West Indies news January 7, 2011

Windies board hits back at over-spending claims

ESPNcricinfo staff

The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has refuted claims that Hampshire and Somerset, who have accepted an invitation to take part in the Caribbean T20 tournament in January, could earn as much as $1 million from their participation, and that money has been spent irresponsibly on the competition.

"Contrary to public attempts at misinformation the two English teams will not pocket $1million from the Caribbean Twenty20," the board said in a statement. "WICB will spend less than $300,000 for all airfares and appearance fees for the two English teams to participate in the Caribbean Twenty20. All invited teams will share the same hotels and hotel arrangements as the regional teams."

Their press release came after the West Indies Players' Association (WIPA) had made public its concerns over the tournament. "The spend from this year's event would now be added to the $3 million which the WICB spent on last year's tournament," read a statement released by WIPA on Wednesday. "In all, the WICB would have spent over $6 million in the past seven months on the two tournaments and they are yet to find a sponsor for this and other regional and international tournaments despite WIPA's willingness to assist."

WIPA also questioned WICB claims that the money represents an investment aimed at attracting foreign investors and broadcasters, building a tournament and improving the brand of West Indies Cricket.

The Board responded by stating that "as the WICB's identified marquee tournament, Caribbean T20 (complete with full television coverage done for the benefit of players, fans and West Indies cricket as a brand) requires a larger investment than other regional tournaments," adding: "An increase from 8 to 10 teams and 16 to 24 matches from the CT20 2010 necessarily increase match operating and logistics costs, accommodation and travel expenses and television production costs.

"Caribbean T20 is not yet a profit making venture and is still in the investment phase. WICB has put the necessary plans in place to ensure that the tournament shows a long term return on investment."

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  • Dummy4 on January 10, 2011, 9:51 GMT

    One has to look at the bigger picture,yes,I do agree, that, the County teams will give us more exposure,but at the same time, the County Teams would be having or would have exposure to our conditions also.Mr.Exuma said,that Guyana lost in South Africa was due to our standard of cricket not being competitive(enough).No Sir,I beg to disagree;Guyana lost due to (1)Climatic conditions,(2)The bounce of the pitches.When T&T played IPL,they played in India where the pitches and the conditions are similar to us here in WI.If they had played in S.Africa, the result would have been the same, as/like Guyana.Now to the point,can the WI board at this time afford that cost?Time will tell.What we could have done, is to play a double round, of the T20 and strengthen our base.Another important issue, is the state of our pitches.none of them has/have the bounce like South African pitches;We need to get our pitches faster with the relative bounce NOW, or our Cricketers would be in serious trouble.

  • Wayne on January 9, 2011, 19:11 GMT

    Guys I am sorry but i really do not follow your reasoning, we've lost the plot! WICBC, Great initiative, for inviting the english teams. Our regional players will have an opportunity to observe a professional outfit at work and hopefully some of our players can impress sufficiently and win some county contracts.

    WICBC keep the strategy going. Well done Ernest & Team!

  • Robin on January 8, 2011, 15:16 GMT

    WICB has to spend the money to get good competative cricket in the region. Guyana the region champs was far out played in the champion trophy. we need outside help, our guys need to play a higher standard of cricket, gone are the days when most WI players played in the counties in england. Shillingford recently and lawson few years ago, was banned for an illegal bowling action, yet they played in the caribben with no objections, is our standard of players, umpires and officals so poor we could not spot this?. if a visiting team win then we either wont have a team representing us or the highest placed local team will go, if the orginizers agree. we wasted so much money on the outside coaches in the past , King etc with poor results, this may be a better way to impact a larger number of players with exposure to a highey standard of playing and the cultural exposure, to help them grow as individuals. EXUma.

  • jermaine on January 8, 2011, 14:13 GMT

    good lord ............. how crazy is our board what if one out the two english team win.. will they be represent the caribbean in the chmp league .....the money they take to spend on the english team could have use it for something good like a better academy

  • Dummy4 on January 8, 2011, 14:06 GMT

    Guys, I really do not know what you want WICB to do? We are always so destructive with our criticism. When they were not aggressive with improving WI cricket we were blaming them for the degradation of cricket in the Caribbean. Now they are doing more so much more by investing in WI Cricket, we are complaining that they are spending too much or they should not bring in professional teams? WHAT?

    WICB, you are applauded for what you are doing and I am representing the silent majority. Thank you for expanding West Indies cricket and cricket in the Caribbean will be better because of your foresight and investment now.

  • Dummy4 on January 8, 2011, 4:44 GMT

    The county teams greatly increase the skill and talent on display. Our caribbean countries are accustomed to playing each other, and new opponents is a great idea. The cost factor and lack of sponsor is the fault of the WICB, WIPA and local boards. This will be another test for the CCC and academy players.

  • Dummy4 on January 8, 2011, 4:02 GMT

    @daalman.....the next team in line would represent. What they are trying to do is bring in more competition to build the level of the T20. Look at it this way.....invite english teams means more Tv coverage.....who in cuba, usa, bahamas or virgin islands will wanna watch cricket they don't even know about. They point they are saying is that the larger the market the bigger the game....then when T20 get's "bigger" then u could look into the smaller or the lesser developed cricketing nations.

  • sajjo on January 7, 2011, 19:56 GMT

    they should have never invited the county teAms. so what haPPen now if hampshire or somerset win it. then they will be WEST INDIES representative in the champions league???? another foolish decision by our board as they are just trying to suck up again to england teams. why they didnt invite other regional teams instead?? they have canada so they could invite usa. or some of those teams that layed in the stanford like bahamas, or virgin islands or even surinam or cuba or somting? they should invest in the region, instead they are investing in england and neglecting our players.. so yes it is unnecessary over spending. i just hope i dont see hampshire playing for the caribbean in the chmps league

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