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Kirsten blames IPL fatigue

George Binoy in Nottingham

June 16, 2009

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni makes his way out of the airport, Auckland, February 20, 2009
India have been virtually on the road since the end of January © Getty Images

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Gary Kirsten, the India coach, has said players' fatigue levels and the minor injuries they carried from the IPL to the ICC World Twenty20 contributed to the champions' early exit. He felt India never reached the "intensity that you need at the international game" where the standard of cricket is much higher than it was in the recent IPL.

"Fatigue was definitely a factor, as were many other things," Kirsten said the day after India's defeat against England. "I don't want to use that as an excuse but it was a factor. We weren't an energetic team, like we were in New Zealand where the levels of energy were really good. We didn't get up to the same level on this tour." This is not the first time that Kirsten has brought up this issue. In an interview to Cricinfo last month, the India coach had pointed out that the team had been on the road for a long while and said that mental fatigue was its biggest challenge for the World Twenty20.

All the members of India's World Twenty20 squad were part of the IPL and they arrived in England for the warm-up games which began on June 1, after playing a tightly scheduled five-week tournament in South Africa that ended only on May 24. Virender Sehwag and Zaheer Khan picked up serious injuries during the IPL. Sehwag's shoulder problem eventually ruled him out of the World Twenty20 while Zaheer, who admitted he was lucky to sit out for only four weeks, recovered just in time after missing most of Mumbai Indians' campaign and the practice games in England.

Prior to the IPL, the BCCI had scheduled five ODIs and a Twenty20 international in Sri Lanka between January 28 and Febuary 10 to fill the gap after the two-month tour of Pakistan was cancelled in December following government advice that it was not feasible "in the prevailing circumstances" after the Mumbai terror attacks. India then flew to New Zealand to play two Twenty20 internationals, five ODIs and three Tests in March and April. There was a mere 11-day gap between the end of the final Test and the first match of the IPL. "We were a relatively tired team when we arrived here [in England], Kirsten said. "We've been on the road since the end of January and hadn't really been at home much."

As a result, India decided against strenuous training during the World Twenty20. Many net sessions were optional and players often didn't practice if there was only a day's gap between matches. This was because they were "trying to work out whether we should increase the levels of training or ensure the guys have enough rest".

Kirsten also said that the short gap between the IPL and the World Twenty20 didn't give India enough time to prepare as a team, something that all other sides were able to do even though they had a few players involved in the IPL.

"If we go back to the Australia series, we had 17 days' preparation and then we played unbelievable cricket for seven months," Kirsten said. "That was a great foundation for us in many respects that allowed us to achieve what we did. Here the players have two days to go home, and then we come into the tournament without being able to connect with the players at all. We also had players who were carrying niggles into this tournament. We performed well below our potential and we've got to take the rap for that."

There has been a lot of debate during the tournament whether teams with players with more IPL experience had an edge over those that didn't. Players involved in the Twenty20 league have insisted that the IPL had been fabulous preparation but India's performance didn't seem to back that up. All their players were key members of their franchises but they failed to perform against the stronger sides in the World Twenty20. Kirsten said there was a difference in quality among the two tournaments. "Absolutely, that's a domestic competition, a club competition in many respects. I sense that there's a reasonably big gap between what's happening at IPL level and what's happening internationally. It's only natural, when you're picking your best XI out of each country the quality is going to go up substantially."

Kirsten was at pains to clarify that the demanding schedule was not an excuse but said "the bottom line is that it does affect teams physically and mentally" and hoped for a better lead-up into the 2010 World Twenty20 in the West Indies. He even said that some players could be rested from the IPL ahead of international assignments if that was possible. India's next assignment is a four-match ODI series in the Caribbean and Kirsten said they would begin preparing for that by giving the players some time off before regrouping and chalking out plans.

George Binoy is a senior sub-editor at Cricinfo

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Posted by AamirYaseen on (June 19, 2009, 21:50 GMT)

wouldn't say much, but Kirsten is right. I'm a Pakistani so i know what asians expect from their teams, but it's a sports competition, one side has to make way for the other, two of them can't go through at the same time. It was India last time, it would be Pakistan or Sri Lanka this time..! even a clinical South African side choked yet again, due to mental stress. Pakistan took it as fun so they are gone ahead.! It's a game, let it be a game.

Posted by mubeenkemisaal on (June 19, 2009, 12:15 GMT)

Mr.Moody you say Indians are lucky for playing more cricket than pakistan but pakistan have done well to reach finals of T20 world cup for 2nd time after having a good break from cricket,its clear good sign players should be rested instead having hectic cricket.No wonder inspite of playing so many matches Team India have done well as human every cricketer needs a break.Indian selectors should be more proactive than just to be active.

Posted by Mr.Moody on (June 18, 2009, 6:45 GMT)

you people have been saying that indian team is playing too much cricket and its not good for india. but the fact is that if you dont play cricket you will sooner or later become a zimbabwe team, as happened to pakistan. just think what if india played only 6 ODi and 2 tests in 2 years, would they be able to win matches agianst australia and s.africa? and would they be able to produce players like rohit, ishant, raina, yousuf ghambir etc. we pakistanis are suffering from lack of cricket and want more cricket so that our players become real threat to others. i think india is very lucky to have more cricket than pakistan.

Posted by TwitterJitter on (June 18, 2009, 0:56 GMT)

One more thing. Like Dhoni said, failure tests a team more than a success would. I would say it tests the fans too. This team is very special and they have been performing very well for the last two years. One series loss, and I am amused by the reaction of some fans who wants to torch them. It also tests the character of the fans, guys ,and I can say Indian fans failed. What the team needs at this time from the fans is some understanding and space and instead people are ready to throw them to dogs. I strongly beleive this team will bounce back for champions trophy because they have a lot of character and please don't beleive that crap about them not being able to play short ball or being scared of it. They did not learn holding bats yesterday. The first two games they lost were close ones and a couple of strategy mistakes and tactical decisions cost them or else we wouldn't be having this discussion. They will bounce back in September after a break from cricket.

