West Indies v South Africa, 4th ODI, Dominica May 31, 2010

Gayle sends Benn from the field

Cricinfo staff

Sulieman Benn has riled opponents and match referees in the past, but he has hit a new low after being ordered off the field by his captain Chris Gayle. During West Indies' seven-wicket loss to South Africa in Dominica, Benn upset Gayle so much by failing to follow instructions that he was told he was no longer required.

"I actually asked him to leave the field,' Gayle told reporters after the game. "As a captain, it was a situation like you ask a particular bowler to do it and he said he had never done certain things before. That's why you have practice sessions, to practise. I asked him to simply bowl over the wicket. I don't see why it should be a problem.

"He wasn't up for it and if you're not up for it, why give that particular bowler the ball. I just see it that he [Benn] doesn't want to take part. It was my call to actually ask him to leave and tell him that he is not needed anymore."

Benn's behavioural issues came to a head during the Perth Test in December, when he was suspended for two ODIs following a clash with Mitchell Johnson and Brad Haddin. He had previously been fined and forced to have counselling after what was labelled "insubordinate" behaviour during a West Indies A tour of England in 2002.

His fiery nature has also been on display at club level, when he was fined after an altercation with an opponent while batting for his Barbados club Spartan. It is unclear whether Benn will play any part in the fifth and final ODI against South Africa in Trinidad on Thursday.

The fourth ODI had a dramatic finish with Dwayne Bravo bowling three consecutive dot balls in the final over, leaving South Africa with one to get off the last delivery. AB de Villiers then played the ball to midwicket and sprinted the single as Darren Sammy fumbled. Gayle praised Bravo for his bowling effort but said that, despite making 303, West Indies should have scored a lot more.

"Credit must go to Bravo for the way he bowled the final over," Gayle said. "But to get 300 runs, and lose was not good. We should have scored at least 30 or 40 more runs based on the start that Dale [Richards] and I gave the team, but we were very disappointing in the middle overs again, too many dot balls. We also missed a few catches, and this is the inconsistency. At times, we do well with the bat, and then turn up and do something completely different with the ball."

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  • Sam on June 4, 2010, 4:35 GMT

    The decline of this WI team started when Des Haynes was axed when the selectors insisted that he played in all 5 games for Barbados and he missed the first because of his contract obligations in South Africa that year. he was dropped, fast forward to a few years later, Brian Lara after making the WI team hardly ever played for T&T again. talk about respect for rules, same with Chris Gale never lost their place, when it comes to batsmen from Barbados the rules are not applied equally. Pollard scored 100 against B'dos he's now a permanent fixture in WI, Ryan Hinds scored three centuries, cant get a game, while duck farmer Fletcher and company can get extended runs in WI cricket, Dwayne Smith made one poor shot against Zimbabwe was shown the exit door after being 1 of only 2 performers previously against the Aussies, Smith got blamed for the losses against Zimbabwe, after Chanderpaul and Co. were unable to score 1 run from 60 balls,(12 overs), I guess Benn will be blamed for SA whitewash.

  • Sam on June 4, 2010, 4:02 GMT

    I have no idea which planet the Silva Surfa just came in from, the last 4 years or so only one bajan was in this WI team, Fidel Edwards, when he was out, there was none in the Team go check your records, After Adrian Griffith and Sherwin Campbell broke Greenidge and Haynes record in New Zealand, and the WI lost that match, Adrian Griffith lost his place, the other non performers kept theirs, Sherwin scored 70 in his last match and was dropped, the point I make here is that duck farmers are given extended runs in this WI team, men who couldn't get a place in their local team, got selected, Bajans are belatedly selected, then fired in a hurry, Floyd Reifer , Ryan Hinds, Roland Holder, all performed for Bim year after year, and were lucky if they played more than 2 consecutive tests, lest you forget it was 2 level headed Bajans who brought home WI last trophy, the Champions Trophy a couple years ago Brown and Bradshaw.

  • Robin on June 3, 2010, 11:37 GMT

    In reply to samking73.

    You claim that there were no Bajans during the losing streak of the last 20 years. Well i'd like to challenge that statement. Does the names Philo Wallace, Adrian Griffiths, Sherwin Campbell, Roland Holder, Floyd Reifer, Ryan Hinds, Courtney Browne, Patterson Thompson, Otis Gibson, Pedro Collins, Corey Collymore, Ian Bradshaw and Tino Best ring any bells at all? Decent cricketers, but hardly set the world alight at International level did they? Comparing the dominance of the Bajan players had from the pre 80s to that generation just mentioned, is a huge gap. I admit that Politics dictated the selection of certain players, but having that group of players in the Windies team on a regular basis would've made no difference to the failure that is common throughout the Caribbean.

