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Vaas, Murali lined up for SL coaching roles

Andrew Fidel Fernando

January 29, 2013

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Muttiah Muralitharan appeals for an lbw, Melbourne Renegades v Brisbane Heat, Big Bash League, Docklands Stadium, Melbourne, December 22, 2012
Muttiah Muralitharan continues to play Twenty20 cricket around the world © Getty Images

Sri Lanka Cricket is considering Muttiah Muralitharan and Chaminda Vaas for spin and fast bowling coaching positions respectively, SLC chief executive Ajit Jayasekara said. Neither have undergone formal coaching training but are the nation's highest wicket-takers in Tests and ODIs by a distance.

Jayasekara said SLC were not working to a concrete time frame on the potential appointments but discussions between the parties had been encouraging. Their prospective roles were yet to be clearly defined but Jayasekara said both men would likely work closely with the national team, though they might be asked to share their expertise beyond the national set-up.

"They are two of our best products, and have had huge success all over the world," he said. "We are looking to tap that knowledge and make use of it for the betterment of cricket in Sri Lanka. The fact that they don't have coaching qualifications isn't a big issue when you consider how much they have to offer."

Vaas was recently employed by the visiting New Zealand side in a temporary coaching role, and had positive feedback from both the players and coaching staff he worked with on the tour. New Zealand's fast bowlers had a highly successful tour of Sri Lanka, especially notable for the quality of swing and seam movement they produced, which had been a hallmark of Vaas' own bowling.

Vaas, who was playing county cricket as recently as July 2012, said he was enthusiastic about taking a coaching role in Sri Lanka. "I have finished my discussions with the board and they will come back to me with a decision," he said.

Muralitharan is the most successful bowler in the history of the game, leading both the Test and ODI wicket-takers lists, with 800 and 534 scalps respectively. He continues to play in domestic Twenty20 leagues, having just wrapped up a season with the Melbourne Renegades in January.

If Murali and Vaas come on board with SLC, their appointments will be among a raft of changes around the national team within a few months. Their former teammate Sanath Jayasuriya was named chief selector of a new five-member panel on Monday, while Sri Lanka's first Test captain Bandula Warnapura is also expected to become CEO of the board in April.

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Posted by PrasadGunawardane on (January 31, 2013, 15:51 GMT)

Regardless of the current political background of Sanath, i undoubtedly say that he is far the best compared to the guys were there before in the committee. Sanath has all the experience in the world under modern day Cricketing knowledge and the knowledge of the real requirements for the current conditions. If Muralitharan and Vass join, it will be a bonus for SLankan Cricket which will feel that all three combination have not retired yet from the game. If Vass comes, it'll be a great news for young Jayampathi who can be turned as the next Vass for SL. If Murali joins the party, its obvious that whole Lankan spinners will be benefited. I dont see any big issue of not having the training qualification for both them as no body can be matched to both of them for sure. The experience in dealing with all the conditions along with two World cup finals and three world cup finals for Vass and Mrali respectively tell the story!

Posted by trav696 on (January 30, 2013, 23:48 GMT)

@lukecannon, you're wrong mate. As I said before his strike-rates in both ODI's and T20's are pretty good. This match against bangladesh, I watched it but it was only 1 match and it was quite a long time ago. He can adapt to any situation and that makes him the best for ODI's. You cannot compare Sanga to the likes of Samaraweera who can barely score in an ODI. Out of all the SL batsman, other countries fear him the most when he walks out onto the field. When I talk about him being SL's backbone I am not only talking about it in reference to Tests, but just as much in the ODI format. In this current era of SL cricket, he and Mahela are SL's backbone in ODI's and will continue to be until they retire. He maybe 35, but I am pretty sure that everyone else who commented on this page will agree with me when I say getting rid of Sanga in the ODI format is suicide. Please realise that Sanga is the greatest batsman in SL and am sure, deep down Jayasuria knows that as well.

Posted by Sinhaya on (January 30, 2013, 16:56 GMT)

@CricketMaan, I fully agree but hope Vaas and Murali will help us. If NZ cashed in on Vaas's expertise 2 months ago, we should indeed.

Posted by buddhikapm on (January 30, 2013, 16:22 GMT)

How nice it would be when Vass for FB, Murali for SB,Marwan for batting,Sanath as the CS,Bandula as the CEO and Arjuna as the chairman of the board...