Posted by kal1313 on (June 17, 2009, 23:29 GMT)

I for once can understand the frustration of the Indian fans due to their high expectations and yet once again we go back to our regular routine of burning the idols of our heroes and the regular stoning their houses etc etc.The fact that people forget to realize is that T20 is format in which any team can defeat any team on a given day . Australia did not even make it to the super eights.The coach and captain can say it was fatigue and BCCI keeps defending the board saying that they didnt have to play if they felt tired but you could see the players yourself they were trying to hide it the best but the fact of the matter is they looked like they were burned out , yes they are international players but they are not super human beings.There is nothing wrong with the coach or captain, BCCI should live up and take full responsibility other than just making money on the expense of the players and to all the fans out there take a chill pill relax they will bounce back ,give them some sleep

Posted by Chennaiswamy on (June 17, 2009, 22:17 GMT)

I admire the current group of Indian cricketers, selectors, managers and their coaches and what they have done over a decade. It is not possible to win all the time. It is important to realise at the international level any team can win within a given period, when a group of cricketers mesh well and strike form. It is important to recognise what these guys have done. it has created a positive attitude and belief. Sehwag went through some tough patch and came back. The same will be good for others like Dhoni. I see Dhoni as some one who has changed his style to the team's requirement, willing to experiment. We are not going to achieve success in every experiment. The stress that we put on these guys are too much by playing too much cricket. Reducing the exposure (Indian cricket board), rotating to keep a pool of talent (selectors) are just as important. We (the fans) have to change too. We need to learn from our losses and be supportive during good and bad times.

Posted by Bakul on (June 17, 2009, 21:07 GMT)

team and order of batting bowling should have been: gambhir,nayar,i.pathan,rohit,y.pathan,yuvraj,dhoni,bhatia,jadeja,rp,nehra

no raina, bhajji, zak.

Posted by santhoshkudva on (June 17, 2009, 14:41 GMT)

as i write this, reports of BCCI gagging gary kirsten are flowing in, following his reasoning that fatigue arising out of the IPL was responsible for the debacle at the world cup. umm...players and coaches have made comments in the past about burnout , excess cricket and tight schedule, but BCCI never bothered to forbid players from making comments. i wonder why it is making an exception this time.

Posted by TwitterJitter on (June 17, 2009, 14:39 GMT)

There are several here who want to shut IPL down. It is here to stay. To many it is more entertaining than WC and more elite Indian players want to play in it for whatever reasons. If you are bothered so much about players making money, why don't you guys quit your job, and go and work for free to feed the hungry and help the needy? That is far more patriotic than you accusing others (read players) of not being patriotic by putting country first. They are professionals with a short-term career and they want to make money and they have the capability to make money legally. Just because they fail in a WC this time, all the guys who accuse them of being greedy should start practising what they preach. Don't forget that they succeeded far more than they failed in the last two years. It is fine to criticize them for tactical mistakes or other cricketing reasons. However, stop trying to hit their pockets the first time they fail to deliver. They themselves are feeling the pain of the loss.

Posted by AlexDackard on (June 17, 2009, 13:45 GMT)

The fatigue etc as excuse is just bullshit. Man for man South Africa has played more International cricket than India. The truth is that India was never good enough in any facet of the game - it's tough to swallow, but it's the truth. And shame behold their batting, supposedly their biggest strength has been embarrassingly exposed. All the people who were singing paeans for Indian team a few days ago as new no. 1 team forgot one very important thing - it is very difficult to be no. 1 in competitive sport, more so in a team sport. And it is even more difficult to stay at no. 1. India has been just a team in form, far cry from no. 1. But they can be - no question about it. What they do now in rest of the year will decide this question. Now we find out how good a captain Dhoni is - how good a coach Kirsten is - how good a team India is. It is easy to win on your best day. But teams that are no. 1 can win even on their worst day (if given a chance).

So, let's see how India responds!

Posted by EbenezerPE on (June 17, 2009, 11:05 GMT)

If it is fatigue that ruined us, who has to be blamed. Is it not the BCCI who propagates IPL. Can you imagine BCCI (BCCI Media and Finance committee chairman Rajiv Shukla) saying rest is "option" players should opt if need be. Hey BCCI it's time you make rest and recoup "mandatory" before big events like World Cup, that is if you can give-up a few million rupees against honour. We are not watching the game for BCCI to make money. As an Indian I want to be proud to say we won World Cup; not for marketing IPL.

It is not whether Gary is right or wrong. It is a fact that we didn't prepare our self for world class event and IPL was the cause for not giving the players time needed for preparation; be it rest, recoup or rigor.

Posted by mubeenkemisaal on (June 17, 2009, 11:03 GMT)

Hmmh..!!Lots to say about Team India's exit.To state it simple M.S Dhoni the match winner in any format & captain leading from front was total out of form with bat,gloves as well with ideas in field.His weak link did not lift the moral of the team. Team India was about to exit against England & Suresh Raina was shown in TV screen having a big laugh.!!This showed Indians were not hunger enough.To add to this 2 balls 9 runs Yusuf & Dhoni ran single instead making it two,you had chance of six with last ball meant match tie resulting by superover.But no Team India did not play with potential ,so did not win..!!with just big names in team you wont win matches you need to be potential to win..!!Thats what Team India proved in 2007 lifiting 1st ever T20 worldcup.Fatigue might was root cause to all the problems.

