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August 14, 2014

Should MS Dhoni quit Test captaincy?


No captain should stay in charge after enduring as many away defeats as he has in the last few years.


He is the only viable captaincy option for India at the moment. A captain is only as good as his team, so it's unfair to judge him by the results.


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September 15, 2014, 9:58 GMT


Definitely. He's not even technically correct as a keeper. He plays too much cricket, and with his constant wicketkeeping, he's got tired and uninterested in the Test game with time, and someone in the BCCI should one day, come from behind him, tap him on the shoulder, and say, "Dhoni my friend, we think very highly of you, but we think you're getting tired with all the cricket going around these days, and it's affecting your approach towards Test Cricket and Test Captaincy, and we think you should take a break from it - focus on getting your wicketkeeping skills 100% technically correct, and get the runs as a batsman, and enjoy your cricket till you retire. You've done a great service to Indian Cricket and the records still speak very well of you so far, but it is the long-term future we need to seriously look at."

September 10, 2014, 8:27 GMT


Despite being a diehard MSD Fan, ofcourse a big YES, he should quit. He is not made for test rubbers. He's a thinking on the feet captain, who's more instinctive than rehearsed. He cannot stand the pace of 5Day cricket and runs out of ideas soon. Also considering the workload over 5days, including keeping, it saps him out faster.

He's a captain, who utilizes the laws of the game to his advantage. He knows the batsmen are under pressure to score in shorter formats and he knows sooner or later he's got a chance, but in the longer format, when he needs to make things happen, he goes slack.

September 8, 2014, 16:31 GMT


Why is that still a question?

"There is no other suitable option" is a lousy argument for people who don't want to make a decision or just too busy in bureaucracy and sycophancy.

We are going backwards by sticking with a losing captain. Also giving a wrong message that "failure and continuing to fail is ok; you will be retained no matter what".

Tell the team that the Test Captainship role is up for the grabs. Perform and it's yours. Try a few new players for next one year. Analyze their performance and then make the decision.

No one person is bigger than the game. But unfortunately that doesn't apply to Srini and Dhoni and their BCCI Servants.

August 25, 2014, 12:38 GMT


MS Dhoni is bowling his best bowler, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, for more than 170 overs! MSD should remember that this is not limited-overs format and he should try giving every bowler equal opportunity in the bowling department just like Cook gave to Moeen Ali which was a star plan. The batsmen can understand Dhoni's star bowler's bowling plans and act accordingly. Dhoni should also call up youngsters like Sanju Samson instead of veterans like Gautam Gambhir in play. He should try to change his batting line-up and bring up Ajinkya Rahane, a bit more technically correct batsman of the team. Hope India does well in the ODIs because of Dhoni's captaincy and also because of the potency of the players. Thank you.

August 18, 2014, 18:23 GMT


It is time we make way for a new wicket keeper as well. I think Naman Ojha has been waiting for sometime, also time to plan for future leadership.

August 18, 2014, 2:42 GMT


MSD might be a good captain for limited formats of cricket but for test cricket, he isn't well suited. The mind has been defensive through out the tests in Investec Test Series though he couldn't afford to attack watching their batting line up performing this bad. Test cricket is all about the result and you can't get any if you choose to play for draw on the 3rd day of the test match. The team choice is prejudiced in case of MSD. His mates whom he is most comfortable with are chosen pretty often irrespective of their performance. And his unchanging game plans through out the test isn't helping his bowlers too. Give him the honor in the limited formats but for test cricket it's time to handle the job to a new men and hope for something new and something effective.

August 15, 2014, 11:19 GMT


No other captain could have survived 8-0 Loss anywhere. So Dhoni is surely lucky to keep his captaincy. He has already lost so many tests that he could make a record out of that. Since India is losing test after test, what is wrong if we have a new captain now itself atleast in test matches. We dont expect Dhoni to last more than a year or two. His wicket keeping skills are going down as well. The captaincy techniques are extremely unothodox. To some level you need orthodox but it cant be at the cost of doing the basic right. He is lucky to be the captain uptil this series. No matter what is the series result in Australia it should be a a new captain. Maybe Pujara and he might just start performing. Last Test Match innings for Gambhir unless he scores a 100. It should be also the last one for Dhoni and Jadeja

August 14, 2014, 15:20 GMT


MSD is the best tactician India has currently. I am a cricket umpire registered at CA and have umpired a number of high profile games, know what goes around on the field. MSD's tactics have most of the time been spot on with the resources he has with him. The problem is that, the tactics that he implements are not applied by his bowlers because of their lack of skill in what he demands. If MSD had a firing kumble or Zaheer or Srinath, it would have been a different Team India today, by no means am I saying the current lot is not talented, they are skilled but lack the brains to execute the plans at the test level. MSD sets attacking fields but if the bowler is wayward nothing can be done by him! Shami was wayward, Pankaj wayward, Aaron tried too hard and got wayward. A captain can do a certain few things and MSD has done them right. He showed how to bat on the 1st day when everyone was falling around him. Ravi Jadeja is a better selection than a Rohit Sharma as he provides balance.

September 12, 2014, 8:06 GMT


A test captain is more often than not only as good as his bowling attack or in some rare instances - as in the case with Sourav Ganguly only as good as his batting unit. India always had problems lacking bowlers who could get wickets on all conditions. Just imagine the Indian team under Dhoni with at least two of the likes of Dale Steyn or a Shane Warne or a James Anderson. He would no longer be defensive with that kind of an attack. With Sourav Ganguly, the batting unit had the likes of Viru Sehwag, RD,SRT and VVS, at their peak,who most of the times ensured a 400 plus score, whatever may be the conditions. What this gave was the weak Indian bowling attack added teeth. The current Indian batting line up is also capable of doing the same.Just give them some time. They are too inexperienced.

August 18, 2014, 22:17 GMT


Sure, and who's his tested replacement that can command a place in the Indian side?