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The week on Twitter

'Can't wait till I get some socks and undies from my parents'

Tis the season to share on Twitter what you got for Christmas

Alex Bowden

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Paul Collingwood plays a practice round at the Dunhill Links Championship, Kingsbarns, Scotland, September 28, 2011
Sweater: Dolce and Gabbana; undershirt: ma and pa © Getty Images

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all prepared exquisite Christmas dinners and then smashed them

The Christmas shoplifter
Alviro Petersen is offering bad advice.

"Christmas eve, and everyone running around in the shopping centres... #grabandgo!"
@Alviro Petersen

Don't listen to him, kids. #grabandpayandgo

The seasonal gibberish
Parthiv Patel is wishing you… something



The loner
Chris Gayle had a quiet Christmas Day.

"Home Alone watching Home Alone."

The reichdeer
Graeme Swann's son has renamed a reindeer.

"Absolutely class seeing wilf so excited for 'Santa and Adolph' the reindeer. Have tried to correct him but maybe he knows something I don't"

The guilty party
Wonder where Wilf could have got the name "Adolf" from. A Swann tweet from earlier in the week might shed some light.

"Xmas shopping for the wife today. I wonder how a pair of size 11 wellies and the DVD box set of world at war would go down?"

Nothing says Christmas quite like a 26-part Second World War documentary.

The most coveted item
There was a bit of competition in Mitchell Marsh's house.

"The parson's nose is more valuable than a baggy green on Christmas Day in our family. Uncle Steve got it today. #nothappy"

Congratulations, Steve. Who made the official presentation? Mitch, Shaun or Geoff?

The Christmas dinner
What did big Chris Tremlett have to eat?

"Calories.... yum yum"

Mmm, delicious calories - everyone's favourite.

The Christmas present
Michael Slater isn't sure whether Mitchell Starc really wanted what he was given for Christmas.

"Merry Xmas, what about @mstarc56 present. Rotated out of Boxing Day Test. Wow, Santa was generous this year!!! #whatthe"

The Christmas presents
Personally, I've always wanted to be more like Paul Collingwood.

"Can't wait till I get some socks and undies from my parents #everyyear"

And now I am. Thanks Mum and Dad.

The career high points
What do these two memories of Rohit Sharma's have in common?

"My favourite sachin tendulkar moment in Odi has to be getting an Odi cap from him in Ireland and (contd)"

"Of course the crucial partnership we shared in Australia during the CB series final (which we won)"

Are those your favourite Sachin Tendulkar one-day memories or are they in fact your favourite Rohit Sharma memories in which Sachin Tendulkar just happens to feature? Ask yourself whether Sachin would also rate these as being career high points.

The statement of fact
Kevin Pietersen's tribute to Sachin Tendulkar might come back to haunt him.

"Statistics NEVER lie! They tell a very true story.. Well done Sachin! What an incredible ODI career.. #thebest"

Let's see whether statistics NEVER lie the next time KP's in a poor run of form but claiming to be hitting them well in the nets.

Tino Best's modesty corner
There's an unexpected finish to this update.

"So excited to get back on the park and let go my Thunderbolts hope they don't get hit to far in CT20 #CT20...#GoHardORgoHome #Barbados"

Someone got Tino Best some self-doubt and uncertainty for Christmas.

The Mayan apocalypse
There were plenty of bad jokes. This one from Pat Cummins was among the worst.

"I've been making end of the world jokes like there is no tomorrow. #terrible"

The outsider
The following day, having survived, Graham Onions highlighted how he is different from all other cricketers.

"Celebrating being alive with a Toby Carvery"

Nando's Watch
Later in the week, Steven Finn demonstrated how it should be done.

"Sat in Nandos on my own in shorts and running trainers on Christmas Eve. The epitome of cool right there!"

Merry Christmas, Steve. Merry Christmas everyone.

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Posted by Ian on (December 28, 2012, 10:56 GMT)

Terrific fun, this regular feature. Thanks for regularly putting a smile on my face and no doubt putting smiles on the faces of thousands of others too shy to comment.

Plus all those countless readers who are so busy eating Nandos while they read the feature, that they cannot smile or laugh even though they want to.

Seasons greetings and happy new year to you, Alex and to all the Twitterati who contribute to and/or follow this feature.

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