Posted by ihaq1 on (June 17, 2009, 8:25 GMT)

The indians had to lose...they were lucky twice the last time due to misbah ul haq...the problem is never any particular player although the yuvraj heroics were missing and brilliance...dhoni seems only to know how to twirl his bat and has not learned anything new...?dhonis capataincy was also laid back..u have to have teh courage amd desire and imagination...in the last match their spinners came good..the indians like to strut a lot and not focus on the details which the england and south african coaches did...south african spinners have improved a lot...the indians were depending on the heavy hitting of three players which did not work out...u have tobe nuts when u have peopel who can hit sixes on order and the captain says dont panic and hits a one or two...not being able to hit all over the ground seems tobe an indian disability...fatigue for cricketers who can play everyday is no excuse although one might reason that teh sehwag injury might have been politics

Posted by SyedSamier on (June 17, 2009, 8:18 GMT)

Kirsten has got it wrong. Ipl is no way to be blamed for the debacle. Kirsten and Dhoni have let the country down. It was absolutely irresponsible on the part of dhoni to comment that world cup 2007 was a much bigger loss. If that is what he thinks then he needs to admit that india making it to the finals of 2003 world cup was a much bigger achievement than the world twenty 20 championship victory. Dhoni not even once has mentioned in any of his press conferences that Sehwag's absence is a huge loss to the team. A captain is as good as his team. This is something he needs to realise. U cant take the credit if the team wins and blame the team members if the team loses. We hope that Dhoni realises that its the team effort that is gonna make India victorious in the upcoming westindies tour and not his captaincy. Its high time Sourav Ganguly starts teaching him on how to go about with the captaincy.

Posted by thambiannan on (June 17, 2009, 6:37 GMT)

One more to add to the misery book after a high-prolific, technically sound Indian team failed to keep up a million-crore expectations by their so-controversial super-8 exit. One thing for sure, instead of blaming someone for their dismal show, cricket board with captian and coach should find and sort out the key areas where they failed to click. From the coach and from the media, it could be because of the so-called "fatigue reason", as they'r playing continuous cricket from top of the year which took the toll and many of the key players were fielded under fitness suspicion. Sehway is one of them, can point out zaheer also who can't gave their 100% which can be analysed from their body language. The selectors and board can do one thing, if they can't putdown their interest to cut out some tournaments, however should assure the players enough rest and recovery by inserting enough gap in between which is essential especially when we'r expecting such a high professional cricket from them

Posted by jeet19800 on (June 17, 2009, 5:58 GMT)

I Think and Dhoni and his "Self-help books" inspired leadership (live in present, enjoy ur cricket. forget abt results...etc) has done its job for india. The shelf-life of his captaincy seem to be over, and i hope indian cricket wont get into another peronality-cult mess and can take few progressive decisions. He is a very ordinary batsman, who is not able to raise his game after hell lot of opportunities, many series & tournaments, having the advantage of deciding his batting position being a captain, playing with best of the players.if he cudnt improve it now...he cant do that in future as well. Its not a bad form he is going through, its the reality of his batting talent. Probably he can go back to 1st class level and try to figure out batting there. But given all this, We dont have to have a batsman of his potential in indian team's helm. About his leadership qualities - well, we all can get a paper-back edition of "You can Win" from shiv khera in Rs. 50 on roadside.

Posted by Percy_Fender on (June 17, 2009, 5:35 GMT)

India lost both games at Lords purportedly, because of their weakness against the short ball. At Trent Bridge, they lost because of spin bowling. This will show that the team were short of the level of motivation and luck that is needed in this or any other format of the game. I do not agree that the Indians came up short because of playing on the bouncy wichet at Lords because they had done well at the last IPL round in South Africa where some of the wickets did have bounce. They had also done well in the CB series in Australia at Sydney and Melbourne. I feel that it was the slow batting of Jadeja that cost us the game against England. I for one can never be convinced that Rohit Sharma is short of time to play any kind of bowling. Maybe Suresh Raina needs to go to the drawing board to sort out his inadequacy if at all he can get over it.Whatever anyone might say, I feel that we were just not destined to win this time just as much as we were not destined to lose the last time.

Posted by vivekrao247a on (June 17, 2009, 5:23 GMT)

I will probably have to agree with Mr. Kirsten's observation. I agree that other international teams had players in the IPL. But we have to keep in mind that this Indian team has been playing 280 odd days of cricket out of a maximum of maybe 300 days. I really doubt any other international cricket team has played anywhere close to the above said number. We should also realise that all the Indian players were involved in the IPL. No exceptions. Which was not really played at home by the way. Other international teams fielded a smaller contingents of players in the IPL. South Africa being an exception. but lets face it the IPL was a "home" series for them. They also found themself playing after a two month break, that is after they played Australia. Taking all this into account it is fair to say that Indian players have drawn the short sticks. They have the misfortune of playing alot of games. This has more to do with the enormous amount of money that the BCCI makes off them than choice

Posted by Dronaa on (June 17, 2009, 4:55 GMT)

What the heck. These are international cricketers you are talking about Mr. Kirsten , and not a buch of bamboozling novices who are in their first season. Accept the facts that - 1. Team India never prepared itself well for the matches 2. We were complacent , thinking , we wil do well, just like last time, and since most of the players had had good hits in the IPL, they just didnt bother to hone up their skills for a different set of weather and pitch conditions. 3. This was not a team playing as a unit. In fact this was by far the most disjointed effort put together by an Indian team. Huddles and press conferences apart, the most important place a team needs to be united is in the field, which was not there at all. 4. We batted like misers, bowled like we were defending 300+ targets, and fielded as pathetically as a bunch of paraplegics on wheelchairs. And how about you Mr. Kirsten. With due respect, one expected better from you, than such a lame excuse.

Posted by hoipolloi on (June 17, 2009, 4:19 GMT)

Hilarious to see both captain and coach blame IPL for their failures. Dhoni, if I recall correctly, skipped a test series because he wanted rest. Hell, he even excused himself from the national awards. Surely Dhoni could have managed to weasel himself out of the IPL if he wanted to. To everyone who thinks ipl was a factor, please enlighten me as to how IPL seemed to help a team such as SA. They've also been playing some grueling cricket of late and that too against the Aussies. Look at Kallis. Last time around he wasn't in the reckoning for selection. Because of the IPL he was a shoo-in. And lo behold! His success did not stop with the IPL but amazingly enough continued into the world cup. He played in every match for his IPL team and even played back-to-back semi finals and finals. He bowled and batted and even though he is no young turk he has managed to rejuvenate himself for the world cup. Dhoni, learn from Tendulkar, Dravid, and Kumble. They don't party hard, but they play hard.

