is in test cricket u guys are around 50 years matured... cricket is something dat u learn frm ur past players.. say for example there are more indian icons nw then before.. so u shall giv bangladesh time.. to produce such players over time... its only been 10 years

Posted by Biddut1 on (February 19, 2010, 1:25 GMT)

I always say to our Bangladeshi friends, look at comments from Indians and they never have anything good to say about Bangladesh team. Read this post. All the people, who are pushing for Bangladesh t o play ODI only, are vastly Indians. Indians lately played terrible against South Africa in 2nd innings in 1st test and I guess that does not count. Kolkata is a spin pitch and this is always India's comfort zone for winning. I am so glad supporting anyone else against India.

Posted by saagar_the_naag on (February 19, 2010, 1:15 GMT)

I agree with Jamie Siddons, he was right about few months ago, when he asked Asharful to perform. to be honest Asherful doesn't deserve a spot in the team. he has been playing from quite sometimes and didn't perform well. Bangladesh has flashy and aggressive opener and he is still very young and hope that he becomes mature as he grows. Sakib and Mamdulah are solid in the middle and lower order. they need two good player one-down and second down position. Bangladesh has done much better than their previous tour. Guys getting century on swinging pitches is very hard, look at the pitches where Bangladeshi's play at!! I think Bangladesh has great future ahead. Hope to see Mortaza( the defender) very soon..

Posted by Biddut1 on (February 19, 2010, 1:15 GMT)

To Bubun, Stop DADAGIRI. India is a country of 1 billion + people and you have to have players who is pushing 40, still have to play to save game! And you give your idiotic comment about Bangladesh team. Bangladesh improved a lot lately and check latest Test results with India. India and New Zealand both had to play two innings to win. Stop your DADAGIRI. Let me remind you, how Indian batting caved in, in front of South African fast bowling. you have to save your face in a flat Calcutta pitch. Pathetic!!!

Posted by Rooboy on (February 19, 2010, 1:11 GMT)

@trotter, you say you do not understand why people 'always get irritated when they hear anything about Bangladesh Cricket'. It's quite simple. Bangladesh are not competitive 99.9 % of the time, and make a mockery of international cricket. Look at the series between SA and India, a battle for the number one spot is forced into 2 tests, whereas if India didn't have to waste time playing bangladesh, where the result was a foregone conclusion before the series started, the India v SA series could have been the 3 or 5 match series it deserved to be. I would watch a Sheffield Shield game before I would watch bangladesh, because the quality is higher at state level. @Sakib_bangla, true, Rome was not built in a day but how long does it take? Bangladesh are not showing ANY signs of improvement, that is the issue. Sure, they need to be nurtured, but do it against second tier teams of their own standard, instead of making a joke out of the highest level of cricket.

Posted by bobagorof on (February 19, 2010, 0:56 GMT)

@Nipum: A team of talented but reckless batsmen who throw their wickets away... could be talking about Pakistan or the West Indies as much as Bangladesh. Even Australia has been bowled out cheaply several times in the last year. Every batsman has their good days and bad days - Tamim's style of play won't always work but he's one of the better performers in the side at the moment. Siddons' comments weren't meant to suggest that Tamim is Sehwag, but that they have a similar outlook - be aggressive at the top of the order and putting pressure on the bowlers. Sehwag has been very successful, and with a bit of maturity and improved shot selection, Tamim may be successful for Bangledesh and fill a similar role for them.

Posted by   on (February 19, 2010, 0:04 GMT)

It seems so funny to me that when we compare bangladeshi players to indian player, THE INDIAN FAN gets offended. " how can he compare with the great sehwag" oh give me a break. Indian team didn't reach #1 ranking over night. Man no wonder i hate the indian team/ indian fans. They're so cocky. Give us 5 year to get our experiance up and we will be betting India convincingly.