Posted by IanJF on (January 30, 2013, 15:48 GMT)

That makes it more than half of the "96 Dream Team".. Hashan, Pramodya, Atapattu (who then was 12th man), Jayasuriya, Vaas and Murali. Exactly what SL needed, a 'been there - done that' kind of set-up.. Unbelievable in a sense ! Great road ahead boys, great road ahead... cant wait for Dilshan Munaweera and Angelo Perera to enter this mix of new generation players

Posted by goldeneye075 on (January 30, 2013, 14:57 GMT)

May be it's a good move may be not. All the guys are jumping up and down hearing that Murali and Vass will be appointed as coaches in SL team. One little aspect need to be mentioned that although they are the greatest bowlers produced by sri lanka, they may not be the best coaches that we have.. Coaching is a art, not every one is a good teacher itself, let them follow some teaching coaches and first get some experience under there belt, then consider them for the job. Do not change things just for the sake of changing things. That's what SL board has done in the past, just to show off things are moving forward. Also need to access the role done by the former coaching staff, (Champika Ramanayaka and Ruwan Kalpage) , You need to look at what they were given at the start, we did not had world class bowlers, but they made them bowel a good line and length so the other teams could not score quickly, for me I would say Ramanayaka and Kalpage has done a wonderful job.

Posted by lukecannon on (January 30, 2013, 13:41 GMT)

@trav696- Yeah maybe in tests. Not for the shorter format. He wastes too many deliveries. Its his area of stength, defence. That is very valuable in tests but not for the shorter format. SL's backbone in batting department for ODIs was De silva, Atapattu , Jayasuriya and Mahela. Dont forget you are talking about a guy who took 148 deliveries to score 48 runs against Bangladesh putting everybody under tremendous pressure chasing a mediocre target of 190 or so and had to go far as Murali to produce the knock that required to win. Murali scored an unbeaten 32 if my memory serves right. I dont see any difference between this Sangakkara and that one. He should have only played tests after the WC like Samaraweera. Now he's going to be kicked out. Jayasuriya must do the honours. I v been waiting for this.

Posted by trav696 on (January 30, 2013, 11:54 GMT)

@lukecannon mate, Sangakarra is SL's backbone when it comes to batting in basically all formats... He pulls us out of tight situations in ODI's like if we are 3 or 4 down in only a few overs, steadies the innings and goes on to accelerate afterwards. He is the best batsman SL has ever produced and his strike-rate in ODI's isn't bad at all at 75.60. Even in T20 his striker-rate is 120.94, so taking him out of the team in the shorter formats is the biggest mistake SL cricket could ever make. Let him retire on his own terms because he won't drag it along, 3 more years in his career tops. Jayasuria should realise all of this. Hope he makes a speedy recovery and is back representing SL in no time!!

Posted by LALITHKURUWITA on (January 30, 2013, 10:54 GMT)

This is the best news I heard from SL cricket administrators recently. Vaas and Murali they r the best in the business. I am now looking forward to see SL new look team. If Sanath can stick to what he said, we can win WC and improve TEST ranking. Lalith - Sydney

Posted by SherjilIslam on (January 30, 2013, 9:18 GMT)

I am a big fan of both Sanath and Murali and i respect Vass alot.I hope SL cricket prosper with these three big-wigs in the scheme of things. Why alone WI, I think, all cricketing nations should follow this trend.

Posted by Morpheus273 on (January 30, 2013, 8:59 GMT)

Something for the Indian board to seriously think about. Being the richest board the BCCI can easily have: Gavaskar/Dravid as Batting Consultant...Bedi/Prasanna/Kumble as Spin Bowling Consultant...A yester year international bowling great as Fast Bowling Consultant...A world class Fielding Consultant.

Posted by ami77 on (January 30, 2013, 8:46 GMT)

It's a very good move by SLC to get Murali and Vaas on board. However it's not acceptable getting Jayasuriya into the team selection. I am a very big fan of Jayasuriya as a cricketer and still love him. But given his current life as a politician he should be kept away from cricket in all means. If you take him in it's too late by the time you realize the consequences of it. He was so good when he was a player, however after he got into politics even his personal behavior was not up to the standard. We can not complain as a politician as that's what they all do. BUT as a cricketer and a star he no longer qualify to be a in hearts of the cricket fans. We can only remember his past but not the current or the future.