Posted by subbudu1 on (June 17, 2009, 1:39 GMT)

Kirsten is not correct. Was this fatigue factor not known at the time of selection? There are so many players (T20 specialists) who could have been selected and sent for the tournament in place of those who felt the IPL fatigue. Kepler Wessels told rightly - ' ... there are lot of rewards ..., ... fatigue is not an excuse at this level ...". Dhoni is solely responsible for this loss, if he was the architect of earlier wins. Yousuf Pathan could have been played up in the order. Dhoni's is a useless batsman being exposed match after match.

Posted by Chris_Howard on (June 17, 2009, 0:07 GMT)

If India hangs onto this excuse they will go backwards fast. SA, SL and WI all had a lot of players in the IPL and it hasn't harmed them. In fact, it's quite noticeable that those teams have benefited from the IPL as their players better understand T20 than, say, the Aussies who went out in the company of Netherlands, Bangladesh, and Scotland.

You can bet that if SA, SL, or WI wins the T20, they will say the IPL benefited them.

Posted by Patrick_Clarke on (June 16, 2009, 22:21 GMT)

I see I'm not the only one with a chip on my shoulder against the IPL now.

Posted by sehwag1 on (June 16, 2009, 21:32 GMT)

please please icc close ipl it will kill indian cricket. nobody wants to play for india cricket they are playing for money in ipl. plz close ipl because it only it is giving injuries to players like sehwag,sachin,zaheer,dhoni has finger injury. everybody is getting in race of money in ipl. i hate bollywood actors wasting money in cricket. soon will time noboday wants to play for country.

Posted by rajagopal_sri on (June 16, 2009, 21:05 GMT)

I wonder Why BCCI failed to think in a broadcaster's angle. According to it(ESPN-Star) They cancelled Champions trophy T20 because it was clashing with Champions Trophy 50 over in Pakistan.

Reason: No international level tournament should be held within 10 days of an ICC event which may distract the viewers and reduce its TRP.. This same rule is also applicable for players, Who where unable to cope up with the conditions in England from that of South Africa...

So pls re-think ur strategy about IPL before such big ICC tournaments... It's the entire international trophy that brings pride to our country than the big fish IPL.

Posted by Shabney on (June 16, 2009, 20:44 GMT)

Well i think we need to be realistic and not blame it on fatigue due to the IPL. How the other internal players taking part in the IPL are continuing their great performances at this event? we need to agree the India made a few bad desicions in the field as well as with the selection, which led to their defeat. these were the factors behind india's exit. Look at the team and form coming in to the world cup india had the best, but didnt perform to their capabilities. I think Dhoni needs to stop his way too smart thinking and get a bit more realistic and practical with his Decisions on the field. You can turn around and say this is a part of the game, but as for me when there is a better decision or judgment that could have been made I cant seem to think why otherwise was done. This not something uttered by only me but thousands of cricket loving fans around the world. Which also beggs the question how a highly modern cricket team like India miss it.

Posted by krishnamohankolli on (June 16, 2009, 20:32 GMT)

Schewag is a key player for india,Schewag replaced by Rohit sharma as a opener then the blance ofthe team is nomore because Rohit have no experience as a opener.There are no opening patnerships that made our team to feel pressure in must and win Games .And also the team selectors how they selected ishant ahead of pathan who is a allrounder and bowled good speels in this series This is a million Dolar question ( Please comment on this kristen ). Our team failed in all departements more in batiing department then the selcectors have taken the decision to replace irfan. yes i agree Dhoni honneymoon period is over

Posted by UnwedUnfed on (June 16, 2009, 20:21 GMT)

Fatigue has nothing to do with it. The fact is, the current crop of Indian batsmen is woefully deficient in technique. They make merry on the feather beds in India, but quality pace and spin exposes them completely on competitive pitches. This is evidenced not just by the sorry performance in the T20 WC, but also by the performance in the IPL - where the best batsmen were either Aussie retirees or foreign players

Posted by hkamall on (June 16, 2009, 20:01 GMT)

Hello Mr.Kirsten... Its because of the IPL.. india has won against bangladesh and Ireland atleast, otherwise we would have got exit pass in the first round itself. Even south africans, west indians and sri lankans played in IPL i dont see they are not complaining about tiredness or fatigueness on the other hand they have qualified for semis in much more strong way.. so please stop complaining and making up for this exit and accept the truth. Our players are tired .. accepted, but that is not the excuse. We are out of the tournament because of the poor performances on the field not tiredness alone.

Posted by sathish4 on (June 16, 2009, 19:49 GMT)

Dhoni's captaincy has always been about taking gambles. Some are calculated decisions, some are risks. The risks paid off in the last 12 months, they didn't come off this time around. I seriously think our country has the most clueless fans in world cricket. The scapegoating and the player blaming has been cringe worthy and embarrassing. Fairweather fans the lot of you.

Posted by munmun73 on (June 16, 2009, 19:48 GMT)

"IPL fatigue..." - right...now blame the IPL. And Mr. Modi wants 2 IPL tournaments a year.

Posted by amuseth on (June 16, 2009, 18:20 GMT)

yes kirsten is right but i still think stratergies like to open up with rohit sharma,no constant batting ordr,no specialist opener play imp. role in our defeat if sachin is presnt there & u know that rohit sharma is not upto mark then what is the reason to not ask him to join instead of dinesh kartik in place of sehwag these are few questions to be answred by bcci and team management

Posted by Subra on (June 16, 2009, 17:17 GMT)

Professional cricketers want money, therefore they play in the IPL. If they feared burnout they could have withdrawn from the IPL like Ponting, Clarke & Co. India lost because (a) the batsmen could not play the short-stuff. (b) Dhoni messed up the batting order sending Jadeja at 4 (c) Dhoni did not handle the bowlers properly. All of which proves that Dhoni is a human being just like anyone else and with the talent at India's disposal, they just have to work on their deficiencies and look to long term rewards. The future is promising but we must stop giving excuses, accept realities and move. There is no point looking backwards.