Posted by smudgeon on (February 18, 2010, 23:45 GMT)

I really do want to see Bangladesh succeed at test level. It's encouraging that guys like Shakib al Hasan & Mamudullah are performing according to their obvious talent, but I do worry that the team for the most part to lack the stamina to play competitive cricket for 5 days. No doubt they got a huge confidence boost against the second-string Windies, but they need to build on that confidence and play like a team that deserves test status. And that won't happen overnight, although I think a good positive step would be to drop Ashraful and send a message that talent & promise alone aren't enough without the follow through. I think he's had chances enough - and like someone else suggests, perhaps a stint in the English or Australian domestic competitions will provide the experience he & others in the side desperately need.

Posted by   on (February 18, 2010, 23:33 GMT)

ashraful is still the best batsman in the bangladesh team. Just ask the other players, they will tell u so.

Posted by raghavaussiecombine on (February 18, 2010, 23:26 GMT)

Bangla is improving day by day. I certainly have not heard of centurions from bangladesh batting line up. Now it seems very easy for them. There are players who make centuries, there are good stroke players. And no one should forget that they had NZL in trouble with their bowling, they had India in grave trouble with their bowling. Good days are around the corner. They just need one more incisive bowler and on more batter.

Posted by jazzfood on (February 18, 2010, 22:32 GMT)

Give them time, Sri Lanka used to be just as bad and theyre all good now. Every team has struggled over the years.

Posted by Kiwistylz on (February 18, 2010, 22:21 GMT)

Not a very good test before the Australians come over here. Bangladesh really are not that flash.

Posted by decentguy_cse on (February 18, 2010, 21:58 GMT)

@Nipun .. They are improving constantly. They are at least creating chances. But the worst part is that they are repeating the same mistakes again and again and are wasting the chances they created.

@Trotter.. How can u compare him to sehwag? Comparing to sehwag is not really good for tamim. Their strengths are different and their responsibilities in the team are also different. If tamim tries to play like sehwag that may cause his downfall. He has to use his strengths. Mainly he has to learn from his mistakes which will help b'desh in future.

Posted by ScottNZ on (February 18, 2010, 21:42 GMT)

It really amazes me the memory of some of the Indian / Pakistan people who watch cricket. How many years did it take before India won a test? They had no time frame Bubun, It took New Zealand about 30 years to win there first test as well, these things take time and the more tests Bangladesh play the better they will get.

and I laugh at people saying oh no you cant compare any slogger to Sehwag. The guy is not a god. he is a slogger, thats it a slogger who has an incredible eye and fantastic timing, you can compare any slogger to him...

You all need to stop being so biast, Bangladesh will get there eventually just give them another 20 years

Posted by rivernile on (February 18, 2010, 20:53 GMT)

@Babun- I agree with you totally. Although comparisons can be made about styles, in this case of Tamin to Sewagh, there is a big difference in talent and experience. I think Tamim is on the right track, but he certainly needs more patience. Going for boundaries when your team is down by 400 makes NO sense, especially when your lower order needs you to see them through. I think Babun hit the hammer on the nail when he said that we need to improve out domestic level. How can we not produce one decent pace bowler? I also seriously question Mortaza's will and desire to play.

Posted by rsmehdihasan on (February 18, 2010, 20:53 GMT)

My dear friends it hearts me when you say that we don't have infrastructure, no domestic cricket,not enough good player. We should play cricket in Australia, India Etc. How you can say this?

each sub continent team struggle in New zealand even India.Do you know that we are improving day by day after Sakib take the captaincy of our team.At least now we take each test into 5 days and fight.See the graph...Man we are very young team. it takes time to become better test batsman.main problem is pressure. we can not handle pressure.

Do you know my dear all the friends how our under u19 team is performing for the last4-5 years? see their statistic and performance. how you tell that we don't have talent. we are crazy about cricket.

we have 6-7 international cricket venue where anytime any form of international cricket can play. we already successfully organize u19 world cup, other big tournaments.... so wait have patience and give us time....they need time to be mature

Posted by Rickmave on (February 18, 2010, 20:42 GMT)

To Nipum and CO. I would like to tell you some statistics, please be patient:

India had first played a Test match against England at Lord's in June 1932 under C.K. Nayudu's captaincy and after waiting for almost 20 years, India earned a most convincing first win in their 25th Test match - against England at Chepauk, Chennai on February 10, 1952

India and Pakistan had started playing cricket regularly since 1952. This was the time when more than 2 team had started playing test cricket. So all of those team were inexperienced. When two inexperienced team play against each other, one will definitely win. But still India took 20 years for their first test win and India won their 50th Test matches from 286 test matches!!!