Posted by rezmata on (January 30, 2013, 8:41 GMT)

Also bring in Chandika Hathurusinghe as Head coach. he did wonders for the players silently when he was assistant coach. So much praise frpm players, yet the SLC turns a blind eye to it. Hes doing great at WA.

Posted by lukecannon on (January 30, 2013, 7:54 GMT)

This means no Sangakkara for shorter format. Well done Jayasuriya proud of you. This should have been done after 2011 WC. We lose too many ODIs thanks to Sangakkara because of his strike rate which puts the rest of the batmen under pressure.

Posted by VajiraR on (January 30, 2013, 7:33 GMT)

8. Proper media management is a must. 9. Age should not be a barrier (whether a player is 15 years or 50 years old) for national selections, but performance is. 10. Every position of the team should be analysed carefully and find the best player for that position on current form. 11. The playing 11 has to be the most balanced team and not a makeshift 11 like the teams that played in 2011 WC final and 2012 20/20 final. 12. There should be no place for passengers.

Posted by VajiraR on (January 30, 2013, 7:31 GMT)

Very good move by SLC. Bandula is known to be an honest person with loads of experience in the world body whereas the knowledge and experience of Murali and Vass will be unmatched. However, if SLC to be a successful body, it should adhere to the following. 1. There should be no place for politicians and businessmen. 2. It should be headed by past players and good administrators. 3. Political interference of any form should be immediately stopped. 4. The selection committee should be comprised with past players who have wide knowledge of players, technique, wickets, opposition, etc. 5. The selection committee should consist with a past captain, specialist batsman, specialist fast bowler and a specialist spin bowler. 6. Selectors should be given with reasonable allowances to concentrate on the job and to move around freely within and out side Sri Lanka as required. 7. Accounts should be monitored weekly, monthly and annually and the people responsible should be held accountable for.

Posted by ghtvnath on (January 30, 2013, 6:40 GMT)

I think this news calmed my mind which was disturbed by the news "sanathJ was elected as chief selector"...positive negates the negative..

Posted by robheinen on (January 30, 2013, 6:23 GMT)

It is what West Indies should have done with their retired fast bowlers & batsmen.

Posted by 109kh on (January 30, 2013, 6:23 GMT)

Finally, sri Lanka has got somethings right. Good to have Jayasuriya as the chairman of the selection panel and it is better to get Murali and Chaminda on board for coaching.

Posted by 21tu on (January 30, 2013, 6:06 GMT)

At last...Good move by SLC. Vass & Murali as bowling coach.nic decission before they were taken by any other team.Now the spin wizard can advice the new lads about his doosra and some tip.same will go with Vass who can feed Kula the reverse swing tac-ticks and more importent is How to keep a batsmen quit,how to bowl to him..Good Luck Murali..Vasei..and Sana Boy..We need a another World Cup Titile.

Posted by denwarlo70 on (January 30, 2013, 5:27 GMT)

I've got nothing against the great Captain Cool. I am a strong believer of his cricketing philosophy. He had criticized the decision of Sanath Jayasooriya been appointed as the chief selector, now that word is going around about Vaas and Murali been tipped off to take over as bowling coaches in pace and spin, I wonder what he's got to say about this decision as well? However, if this is going to do a world of good to our National Team, then so be it and I'm sure no one will act as a spanner in the works. Looking forward to see the new outlook/outfit of SLC soon.

Posted by wakaPAK on (January 30, 2013, 5:17 GMT)

This will be a great move. I hope we get to see more and more cricketers from this small but talented pool of sportsmen. With SL population and the feats they have achieved so far in cricket, it's my top ranked team among the world; yes, it's hard to fill Murali gap but only he can fill it with coaching. On second thought I'd say Vaas would be a great choice too. I'd like a coach who had seen the lows and came back strongly..

Posted by   on (January 30, 2013, 5:02 GMT)

Good move....but that would be the end of Sangakara...

Posted by Maratha-Mumbaikar on (January 30, 2013, 4:57 GMT)

Arvinda will be a big asset to Sri Lanka Murli too though can't say much about Vass. But Arvinda was the real MAD MAX of world cricket. Just loved the way Mathews gave it the aussies. All the best SLC.