Posted by nafzak on (June 16, 2009, 17:00 GMT)

Kirsten is correct. WI just went thru a terrible test & ODi series that was dumped on them bytheir board at the last minute and look what happened. The players were barely just removed from regaining the Wisden trophy at home in the WI. Too much cricket is the problem. Cricket is teh only game with so many different formats - Test, ODI, T/20 and 1st class. Add the IPL, T/20 at the county level etc. All these are played regularly, unlike football, baseball, rugby, basketball, etc., where for the most part there is only one format or at most two. India is a very good team and Dhoni has proven himself, so Indian fans should stop with teh knee jerk reaction and just let it be. They'll be back. Mohamed Z. Rahaman, Guyana

Posted by maan_harry on (June 16, 2009, 16:52 GMT)

Its true that IPL was the key issue behind the fatigue of the players .Before any major tournment any team not only requires just practice ,but also mental rest which our team was not able to get.but on other hand it can be viewed that teams like southa africa who is playing immensely good also had all their player in recently concluded IPL 2009.Thts gives us the reasons to surely think that some wrong decisions on the field led to early exit..the shifting of ravindra jadega up the order,...not allowing i pathan to bowl his full quato of oversagainst west indies..........so i yhink decisions taken by dhoni...were sole reasons to india 's early exit...

Posted by krish_Farah on (June 16, 2009, 16:21 GMT)

I dont understand the fans. I absolutely agree with Kirsten and Dhoni. India is an extremely Emotional Country. Keep in mind, India lost by 3 runs to England and if they had won, Dhoni would have been hailed as a Hero. India has been touring like crazy and the break between IPL and T20 WC was not enough. The first two matches were against Average sides and India werent tested enough. So to immidiately get into the Performance Levels are just too much to ask

Posted by tusharkardile on (June 16, 2009, 16:12 GMT)

If you are saying that Dhoni was too fatigued to think straight, then your excuse is ok. Otherwise can one explain why Irfan did not complete his quote after 2-0-9-1 from his first 2 overs against WI, or RP did not bowl again after 3-0-13-1 against England. Why Dhoni insisted that Ishant should complete his quota (maybe its his definition of punishment for bad bowling). Why Yuvi was held back against England, and why did he bowl those 2 overs?

Posted by Rajesh. on (June 16, 2009, 16:10 GMT)

I wonder if Gary Kirsten or anyone else would have blamed the IPL if India had gone on to win the tournament......... They would have said the IPL acted as a perfect platform.

Posted by MBSIVA on (June 16, 2009, 16:05 GMT)

I am not able to forget one more moment, which has been missed out by everyone

Last 3 balls - 15 to win. Yusuf hits a six

Now 2 balls - 9 to win. Yusuf hits the ball to long on and Dhoni and Pathan take a comfortable single. Had they ran hard for the 1st one, either they would have completed a double or one batsman would have got out.

If one had been dismissed, it would not have created much difference. But just imagine, what if they had completed 2 runs. Then the equation would have been 7 runs from 1 ball. Chances that pathan could have cleared the ropes resulting in a super over.

Posted by MBSIVA on (June 16, 2009, 15:59 GMT)

India lost because of Dhoni's poor captaincy. SA, SL players too played IPL and they played very well. What fatigue got to do with this. India lost to WI and England closely, which means Indian team lost the killing instinct.

I Pathan bowled very well for his 2 overs, but he did not complete his quota against WI. Instead Ishanth was chosen. Next game, no Irfan, in comes RP singh. RP bowling superbly, but given only 3 overs. Ishanth who is having a very bad tournament, given 4 overs against England

I do not see any reason behind bowling Yuvraj for 2 overs. Batsmen were comfortable in handling him and Yusuf pathan should have been tried, but it did not happen

Sending Jadeja higher up the order was not a bad decision, but he took his own time and probably forgot that he is playing T20. It was his 1st match and there seems to be no reason for fatigue

Yusuf and Dhoni scored 62 runs of the last 5 overs, which by T20 standard is a good one, but the match was lost well before that

Posted by TabBabar on (June 16, 2009, 15:30 GMT)

What ever.. They were just not good enough this time! no excuses shud be made as every one know when da world cup is starting!

Posted by _IndianCricketFan on (June 16, 2009, 15:20 GMT)

The players are free to ask for rest. This indeed is a poor excuse. I am more than sure the BCCI did not force the players to play in the IPL. Teams like Sri Lanka and South Africa had several players in the IPL, yet I dont see them making such excuses. IF at all, the blame should be on the hectic schedule prior to the IPL. Why does 5 weeks of cricket become such a huge deal when there have been months of continuous cricket before that? What we shouldn't forget is that the Indian team performed poorly in the last limited overs series in England too but won the tests. The Indians are not great players in those conditions. That probably was a bigger factor than the alleged IPL induced fatigue.

Posted by ZuberahamedShaik on (June 16, 2009, 15:18 GMT)

I noticed Poor Captency decicions 1. 2overs 9runs 1wiket irfanpathan against westindis- no 2nd spell 2. Same RP singh.. 3. Jadeja insted of Yuvraj bating 1st 4. 4 byes in last overof harbajan ---dhoni cant get the ball --- 5 miss stumping or delay stumping Over all Captens Form....

Posted by PRECHI on (June 16, 2009, 15:18 GMT)

I agree with kirsten.But it is more true if he would say india was tactically sorted out.1.Dhoni's blunter of promoting himself to no 3.His inablity to get boundaries. Dhoni was a good player.It is high time now to think for himself if he really fits in the team as a hitter.2.Yousif pathan is really under utilized.3.Technical difficulty to face bouncers.4.Absence of sehwag. Mr Kirsten if u think there was fatigue it has to be sorted out by replacing players rather than throwing away a world cup oppurtunity.

Posted by tamalik18 on (June 16, 2009, 15:16 GMT)

Why do they have to blame ipl when players are earning millions of dollars.IPL is only optional.India lost because of their weakness against short balls.Every thing else is excuse.Gary kirsten should work with players on how to play short ball.