But, look at Bangladesh, they are only playing against stronger opponent since they started their test journey. But still I can assure you Bangladesh won't take 286 test matches to win their 50th test.

So indian supporters have no right to say something like that.

Posted by jonathan1 on (February 18, 2010, 20:29 GMT)

I went through Bangaldesh's test record from 2000-now and noticed that they have played 58 tests upto date and have won only three of them. Just three!! How can they still be a test team??

Posted by nafee on (February 18, 2010, 20:27 GMT)

trotter u r absolutely right about this Hippocratic Indian fans who always has something against us after the most entertaining wc of 2007 where we outplayed india in all dept of game & just kick out the weakest team of that tournament - india to the point .......what is the age of sehwag now......when he was like tamim's age that 'taklooo' uncle was no where near to tamim's talent & class .......tamim can play any shot of world's any bowler now in such a young age............ sehwag is a overrated batsman who can never play either a in swing ball or shot ball..............................................&&& yeah i agree with all these indian fans siddons made a big mistake about the comment because tamim is far better then shewag in any given day.......................&&&&& india always fear bang that's why they dont dare to welcome us to play on their home soil...............

Posted by altair213 on (February 18, 2010, 19:54 GMT)

If some of you actually read closer, Jamie was comparing the batting STYLE of Tamim to Sehwag i.e. aggression, tempo, shot selection, etc. which is a valid comparison.

Posted by Virender-Seattle on (February 18, 2010, 19:45 GMT)

to Trotter - it seems that the label 'ordinary' still rankles Bangladesh Cricket fans. No body wants to be 'ordinary', though it does not mean bad. It means - normal, regular, common, everyday, run of the mill, average. But if you look at the ICC rankings Bangladesh team is ranked 9th of 9 test teams and 9th of 12 ODI teams- which suggest that the team is below average - somewhat less than ordinary. Sure the team may have some players who may have the potential to become 'Tendulkar' or 'Sehwag' or 'Ponting' or 'Amla' or 'Kallis' like. When these potentials are realized and the team moves above 5th ranking it will labeled 'better than 'ordinary'. The trick is - work on improving the standard.

Posted by t2sgreat on (February 18, 2010, 19:18 GMT)

Well Well, I dun get why some "folks" do not like a country developing in their cricket and playing some exciting cricket. I would say Bangladesh plays exciting cricket, even though they do not conquer everytime but I dun think the time is too far when Bangladesh will be one of the hardest team to beat for their aggressive approach. I know why some "people" do not like Tamim, probably because he hurt the feelings of some huge population who were stunned after one inning. Anyways, i strongly believe there are huge talents in Bangladesh cricket, and also good performers, but the coach needs to work with his boys little more. Ashraful needs to stop playing in international cricket for few days and go back look at his past battings. I do not believe to change his stance or bat lift, let him be however he bats and gain his confidence, and Aftab definitely not a test batsman, I would go with Rajin Saleh on that spot.

Posted by sawn on (February 18, 2010, 18:42 GMT)

wow! listen up u Indian guys,we all know Shehwag is one of the greatest.But he's not god! he got bad time too and India is also not the team of gods! They won the test today but they also lost the last test by innings in their own ground! its true that Ashraful is one of worst cricketer of current time but Bangladesh got players like Shakib,Tamim,Mushfik,Mahmudullah who are pretty much consistent. Their age can be a big matter of fact but it is a young country too comparing to India. I doono why most of the Indian guys r having their mouth running aftr BD cricket team! Its not too much far when BD is gonna challenge all the big fishes in each games and then they will not b counted as underdogs! one request to BCB, pls kick out Ashraful and give chance to players like Alok,Naeem.

Posted by   on (February 18, 2010, 17:25 GMT)

I believe a permanent spot for a batsman is not good for Bangladesh cricket. If Ashraful thinks that his spot is permament, then he will not show any responsibility. The team management has to rotate the players, so that the players always have a pressrue to show a sensible play. Making same mistake is shot selection for 4/5 times should not be pardoned anymore.