Posted by   on (January 30, 2013, 4:55 GMT)

An excellant decision taken by the Govt. Yes, Warnapura is the identical person for the position of CEO of SLC. Choosing Murali and Vaas for the coaching is a great move. These genuine sportsmen can bring the SL cricket to the No. 1 ranking in all three formats. Arjuna, Aravinda, Chandika, Hashan, Champika, Hemantha, Sidath etc too should be in the picture of activities. The only incorrect decision is the appointment of Sanath as the Chief of Selectors and inclusion of Promdya & Eric to the selecting committee while experienced players are available. I personally prefer if Arjuna is appointed as the Chief of Selectors.

Posted by on (January 30, 2013, 4:44 GMT)

Being an Indian, I am jealous of SLC. I hope we too had a board headed by a former Indian cricket player and people like Kapil, Kumble, Ganguly, Dravid etc. take up coaching assignments at national as well as junior levels.

Posted by   on (January 30, 2013, 3:58 GMT)

work or not worth to try and see, with these pure srilankan talents

Posted by krishkrish on (January 30, 2013, 3:54 GMT)

SLC taking right decisions , no wonder they are the consistent in all forms of the game since 2007.

Posted by   on (January 30, 2013, 3:33 GMT)

ohhhh that is awesome move. weldone Sri Lanka Cricket Board. GD LUCK SLCB

Posted by   on (January 30, 2013, 3:22 GMT)

Oh i dont know how long its gonna work. Just beacouse of good players u cant predict they will b good trainers or managers, think about ANA PINCHIHEWA just a good manager not a good player he is da one who manage our team to world cup 96

Posted by ruwan.74 on (January 30, 2013, 3:15 GMT)

this is great. we have to use thebest resources of ours with out giving it it. thanks newzeland for opening eyes of our authorities with using vass to defeat our team in sri lanka ...also we have to use properly players like aravinda n roy dias if they are available.they know the subject to the depth and doing great to world...

Posted by srisri on (January 30, 2013, 2:22 GMT)

Good move. But please treat them with respect they deserve, even if the results r not gr8 in the beginning (Srini from India).

Posted by PadMarley on (January 30, 2013, 1:48 GMT)

Well if they are not trained coaches.. give them that!!

Posted by MilroyL.S.A.Don on (January 29, 2013, 23:07 GMT)

Hope the new board will work together for one goal with retiring Sanga and Mahela (Brains of SL cricket) to build a better future for SLC. Sri Lanka has the talent to head the rankings of all three formats of the game. Leave the differences and egos behind and work as a team to make our nation proud.

Posted by SinhaKapuru on (January 29, 2013, 22:06 GMT)

Great decision and finally SL cricket can look forward for a brighter future!!!

Posted by   on (January 29, 2013, 22:05 GMT)

very good move by the board. hope it wont become a like soup which happens in previously.hope they will work for country and team not towards their personnel performance. mind you another wc 2 years away. find young blood and get ready before its late.

Posted by Hitwicket99 on (January 29, 2013, 21:41 GMT)

Good move. These two are the best bowlers we've had though I'm not sure of their coaching skills. However there are some things that will NOT change. 1. There will always be political interference at every level. 2. There will always be financial mismanagement and theft of SLC funds given the money involved 3. A few mediocre players will always make it to the national team due to favoritism 4. Past players of repute will always be overlooked in favor of useless men like Pramodaya or Upashantha for important positions.(Pl check their stats) 5. SLC will always prepare dead wickets for Test Cricket.

Posted by SolFish on (January 29, 2013, 19:48 GMT)

I wish we had a Jayasuriya, running West Indies Cricket, Sobers/Lloyd/Richards long time ago, we have some of the greatest cricketers in the world, yet go out hiring coaches with no test experience whatsoever, I've said all along we have Ambrose, Walsh, Holding, Garner, these guys should be coaching our young fast bowlers, we have Richards, Sobers, Lara, Des Haynes, Greenidge our young batsmen, Logie and Harper for fielding, we have brainless men at the top, who care only about power, we had former cricketers running WIBC e.g Clyde Walcott, who went on to run the ICC, just like the SLC we may need politics to get get rid of this lot, these set of administrators, since Wes Hall has dragged WI cricket to the bottom of the pile and yet see no reason to step down or aside with their failed policies, that destroy not help our cricket here in the WI.