Posted by drsathendra on (June 16, 2009, 15:00 GMT)

i wont agree with Gary Kirsten and all the former players from Indian cricket,actually the problem is our players with no proper physio, lot of politics from BCCI, no proper fielding, no proper bowling.no team spirit, i think the best thing change physio and bring Allan Donald or best bowler to try as bowling coach and jaunty roads as fielding coach there ends the matter.try this with team spirit...........we will be the champions in any game by Dr sathendra

Posted by sitaram58 on (June 16, 2009, 14:43 GMT)

Do we really care. The tournament is a successand the coffersare full. The next world cup is just a few months away.

As a true India fan I recommend we fire Dhoni and Kirsten. Reinstate Saurav and John Wright and they can stay at the helm only if we win the next world cup. If we lose again we can reinstate Dhoni and Kirsten.

PS: Don't forget we are going to play another IPL in a few monthsand thne the champions trohpy and the CocaCola cuo & the Pepsi Trophy and the Tr;iance Cup andif there are a few open weeks we can play a seven match ODI tournament against Australia (sponsored by DLF) or maybe a three way 21 match T20 sponsored by Kingfisher.

Posted by desseado on (June 16, 2009, 14:43 GMT)

BULL SHIT !!! Mr.Kirsten.Dont try to hoodwink the cricket lovers out there.this time around the team had a cloud of complacency around them. Every body gave them more than chance to win this cup.The way our cricketers carried themselves on the field is a testimony to that.What pissed me even more is the attitude show by our youth icon, RAINA and ROHIT ...India loses or wins ....NO ISSUE...let us chat n laugh aloud and fool around to fool the people that we r professionals. A professional without passion is just like a ship without radar. Dhoni should better concentrate on his facebook status , be with his friends and sure get the man of the match ....I hope anyone will object that .

Posted by From-Chennai on (June 16, 2009, 14:23 GMT)

Hey Gary, let me help you for the next knockout. blame "Vasthu" of the pitch!! I am sure (C) Dhoni will be very happy to explain you what it is. If you are in need of more stronger reasons like this sort for your future failures, we Indians have got lot of these _kind_.

Posted by AsherCA on (June 16, 2009, 14:22 GMT)

Guys, before getting into a blame game with the benefit of hind-sight, let us remember - Dhoni has done a lot of things in the past which range from the ridiculuous when he attempted them, but seemed like the obvious thing to do, once it succeeded & Dhoni told us why. So in this world cup, other teams had worked out his tactics & had ready answers when he applied them. I suggest we all leave this one at something that happens in real life.

Well Dhoni - you will now have to come up with new ideas & a team with slightly different skills.

Posted by Jaijo on (June 16, 2009, 14:10 GMT)

Trying to send somebody who is playing his first match in a World cup during a crucial match and keeping back your best batsmen is ridiculous. Not sure what was the idea. If it was to dent the pace attack, Mr. Dhoni there are only 20 overs fyi. No time to dent attack etc.

Posted by anwarsiraz on (June 16, 2009, 14:08 GMT)

hello gary you are somewhat right but to be honest dhoni captancy and your batting order with bloody squad makes big proble Dear crcinfo guys i am posting a team below can all o them give score for 10% to 100% 1 . Gambhir (Good with viru ) 2 . Yusuf Pathan ( hitter need some1 to open the innings) 3. Suresh Raina defensive n hitter) 4. Rohit sharma ( defensive n hitter) 5. Yuvaraj singh (middle order hitter same need in this position) 6. Ms Dhoni ( man out of form still in team due to past record) 7. Irfan Pathan (hitter) 8. Praveen kumar (both in and out swinger with low ball) 9. Harbajan singh (good spinner) 10. Zaheer khan (face) 11. Praghan ojha ( brilliant spinner) I feel this a match winning team for wenty20 2009 whats others opinion,I know we are out but i feel the main fatigue fator i s only batting order line up Cheers

Posted by henchart on (June 16, 2009, 14:05 GMT)

I guess Indian cricketers wont be fatigued in laughing their ways to the bank after IPL.

Posted by azhar_far on (June 16, 2009, 13:50 GMT)

The blame for this loss should go to a businessmen named Mr. Lalit Modi. Because of him, our cricketers are fatigued. IPL is gully cricket and doesn't guarantee good match practice.

Posted by tripathiankit on (June 16, 2009, 13:50 GMT)

Mr. Kirsten we all accept that the mental fatigue cud have been an issue but that cannot cover up for the loophole in the batting strategy. wheres an experience batsman in the middle..u need someone like sarwan or sangakarra to guide the way thru..thats y sachin is stil the lethal weapon in 20-20 as well..the short pitched bowling exposd the weakness..together with it YUSUF PATHAN is playing the part of a slogger..he is an awesome batsman n shud come ahead of Dhoni..you need to give him chances at the top or middle and not at the lower middle..Mr. DHONI you are not a No. 3 batsman. please leave THAT TO RAINA OR YUVI OR ROHIT..There were probably a few areas where the team ll have to rework, correct themselves and then come back in the game. Like playing short-pitched bowling.else it wud be all gone in WI as well...SEHWAG where are you...overall a learning tournament esp for Dhoni..Yuvi is a top order batsman and possibly the best we have..please utilise YUSUF..He is Sehwag part 2

Posted by fahadM on (June 16, 2009, 13:43 GMT)

Please Mr. Gary, Don't make lame excuses. If the same India team would've won the championship, you all would've wined ALOT about it. But now when you guys have lost, you're just making lame excuses and trying to find some cover. Players from other countries were also a part of IPL, they are fit and fine and didn't show any sign of fatigueness or tiredness thn why Indian players? And this T20 WC was scheduled from long time, so what was the point of starting that IPL crap. Please let cricket stay a sport and don't make this a business and treat players as money making machines. IPL was having problems during the elections in India, then why play it? Should've left if unplayed for this year. Not having IPL wouldn't have brought hell to India. It wasn't really a necessary and needed tournament. Sorry to say but IPL is just a fame game, nothing more than that. And country's pride is more for a country then IPL. So India should've user brains and stopped IPL. Stop making excuses now.

