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Mangongo admits to pushing player

Stephen Mangongo, Zimbabwe's interim coach during their series against Bangladesh, has admitted to pushing one of his young players in a moment of rage

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Stephen Mangongo, Zimbabwe's interim coach during their series against Bangladesh, has admitted to pushing one of his young players in a moment of rage. Mangongo told Zimbabwe's Herald newspaper that he shoved 22-year old Natsai Mushangwe after the legspinner failed to deliver instructions to a batsman at the crease.

The incident took place last Saturday, during the first Twenty20 against Bangladesh. Mangongo asked Mushangwe, who was one of the reserves, to send a message to Hamilton Masakadza. Instead, he found Mushangwe having a meal.

"I was angry with him and I pushed him and asked the team manager to order him out of the dressing room and he went back to the hotel," Mangongo said. But, he insists there is no bad blood between the two and they will continue to have a good relationship.

Mushangwe played in the second T20 and Mangongo met with both him and his mother in their hometown of Harare after the series to clear the air. "We dealt with the issue to the satisfaction of both sides," he said. "I have groomed Natsai since his club cricket days at Takashinga and I cannot go out to inflict harm on him now when he has finally made it to the national team. I regret the incident that happened and I have gone out of the way to address it with the family."

Although Mushangwe has not submitted a written report of the incident, other members of team management were asked to furnish ZC with the details. Disciplinary action could follow after ZC examines the documents.

Mangongo, who applied for the job of head coach, has had to hand over the reins to Andy Waller but remains the assistant. He is known for his uncompromising approach and stern style, which is a complete antithesis to former coach Alan Butcher's gentle manner.

He has worked in coaching for two decades and was one of the founding members of Takashinga cricket club, known as the heartbeat of black African cricket in the country. Mangongo worked under Butcher for three years and will continue in the role under Waller.

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Comments: 6 
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Posted by Dummy4 on (May 21, 2013, 8:33 GMT)

If you cannot control your temper then you're already defeated. They maybe men, but they are men of standing and role models to boot. Unacceptable behaviour from both of them and the coach especially as he is a mentor. Discipline should be instituted against the both of them. Really disgraceful.

Posted by Percival on (May 19, 2013, 15:55 GMT)

Coaches and players do fight in any sport and i would like to believe what happened happened in the heat of the moment. Refer to Mancini/ Tevez/ Ballotelli cases or Ferguson/Beckham. But if a player refuses to send a message to an on-field batsman in a crucial moment, especially over a meal, that is suicidal for any team in the world. Mushangwe, is a fascinating leg spinner that will no doubt play a huge role for Zimbabwe in the future. However, i fear for his discipline which i think if not addressed will affect his promising career. Remember in 2012, Mushangwe was axed from camp after failing to turn up for a T20 triangular match between Zimbabwe and South Africa where he was supposed to be the 12th man. The series also invovled Bangladesh. Consequently, he was not selected for the Zim A tri-series with South Africa A and Sri Lanka A. Up your game mate and do away with that stubborn attitude!

Posted by Graham on (May 19, 2013, 7:53 GMT)

ZCF Outkast, please do not mis-understand me , what he did was wrong and he definitely is not a coach to lead Zimbabwe Cricket...my point is that ZC should find news of progress in their internal structure to report, ahead of this. Keep looking over your shoulder , as the Scots play ok against Pakistan, they can join the Irish in being progressively better than Zimbabwe.

Posted by Dummy4 on (May 18, 2013, 11:47 GMT)

What is predictable ( and pathetic) is the lack of action by ZC . The appointment of Mangongo was based on credentials other than his very questionable ability as a coach and the ZC's apathy in taking disciplinary action seems to infer that Mangongos' intemperate and puerile reaction may be exempt from official censure. Once again cricket suffers.......

Posted by ZCF on (May 18, 2013, 10:39 GMT)

Unusual of you to simply gloss over such news @grahaam. I imagine some sorry souls are all queueing up to criticise the best young cricket coach to emanate from Africa, & indeed the whole world for me.

Where coaches&players are involved, several high profile examples come to mind - Sir Alex-Becks, add McCarthy-Roy Keane, plus Mankini-Mario&other numerous City players. Recent touchline battles between coaches themselves also deserve a mention, Mankini-Moyes, and Mourinho-Vilanova among others.

As you've aptly put it, despite all of this Sir Alex is a great, Mou&Moyes in the making, while Mario is singlehandedly propping up Milan. Such behaviour should not be condoned but it's not uncommon either. They are men after all!

Likewise the special firebrand Mangongo will scale similar heights once Waller's token appointment ends. He's already displayed what we expect from his supreme potential.

Fingers crossed about the Logan Cup/Pro50. Eagerly awaiting the fixtures!

Posted by Graham on (May 17, 2013, 19:12 GMT)

Alex Ferguson sent a boot flying at Beckham and caused actual harm ....but he remained a Legend and got Knighted for his achievements. Is this the best media coming from ZC? How about the plans for the season?, saving the franchise system for next summer etc etc ,

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