Posted by WeeBee on (January 29, 2013, 19:39 GMT)

awesome move! My duo favorite. I remember Pakistan against SL games and VAAS streaming in and getting wickets , hard to neglect him at that time ... well i am very much sure that it is going to make a lot of difference to bowling section of the team. Murali ! The greatest Spinner of the World and no one can even touch him. If he could produce one more like him then SL would'nt have to worry about spin bowling for next 20 years. And Two young Coaches will definitely understand the problems of the coming bowlers and their techniques. My idea of coaching is that give them free hand and watch miracles coming. This is one team which can beat any team any time any where. Even i am Pakistani Fan but SL is my second favorite in Asia. And i know they can do miracles. Good Luck to Both of them and it will be fun watching them with squad.

Posted by samindashj2002 on (January 29, 2013, 19:28 GMT)

Arjuna Ranathunga - SL Cricket Board president Aravinda de silva - Head coach -Sri lanka team Sanath Jayasuriya - Chairman of selectors Chandika Hathurusinghe - Batting Coach Sri lanka team Muttah Muralidharan - Spin bowling Coach Sri lanka team Chaminda Vaas - fast bowling Coach Sri lanka team Upul Chandana - fielding Coach Sri lanka team Hasan Thilakarathne - Manager Sri lanka team

Posted by rocksl on (January 29, 2013, 19:27 GMT)

I believe this will boost sl cricket . Vaas and murali is the best combination ever in sl cricket . Some time The best players cannot be the best in coaching . To be a coach you need have different skills ,But if vaas and murali also jayasuriya can do the change i believe no one can beat us . Good luck sl cricket . Please give more opportunities to youngsters at the same time we need to have experienced players like mahela,dilshan and sanga .

Posted by Desihungama on (January 29, 2013, 17:48 GMT)

I think it's a great move by SL board. They should look to involve cricketers rather than bureaucrats or diplomats run cricket. Good luck from Pak.

Posted by johnathonjosephs on (January 29, 2013, 17:46 GMT)

My, a combo of Jayasuriya, Vaas, and Murali heading the SLC... Looks like the dark dakys of Sri Lankan cricket may be over soon. Excited most about Vaas who seemed too really help Boult and Southee improve

Posted by akc5247 on (January 29, 2013, 17:02 GMT)

Murali and Vaas were (and still are) fantastic players. But it has to be seen, if they are appointed, how they are able to translate their on-field expertise into off-field training.

Good luck to SLC.

Posted by Perera32 on (January 29, 2013, 16:57 GMT)

Im very happy Vaas got given the bowling coach role, he is such a nice person who has been unfairly treated by SLC before. I don't think he's even retired from ODI's yet. Vaas and Murali have more than 400 ODI wickets each and more than 1200 wickets combined in test cricket, so should be ideal for Sri lankan cricket. It's hard to believe Vaas, Murali and Jayasuriya played together for Sri lanka only 3 years ago.

Posted by jmoses on (January 29, 2013, 16:54 GMT)

This will be very good move and a lesson to other cricketing boards on how to use your ex-cricketers to improve the team's performance. I wish India can also rope in their legendary cricketers to nurture young talent.

Posted by SLMaster on (January 29, 2013, 16:11 GMT)

It is not only bowling well. One should be a tactcian. This is what current team is missing. Murali and Vaas definitely will bring that aspect of the game.

Posted by SLMaster on (January 29, 2013, 16:09 GMT)

These are very good moves looking at how our fast bowler bowling.

Posted by KingOwl on (January 29, 2013, 15:57 GMT)

Vaas has some coaching experience. I hope he will be a good addition to the team. Murali is such an exceptional player - nobody can do what he did. I am not sure whether such people can be good coaches. Will Murali get frustrated by the less talented players, or vice versa? Time will tell. But when you have two legends in cricket at your disposal, one can just NOT give them a chance to prove themselves. I am cautiously optimistic.

Posted by SSJG on (January 29, 2013, 15:41 GMT)

I think this is a wonderful approach and will surely benefit the new bowling generation of SL. Hope the fielding also will be looked at as some of theyoung players lack in this department like jeewan, Thirimane, chandimal. Of course bating techniques on test level will require more attention. However not clear why a politics getting involved in selection committee even they have cricketing background.