Posted by asthomas911 on (June 16, 2009, 13:40 GMT)


Posted by Rockfort on (June 16, 2009, 13:33 GMT)

The reason for India's loss is Dhoni's captaincy and his luck which seems to have deserted him. It was poor captaicy that sent Jadeja. As Kirsten there is a huge quality gap between and International T20. Just because you hita few boundaries in IPL, one can not assume that you are a great player. Also, Dhoni seems to have killed suresh Raina's confidence by going in at No 3 for a few matches

Posted by gandipet on (June 16, 2009, 13:31 GMT)

The fatigue was probably mental because the captain was not thinking right. The most successful bowler of IPL2, RP Singh, was played only in the last game that too he was given only three overs. The other most successful bowler of IPL2 as well as the current series, Ojha, was dropped. The least successful bowler of IPL2, Ishant Sharma, was played in all games.

Posted by VMKA on (June 16, 2009, 13:28 GMT)

Fatigue is well designed excuse. India need 2nd coach wheneevr Gary feels fatigue. The performance does not reflect fatigue. It showed lack of clear thinking. Look at Ishnat IPL record, no way he should be in team. Anothed foxed decision was to send Shrma in opening, he is such a valuable player in middle order, ask Gilchrist he will tell how valuable he is. Irfan should have open of dumb selectors should have selected Sachin in placeof Sehwag. When the Captain is having issues in his mind he can not think clearly. Its end of Dhoni era. Chief selector says nonsense things. It happens to players cause it happend to me when I played. Think about pool of players. Look at Dinesh Karthik's IPL form, why Dhoni is needed when he is not good? bye Srikanth & Dhoni era.

Posted by KHAN_AA on (June 16, 2009, 13:27 GMT)

Quite unlike Kirsten to give excuses and try to justify such a horrendous performance by India. Being tired and fatigued is not alone responsible for losing this bad. Aussies lost way before the Indians, but you dont see them making excuses. India got outplayed. They couldnt handle the short balls and WI and England exploited this to the max. Their strategry was horrible when they sent Jadeja ahead of Yuvraj and Pathan. Overall, a bad tournament for indians. Perhaps some blame lies in IPL, and they should cut it down - esp. since it has no value in terms of international cricket, and its solely a domestic competition with foreign players.

Posted by cvp7 on (June 16, 2009, 13:25 GMT)

BCCI is not bothered about big series or anything... if Indians team plays.. they make lot of money.. They run Indian team like Riding horses... India has been playing non stop cricket for last 2 and 1/2 years..

dis kind of non stop nonsense definitely exhaust players.. n does not motivate...

Posted by hbgsingh on (June 16, 2009, 13:17 GMT)

What a wishful thinking, BCCI looking after their players.Come on BCCI, how come you didnt schedule more matches some in between the series as well.

You only care about money, why fake it? Own it up, the sad results are your own making. I wont blame a single player this time.

And where is that OMNIPRESENT LALIT MODI?? Is he plotting another money making scheme? God he sure is disgusting. He is killing the game, burning out the players.

Since there are so many matches. There's no novelty or learning from previous failures or improving on some key areas.

Its high time someone from the indian team(esp BCCI poster boys SACHIN & DHONI & YUVRAJ) unite and fight the management.

Posted by TeamCare4 on (June 16, 2009, 13:12 GMT)

Winning and loosing is part of the game. That can be taken sportively, but the insticts?????

Team India and Dhoni never demonstrated any fighting spirits thoughout the tournament.

There are many labours in India who slog the whole day, week and year, but never complain of being tierd coz there is the food for them. But the for Dhoni it doesn't mind, coz he has pocket internet to stay in touch, Apna Orient PSPO to rest under, and loads of money to run for Reebok. How disgusting it was to see him smiling on ads whenever India lost Wickets, had bad overs and lost the match.

Posted by TwitterJitter on (June 16, 2009, 13:06 GMT)

Lame excuse by Gary. No other team which played in IPL used this excuse and SA is playing quite well after playing in IPL, sorry. Just admit that the players were not physically fit to play the games and focus on improving the physical fitness to adapt to rigors of modern day cricket. SA also played non-stop from December but their players don't look tired. Some of the Indian fans here whine a lot and it easy for them to blame all ills on BCCI and IPL. Mind you that IPL is giving an opportunity for a lot of youngsters in India to shine and earn at the same time and not to mention for many other Indians it is lot more entertaining than the current world T20. So my message to some of those Indians who whine about BCCI and IPL all the time is, "Get a tissue. Stop whining and lame excuses for everything and realize that Indian players need to adapt to a better fitness regime if they are to play in modern day Indian team and IPL has given the selectors lot more options to choose from."

Posted by kaiser1 on (June 16, 2009, 12:57 GMT)

Almost all of South African cricketers were involved in IPL and b4 that they played Aussies away and home series but they are ever fresh but Indians are fatigued. Why not Mr Kirsten advise Lalit Modi to let the indian players rest instead he is planning another Ipl. This is disgusting they want to use cricketers as money making machines and destroy Test Cricket and ODI's as players of other teams are cancelling their tour commitments with the national squads and opting for IPl. Who is destroying cricket and killing cricketers Modi and co. or ICL whose version they stole and started making money. Plz be rationale in arranging cricket tours.

