USA news October 31, 2012

USACA considers next steps as attacks continue

The USA Cricket Association has moved to distance itself from suspended executive secretary Kenwyn Williams, with a spokesman telling ESPNcricinfo that Williams "no longer has the rights to represent the association".

Williams' future will be discussed at the USACA AGM in Florida on November 10 but the spokesman said the board may bring this forward in view of what was described as "ongoing unprofessional and non-compliant behaviour".

Williams has continued to attack individuals on the board, journalists and even the ICC on social media outlets. At the weekend Williams sent a long and rambling letter to the ICC, again on headed paper claiming to act as the board's executive secretary, outlining his case and making a series of unfounded professional allegations against senior board officials.

On Monday USACA's lawyers replied stressing that Williams "does not and cannot speak" for the board and referred to his posting of "offensive materials [and] disparaging and defamatory letters" and sending out of notices to USACA members without authority.

The ICC has confirmed to ESPNcricinfo that this is a matter for USACA to resolve internally.

"He is suspended and no longer has a role in US cricket," the spokesman said, adding that much of what Williams was posting contained "serious factual inaccuracies". He added Williams' leaking of private board business contravened agreements on confidentially which binds all board members.

"If he continues to do this we will consider all options," the spokesman concluded.

While Williams' position within USACA long ago became untenable, it now seems he risks being prosecuted by the board if he does not desist from his attacks. It is also believed some of those he has libelled are considering taking private legal action against him, something that could prove embarrassing given Williams works for a major New York law firm as a paralegal where, in his own words, he is "respected for my level of expertise and professionalism".

Martin Williamson is executive editor of ESPNcricinfo and managing editor of ESPN Digital Media in Europe, the Middle East and Africa