Posted by Anupam_Mukherjee on (February 18, 2010, 17:07 GMT)

I actually think that Bangladesh are doing remarkably well in their cricket. The problem is one of too much expectation. I love it when Bangladesh and Afghanistan do well in their cricket. We need more cricket-mad nations around. Let the naysayers be and concentrate on batting for longer periods. They said the same about India prior to '84 and Sri Lanka before their famous world cup victory. I am sure Bangladesh will do great things given time.

Posted by arunbhardwaj on (February 18, 2010, 17:02 GMT)

@trotter: tamim iqbal cant be compared with tendulkar or sehwag..its like comparing apples with oranges..tendulkar has proved himself by winning matches over a long period of time..he is one of the world's best batsman.same thing can not be said for any bangladeshi player.the important thing is the consistency,not the talent you possess.Ashraful is lucky enough to be playing till now,he should be shown the door immediately.Only Shakib al hasan looks like a good player in making,rest of the players are irresponsible.Only combined team efforts will raise the standard of bangla's game.One or two good performance will not result in a victory at international level.

Posted by geedubnz on (February 18, 2010, 17:00 GMT)

Perhaps Sehwag and Tamim aren't that different. When you exclude matches played on the flat tracks of the sub-contient, (ie leaving only games played in countries where the pitches aren't roads in disguise and have some life for the bowlers) Sehwag averages 41 and Tamim 40.. food for thought.

Posted by raay on (February 18, 2010, 16:53 GMT)

Nipun-- for Gods sake would you remember that it was GARY KIRSTEN the INDIAN COACH who first compared the "BATTING APPROACH" of TAMIM IQBAL with "VIRENDER SEHWAG"?? I love Sehwags batting, after bangladesh india is my fab, but its painful that India which was supposed to help us grow up, shys away...

And talking about FLASHY & CHANCY, come on, thats what is beautiful about Sehwags betting innit? so whats wrong if MAhmudullah takes chances?

its true that bangladesh doesnot have a good infrastructure but thats the way it is mate, if you keep us away we are never gonna be there...

The only reason bangladesh is not posing a threat to others in TEST arena is lack of application rather than talent..india at the moment is a great team man, but not long before when sachin was captain, they were touring WI, they were searching players, found Noyel David and send him, Sachin EXCLAIMED, who is this? I have never heard his name!

Posted by   on (February 18, 2010, 15:58 GMT)

i believe that it is time to drop out Mohammad Ashraful from the team, he just wested a place, he need to know his place is not gurranted in the team...

i also believe that ppl criticised bangladesh too much..well when no.1 team defeted by an innings nobody tells anything..this is not good.

well i also agree with some of yous points...BCB needs to improve their domestic cricket..i think they need to say to the batsman, "well, if u stay in the crease more than 300 balls that will give u bonus", or to their bowler "if u take 5 wkt in an innings or 10 wkt in a match, u r gonna hv bonus!" its the motivation process!!

Posted by bluehaze04 on (February 18, 2010, 15:35 GMT)

i am an ardent admirer of sehwag but i was'nt offended at siddon's comment ; he only compared the tamim's batting style to sehwags . he never drew parallels between their talents . so nothing wrong in what he said ;-)

Posted by bluehaze04 on (February 18, 2010, 15:34 GMT)

i am an ardent admirer of sehwag but i was'nt offended at siddon's comment ; he only compared the tamim's batting style to sehwags . he never drew parallels between their talents . so nothing wrong in what he said ;-)

Posted by s0ldier on (February 18, 2010, 15:27 GMT)

Tamim is like Sehwag??? What a joke! Mr.Siddons just watch your words before you compare someone to a player of the caliber of Virender Sehwag. Sehwag is a legend. Bangladesh has been playing test cricket for over 15 years now, and their performance has been pathetic ever since and they don't deserve a test playing nation's status. Better if they just stick to ODI's and T20s. Wonder what Ashraful is doing in the team despite his horrific performances in the past several years. Please stop playing test cricket - you are a disgrace to test cricket.