Posted by PACERONE on (January 29, 2013, 15:40 GMT)

Why is there so much emphasis on coaching training? when I played the older guys on the team told you what you were doing correctly and incorrectly and gave advise as to how to get better.If that did not work then they would suggest other ideas.Vaas and Murali do not need coaching certificates to help.I have seen Vaas showing even players,from the opposing team things on the warm up field.Marshall helped pollock while they were playing together.

Posted by samuda on (January 29, 2013, 15:27 GMT)

Wow.. dreams come true. Excellent combination, sanath,vass, murali... what more i can expect ... bring our captain cool to sports minister chair .. we will have a bright future for sure...

Posted by mar2000 on (January 29, 2013, 15:18 GMT)

This is a continuation of good mangerment in SL cricket set-up. Murali and Vaas will be of great help to the up coming players.

Posted by nix_moviefreak on (January 29, 2013, 15:16 GMT)

Good to see these two coaching for SL. Both were stalwarts in their respective fields. Best wishes from India :-)

Posted by KannanAkil on (January 29, 2013, 15:03 GMT)

India should also bring its most important player to coaching positions. Ganguly should apponited as main coach,Dravid as Batting coach,Kumble as spin bowling coach.Robin singh or ajay jadeja as fielding coach.or bring some abord player as fielding coach.Inida should appoint GlenMcgrath as fast bowling coach.BCCI is the richest board in ICC so money is not a problem.

Posted by ashangamage on (January 29, 2013, 14:53 GMT)

glad to see vaas ,murali,sanath get together again.good luck SLC

Posted by Batmanindallas on (January 29, 2013, 14:27 GMT)

India tried Kapil Dev and Bedi...did not work. I am not sure this is a right approach

Posted by gosh01 on (January 29, 2013, 14:19 GMT)

music to my ears :D hope arjuna also gets selected in the next SLC elections to even out things.

Posted by bddhika_harindat on (January 29, 2013, 14:10 GMT)

Finally this is a great decision by SL Cricket given talent both these players have. They also should re-assess the role of Ruwan Kalpage as fielding coach and would be better if they could replace him with Upul Chanada, who was a brilliant fielder during his time. We should not undermine the efforts of Champaka Ramanayake as the head bowling coach over the years, but he has not made any significant contribution to the national team in recent years. It is more important to have a better rotation policy for fast bowlers to mitigate fitness issues that they have been having in recent years.

However, we should not encourage the appointment of political persons into the Selection Committe as it was clearly indicated by ICC more recently and Laroon Logart, too mentioned that in his analysis of SL Cricket. Sanatha was an excellent cricketer, but his political involvement would not help for better of cricket in SL.

Posted by   on (January 29, 2013, 13:59 GMT)

@CricketMaan couldn't agree with you more

Posted by   on (January 29, 2013, 13:47 GMT)

Its a great news for all of the SL fans... I'm very pleased with dicision... I wish them very best for success.

Posted by ShehanJ on (January 29, 2013, 13:36 GMT)

For once SL cricket are using their brains. But that too happened only after NZ used Vaas in assisting their fast bowlers when they toured the country last year. Vaas inclusion helped the NZ team square the test series. Well this move is a step in the right direction. Lets see how things develop from here onwards.

Posted by CricketMaan on (January 29, 2013, 13:34 GMT)

A good player not necessarily can be a good coach. But when Murali and Vaas are available, you can't say no to them without trying. Good Luck.

Posted by Surajdon9 on (January 29, 2013, 13:27 GMT)

What a big n good news for Lanan fans.Really glad to hear will help to find new bowlers for longer version ...Congratulation and all the best Murali and vassy....

Posted by Lakpj on (January 29, 2013, 13:27 GMT)

Good to see ex-national players take over the important roles rather than people who have never held a cricket bat doing rubbish. In 1999 Sanath took over a very young side as the captain where Vaas and Murali were key members, seems that now his main responsibility would be to properly take care the young players and help them to come to erms with international cricket.

Posted by TheGreatLion on (January 29, 2013, 13:22 GMT)

its great to hear murali and vaas is back..

Posted by BeingCricketFan on (January 29, 2013, 13:15 GMT)

A good idea to get former country players as coach.. But time will tell how it works till then wait and watch

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