  • Sam on June 3, 2010, 5:59 GMT

    I guess this will be the beginning of anarchy, any captain can order his right arm fast bowler to bowl left arm leg spin and if he doesn't comply get him ordered off the field and forfeit his match fees in the process, I remembered my dad lost his job in similar circumstances years ago, if he followed orders he was considered stupid and fired, if he didn't he would be fired for refusing to obey orders. I see here that Dwayne Smith was made a scape goat for the losses against Zimbabwe, basically the same ten are still playing and losing now Benn is being scapegoated for the South African losses. For many years when WI were winning we had at least 5 Bajans in the team, in the last 20 years this team has been on a losing streak, they had over 6 Trinis in it with Brian Lara, they still lost, they had over 6 Jamaicans in it still lost, during the last 20 years many times you couldn't find one Bajan in this team, each time we raise the point we're called insular, proud to be insular.

  • Ibrahim on June 2, 2010, 23:35 GMT

    Gayle is not careless or indifferent...I think he cares more about winning than the rest of the team (bar Bravo) put together! How many times have we seen him singlehandedly towing the boat along? I honestly feel sorry for the fellow; just because of a careless overhyped remark (about Test cricket) he made in England last year, people jump to the conclusion that he's careless and flax. Listen (in ODIs at least) Gayle is West Indies' most consistent performer, period. Have a look at his stats if you don't believe me, he almost always contribute with either bat, ball or both. sure he struggled for form in Australia during the ODIs, but who doesn't? And I have no problem against consolidation during ODIs or any other format, but Chanderpaul rarely rarely reads the match situation. I remember an utterly selfish and poorly paced hundred Chanmderpaul made vs Pakistan in 2008...it was comfortably among the worst innings I've seen. He's class, but Gayle, Bravo and Sarwan are way better

  • Dummy4 on June 2, 2010, 18:30 GMT

    gayle at his best against his own team met..............

  • Robin on June 2, 2010, 13:00 GMT

    I think i can guess that the majority of people who are defending Benn are from Barbados. You shouldn't let local bias cloud what Benn has done here. Regardless of whether you like Gayle or not, he is the Captain on the field and therefore should be respected by the players, not rebelled. People can criticise Gayle all they want, but the bottom line is since the strike of the senior players last year, Chris Gayle has easily been the most consistant batsman for the Windies. People clearly have short memories about his efforts in the second and third test against the Aussies. Try looking at the bigger picture instead of only being interested in your own Islands. I hear that some Bajans are saying that they will boycott if they see Gayle playing in Barbados. Well this holds about as much substance as when you boycotted all those years ago because that fearsome bowler, who was Anderson Cummings wasn't selected.

  • Arjun on June 2, 2010, 7:05 GMT

    @ Punanydan - perhaps there were footmarks outside the right handed batsman's leg stump. In any case, Just because Gayle was also insubordinate doesnt mean Benn is justified in doing what he did. There is a difference between having a contrary opinion and disobeying your captain. benn obviously doesnt know that difference.

    Whether it's Ponting, Dhoni, Smith or any other captain - they wouldve sent their bowler off too. One can voice an opinion abt what one feels should be done, but after that if ur captain tells u to bowl a certain way, you jolly well do it! Just because Gayle keeps losing doesnt make insubordination correct.

  • Jusin on June 2, 2010, 1:10 GMT

    Was there going to be an advantage in a left arm bowler, bowling over the wicket to a right handed batsman? In my opinion, that seemed like a stupid thing to do. I believe Benn also saw it as pure ignorance as well. That approach would be like surrendering and playing defensive cricket and at that point in the game you needed wickets. I am not certain what Gayle's issues are but it seems like he does not have a clue how to captain a team. I am not saying that Benn should not have done as he was told but when the game is finished. It is the statistics that people see in the end.

  • Dummy4 on June 2, 2010, 1:09 GMT

    To Kenny Antione and Fitzdrumz: My mistake, now that I think about it I reckon Gus Logie was the substitute fielder who replaced Richard Gabriel. Got a feeling it was the tied one day final, but not sure.

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