Posted by neanderthal on (February 18, 2010, 15:02 GMT)

If Siddons must compare Tamim to Sehwag, then he should pick up the later's consistency as well. Sehwag is not about playing flashy. That man scores a century in every four tests on an avg, scores all around the world and scores big centuries. Playing flashy and getting a century occasionally is not the same. However, Tamim and Mahmudullah seem to be two of the better batsmen in bangladeshi team these days. I am sad to say, apart from Mushfiq sometimes, I have never seen a Bangladeshi batsman try and stay in the crease and not throw their bat around for a long time. That's how usually the Kallises, Chanderpauls, Tendulkars or Dravids of the world build their consistent performances in tests. Everyone seems to be out there trying to show off what exciting shot he can play and hope that if one day everything comes off, then they can win a test and rest on that for another 2 years. Unfortunately that doesnt work .They just dont know how to play tests and neither do they want to learn.

Posted by trotter on (February 18, 2010, 14:54 GMT)

Ash must go. There should not be any argument with this decision. He is a sheer non-performer both at domestic and international level in all forms of the game. He has been given enough time. Now he should be given time to consolidate himself - outside the team ofcourse. Nayeem or Alok can be considered in the team with moving Riyad and Mushfique up in the batting order.

Posted by jamesb on (February 18, 2010, 14:45 GMT)

Fact is, Bangladesh are still dreadful. 10 years on and they have learned absolutely nothing about how to play 5-day cricket. They lose virtually every Test they play, unless it rains, and usually by an innings. They are nowhere near good enough. Ok for ODIs (although their record there is also dreadful) and T20s, but their Test status should be withdrawn immediately until they can prove elsewhere (A tours, etc) that they can legitimately compete at Test level. Test cricket is devalued every time they play a match.

Posted by   on (February 18, 2010, 14:29 GMT)

I think what needs to be remembered is that from Assosciate cricket to Test cricket there is a massive jump. Going right back in time, remember how long it took New Zealand to adapt to Test cricket!! Bangladesh are now in their 10th year as a Test nation and it must be said progress is being made, albeit slowly, but this is to be expected. Undoubtedly the talent is there, but the application appears to be letting them down. I would agree definitely with the assessment of Ashraful here, if he hasn't learnt in 50-odd tests, will he ever?

Posted by   on (February 18, 2010, 14:28 GMT)

i am really shocked to read few comments of indian supporters. that shows that you guys may be cricket crazy but understanding of cricket is not that much. here siddions didn't talk about the talent or achievements of Shewag's. Siddions talked about the attitude of them which is aggressivness of them. they are aggressive to take the attack from the bowlers.

and about the test status of Bangladesh i wanna say that Bangladesh didn't get lots of chance to play test cricket with these new players. past few years they played only few matches. and these matches were not as bad as past. where they used to finish in 3 days and getting innings defeats, now they are playing for longer time and also they are showing some fighting signs in each match. only few years back even team like NZ was struggling. btw if we take out Sachin, Dravid & Ganguly's record from india's last 10 years' performances then we wouldn't see that much from them.

Posted by Bang_La on (February 18, 2010, 14:15 GMT)

Thank YOU Trotter. Truly excellent and wise cricketing observations.

I think I can explain the reason for our non-Bangladeshi friends to get irritated when anything is mentioned about Bangladesh cricket. Its guilt. With a dismal records of playing International cricket only recently, India cricket was a joke. Now since they have kind of overcome the past performances, they have this superiority complex. And superiority complex is virtually a form of inferiority complex.

They say Shewag is great, short of God. Forget anything else, did you watch his facial expression against Shahadat's bowling on his neck? He was out. So his greatness is all within India.

Besides, it needs lot of cultural standard, not GDP growth to be mannered :)

Posted by Bang_La on (February 18, 2010, 14:04 GMT)

Hahahaha Bubun? Why should Bangladesh play domestic cricket in a country like India whose players still after playing 60 years of cricket tremble to face fast bowling in international level? The Indian pitch is always a subject of joke. Come on man get a life.

Siddons should stop lamenting and whining about the performance of the boys. When students keep failing in the same subject time after time, the guardians hold the teacher responsible and show the doors. His communication does not reach the boys nor his methods of teaching. Period.

