West Indies cricket board news August 10, 2006

Haynes replaced as board director

With 51 votes, Haynes was seventh choice for the four-man board of directors © Getty Images

Desmond Haynes, the former West Indies opening batsman, is no longer a West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) director. And Ricky Craig, whose services as chief executive officer of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) ended in controversial circumstances less than a year ago, is now a member of the local board.

Haynes' place on the WICB is taken by long-standing BCA board member Conde Riley. In a six-man poll to elect two WICB directors at the BCA's fourth special meeting of members at Sherbourne Conference Centre last night, Riley received 73 votes to join president Tony Marshall, who polled 89 votes, on the WICB.

Haynes, elected last year as the BCA first vice-president and a WICB director, got 51 votes. The other candidates were Joel Garner (47), Orson Simpson (34) and Hartley Reid (13). Craig's election to the BCA board in place of Calvin Hope follows his departure as chief executive officer after his contract was not renewed last October.

"I believe we all have to be adults. Adults can put professional and personal differences aside and focus on what is important, which is making sure that Barbados cricket is strong again," Craig told NationSport. "I don't see disparity between having been CEO of the BCA and now taking up a position on the board. As a matter of fact, it gives some advantages because I know the inner workings of the operation."

In a six-man battle to elect four BCA board members, Riley polled 89 votes, while Craig received 88. Riley, a BCA board member since 1996, surprised some observers with his election as a WICB director. "After the vote for the BCA board, I felt pretty confident. It said to me that the members recoginsed the work I had done before, especially with the lottery when I was the first chairman," Riley said. "I've really worked hard for Barbados' cricket and the members believe I can contribute to West Indies cricket. In terms of being a director, one of the first things I'd like to see happen is for the contracts dispute sorted out. There is a lot of revenue coming from the World Cup next year and I hope that some of that money could be used to sort this problem out."

The others elected to the board were Wendell Kellman (79) and Anthea Ishmael (67). The unsuccessful candidates were Clyde Griffith (65) and Calvin Hope (58). Vernon Williams and Donna Symmonds were elected to represent the BCA at the annual general meeting of the WICB for the second successive year. Just over 150 BCA members attended the meeting.