I personally believe Bangladesh Cricket Board should be reorganised and the present jokers removed. The new Board should beg Sunil Gavaskar to come over and take charge of Bangladesh cricket. He always spots the weaknesses in each player in his commentary and even once showed on tv how to correct.

Posted by Nipun on (February 18, 2010, 14:01 GMT)

@trotter:-Of course I do not mean that Sehwag is a God.What I want to say is that the likes of Tamim,Aftab,Ashraful,etc.lack the basic knowledge of test cricket.Look at the way these guys get out.They don't know that drawing is an option in test cricket.Besides,all other accusations I have made about Bangladesh cricket is true at the moment,& have been true for the past 10 years & stuff.No one with some sense can argue that.

Posted by Nipun on (February 18, 2010, 13:54 GMT)

@FMRafael:-I believe you were drunk when you commented.Please ensure you are in complete sense the next time you write something :)

Posted by   on (February 18, 2010, 13:36 GMT)

Bangladesh as a team is a mystery to me. One day they are really good, and the other day they are pathetic. Very inconsistent and still far away from being an international team.

Posted by butterhandsfingers on (February 18, 2010, 13:27 GMT)

PS Bangladesh are terrible, and really shouldn't still be playing test cricket. Rome wasn't built in a day, but the empire was surely in full swing in the amount of time Bangladesh have been beefing up Murali's average

Posted by butterhandsfingers on (February 18, 2010, 13:05 GMT)

After watching him against India I didn't think much of Tamim, but it's funny how uppity people get whenever the name Sehwag is mentioned. Nowhere does Jamie Siddons say that Tamim is as good as Sehwag, just that he has the same approach, and yes with this approach Sehwag will get many more runs than Tamim, since he is a much more competent batsman.

Agree with starsagitarian, they think way too much of Ashraful, can't remember the last time he did anything decent. Mahumdullah could probably bat up the order I reckon

Posted by on (February 18, 2010, 13:03 GMT)

Before Bangladesh can look to win Test matches, they should start with a few draws. It is the batsmen who can draw matches. Tamim Iqbal fits into a team that has a settled and solid middle order. A Sehwag is of little use in the absence of Dravid, Tendulkar and Laxman. Mahmudullaah and Shakib have shown the temperament for test cricket and should ideally be batting at Nos 5 and 6. Mushfiqur can be a handy No 7. The task therfore for the Bangladesh authorities would be to find a promising No 3 and someone to replace erratic Ashraful at No 4.

Posted by Vkarthik on (February 18, 2010, 12:50 GMT)

Sometimes they manage to play one innings well. So they have to stick to cricket that has one innings which is one dayers.

Posted by Bubun80 on (February 18, 2010, 12:41 GMT)

I strongly believe that Bangladesh should be given a Time Frame by ICC to improve the quality of cricket they play. Test Cricket is for MEN and not BOYS. Bangladesh players don't have the tenacity to withstand 5 days of competitive cricket. The problem with Bangladesh cricket is the quality of cricket they play at the Domestic Level. Most of the players in the Bangladesh side have a false sense of security that no once can replace them, and that is true since they don't have enough good players to replace them. I strongly believe that Bangladesh Domestic Team should start playing Domestic cricket in Countries like Australia, SA or India to improve their quality of cricket they play.

Posted by Sakib_bangla on (February 18, 2010, 12:35 GMT)

NIPUN, REMEMBER rome is not build in a day.

Posted by   on (February 18, 2010, 12:20 GMT)

The world and his uncle likes to keep comparing their trigger-happy batsmen to Sehwag. That does no justice to the outstanding talents of a guy who has an outstanding batting record against almost all teams - Bangladesh excepted.

Posted by VipulPatki on (February 18, 2010, 12:15 GMT)

...I support Bangladeshi team whenever it plays against a third country but most of the times I am disappointed.

Posted by VipulPatki on (February 18, 2010, 12:13 GMT)

@FMRafael: Of course it's luck. I mean, it's the luck the Bangladeshi players depend too much on. I browsed through the scorecard at the instant Tamim Iqbal had hoisted Vettori for a six. I thought of waiting for one more ball and surprise! he was out! and how? Trying for another six... Sehwag has a sort of license at the top as Dravid, Sachin, Dhoni and Laxman are next. Their other 'big' batsman Ashraful too tries to blast his way out of poor form. However I dont agree that Bangladesh's test status should be stripped off but then as a non-Bangladeshi I dont know what the grass-root problems are. But these problems manifest themselves in the form of poor shot selection and even poorer temperament. And when such issues are pointed out, their fans unsurprisingly resort to "Oh, we kicked you out of the WC. So shut up". Since then India has reached the top of ICC test ranking and Bangladesh remain at more or less the same level...

Posted by   on (February 18, 2010, 11:56 GMT)

i am just courious about siddons comments, tamim just like sehwag,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, how can he compaire with the great sehwag..... we all watch bagladesh cricket since they got test cap......they all are over confidance..... i think siddon should spend more time with those guys like tamim, aftab, shakib& bring to muhamadulla to top order........ please dont compaire with indian player those who passed mile stone in world cricket.................

Posted by starsagitarian on (February 18, 2010, 11:56 GMT)

the main problem with Bangladesh batting is Mohammed Ashraful... off late he has just lost it... ! Talent does not warrant a place in a Test side... its performance that matters... after that heroic innings against Australia, I dont remember a single innings where he has shown the metal for a fight... he is impatient, immature and the times he want to concentrate on his batting he gets out even earlier... !! his game is very careless and selfish... ! I believe Bangladesh administrators should consider groooming someone like Raqibul hassan and Mahmudulah to bat up the order !! Imrul Kayes, Sakib al hasan and Tamin Iqbal in particular have been quiet impressive but even sehwag needs batsmen lower down the order to consolidate and not to play reckless shots like Ashraful plays... !! So i guess siddons should be thinking of a new no 4 instead of improving coaching methods... !!

Posted by mmorshed2k on (February 18, 2010, 11:47 GMT)

Lol that sounds like an exaggeration to me as well. Anyway, BCBs never ending confidence in Ashraful baffles me! Hel should be kicked out of the team so that deserving candidates like Rajin Saleh, Naem Islam get an opportunity

Posted by trotter on (February 18, 2010, 11:32 GMT)

To Nipun > I hear what you said and somewhat agree. But I don't understand one thing - why our non-Bangladeshi "friends" (assuming you are not from Bangladesh) always get irritated when they hear anything about Bangladesh Cricket or its Cricketers? Still a mystery to me!! I agree that Tamim & co. were lucky enough to get big scores in some occasions. But that does not mean that his style cannot be compared with Shehwag. What's the problem with that? Shewag is not God. Do you say Shehwag, Tendulkar always played flawless innings? If you do, then it's not worth considering you in the discussion of the game of cricket. In numerous occasions they were luckier than Tamim and other Bangladeshi chaps to score big. Remember in Test Cricket only Bangladesh is playing against all the big shots while the big shots try (and in most cases fail) to improve their stats playing against "ordinary" Bangladesh. Thanks and have a good day!

Posted by FMRafael on (February 18, 2010, 10:36 GMT)

@Nipum: I really doubt that whether do you understand cricket or not? Sometimes things become very funny when people like you say everything by luck?

Posted by Nipun on (February 18, 2010, 10:00 GMT)

Is this anything new with Bangladesh ? The 408 is their only 5th or 6th score over 400 in test cricket in 60+ tests.The quality of their batsmen is represented by their career statistics.Look at the shot played by Tamim Iqbal in the 2nd innings.He keeps on making the same mistakes;& when he gets lucky,he makes those 151s & the 70s.How on earth could Jamie Siddons compare him with Sehwag ? Just look at their test,first class,ODI,List A,& T20 statistics.Look at the shot played by Aftab Ahmed in the 1st innings.Sakib Al Hasan & Mahmudullah were lucky in the 1st innings to score big,because they played typical Bangladeshi cricket-flashy & chancy which look good when they come off.Time & again,I have said that Bangladesh does not deserve to play test cricket.No proper cricket infrastructure,no proper coaches @ age levels,no cricket academies,no player who learns from his mistakes,& no people to even REALIZE their own mistakes !!!

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