Posted by Doconcall on (June 16, 2009, 12:56 GMT)

We all have to agree that this Indian team is one of the BEST. Nobody has doubt about their potentials, but the ugly fact is that we exited early. Whatever the reason, we should not have exited early. So now, who is to blame for? The team, the captain, the coach or the Board. Well, this time I go with Gary and blame the board for an extra hectic schedule. Reaching 150 in both games after a disastrous start, itself proves how good of a team we are. We lost very narrowly in both games and one can observe that the team did look fatigued. Even the best, (Yuvraj was misfielding and Bhajji produced two wides which went for fours) were not the best and all is to blame to extreme hard work these guys have put up with. I think, BCCI should take this as a wake up call and reconsider thier schedules, because these players are HUMAN and NOT ROBOTS

Posted by karthik_spunk on (June 16, 2009, 12:55 GMT)

All B'coz of Mr.Dhoni who played a useless Tournament. 1)He himself prmoted him to 1st down in batting ,which decreased suresh Raina confidence level.right frm begining of practice matches. 2)Peoples who blames R.Jadeja , needs to reliase tht Dhoni has scored only 11runs out of 23 balls against West indies in First Super eight Match. 3)irfan Pathan is in a good form for battng .Y dhoni had not promoted Irfan up in order.As everbody knows irfan will play both spin & fast. 4)even when dhoni and Yusuf in crease against england.Dhoni is not even intersted to score boundary.(dhoni -30runs out off 20balls & yusuf pathan -33 runs out off 17balls)Juz think if dhoni had hitted one boundary Xtra or irfan has given 2-3 balls extra from dhoni faced.India have been won the match. 5)Totally india lost becoz of Mr.Dhoni.its better to keep dhoni out of T20 cricket and making Yuvi/sehwag as captan.

Posted by andreev on (June 16, 2009, 12:24 GMT)

Well fatique is one aspect of the loss, but combine that with bad capitancy its the mantra for disaster, thats exactly what happened. Take the match against the west indies, Our capitan said that the bowling was ok, hello!!!!!! you only were able to take 3 miserly wickets (Why was Irfan not allowed to complete his spell especially since he is a good depth blowler), that too only one of them was of a premium batsman. you lost the match because of your labouring innings , you did not play a capitans innings, and you deprived another of your premium batsman a chance to prove his mantle. Again in the match against England you first make the blunder of retaining the same bowlers who are not performing (Ishant and Zaheer) and instead you drop Irfan and Ojha, well everyone knows how that worked. if that was not enough, you send a guy who is playing his first game ahead of your best batsman at a critical time, where were you i wonder??

Posted by captaincrunch on (June 16, 2009, 11:54 GMT)

Someone please tell Mr. kirsten that if the team was already tired before reaching england then the indian team should have not gone furtherthan the ipl. also had the indian team won the world cup nothing of these comments would have come out from Mr. kirsten. Almost all the players from the other team (south africa etc ) played in the ipl and played all the matches (kalis,smith,gibbs sangakara,jayasuria etc) yet there is no complaints of any fatigue. Mr. kirsten and co.please learn to accept defeat.

Posted by ShahzebAnsari on (June 16, 2009, 11:42 GMT)

Plz Gary dont make excuses.Admit that your captain made mistakes in making decisions.You are talking about your team being tired??South Africans,Srilankans and Kiwis also played in ILP,they are still on their way to last 4 and performing well.Even the westindians and english players also played but they didnt show any signs of getting tired.So move on and see where your team can improve.

Posted by MChief on (June 16, 2009, 11:40 GMT)

u knw wht i think? sachin wud have made a big bonus to the team. i knw they won wihout him last yr, but this yr he was in such gr8 form. india really missed his presence. I wished he had played. SACHIN all the way!

Posted by whiteknight59 on (June 16, 2009, 11:31 GMT)

@wildheat, I think you're conveniently missing some points here. First and foremost, Australia were the first top-ranked team to crash out of the ICC T20, despite being tagged as one of the favorites along with India and South Africa. And looking at the XI that played in their match against Sri Lanka, aside from Warner, the Hussey brothers and Lee, the others didn't play in the IPL. So, the reason for their elimination is more of poor performance in this format than fatigue due to IPL. Secondly, you compare the international cricket calendar with pro baseball league. As far as I know, pro baseball league doesn't involve as much traveling as India's chaotic cricket country-hopping does. Just look at the amount of traveling India has done since Sep 2007 and you will get a clearer picture. I'm not saying you should stop claiming Kirsten is putting up excuses, but, a balanced view on his explanation is required.

Posted by green_eyed_pune on (June 16, 2009, 11:28 GMT)

I absolutely agree with Gary Kirsten. The key issue here that few seem to understand is that due to the level of prominence cricket enjoys in India, the young men on the Indian national team play under far greater levels of physical and mental pressure than most of their competitors. The Indian audiences are keen and unforgiving, and the schedules put forth by the ICB and the IPL (powered by greed) are demanding, bordering on unreasonable. In no other country are the members of a national cricket team under this much scrutiny, constantly hounded even in their personal lives. The Indian players literally have nowhere to hide (remember M.S. Dhoni's police escort that would protect him from marriage-minded fans??) Most of these men are in their 20s, and genuinely doing the best their can. I only wish fans everywhere would be able to put themselves in the players' shoes and show a little empathy, instead of fair-weather support and foul-weather criticism. Team India, you have my respect.

Posted by JHJanjua on (June 16, 2009, 11:20 GMT)

No excuse Please, Other team's player was also perform in IPL. The reason is, after IPL they were very much proud. So the Indian people is suffering,watching the rest of the matches without their team on TV........

Posted by mbanaval on (June 16, 2009, 11:19 GMT)

There will be a lot of analysis on why India lost. This is my two cents on the matter 1. Lack of commitment What was sad to see in the matches was the lack of burning desire to perform at their best. Baring a few players, most of the others seemed lost what they were expected to perform. 2. Dhoni's instincts did not support him Dhoni's approach has raised eye-brows even earlier. But then his instincts were correct. In this World Cup, he could not make the correct decisions. Of the many decisions, some were Sending Jadeja ahead of in-form Yuvraj Not giving the best formig bowlers their full quota of overs (Pathan against WI and RP against Eng)

Posted by TwitterJitter on (June 16, 2009, 11:17 GMT)

Fine! I would say don't pick injured players or those with niggles to worldcups. Pick a second or third backup. I would much rather see the best players play for IPL than this world cup. IPL is more entertaining to me and it gives more domestic players to test their skills and earn better money. Having these world cups less than an year apart is rubbish. 50 over world cups have their value because they happen once in 4 years and if you loose one you have to wait for 4 years. Administrators due to their greed are having these T20 world cups within 9 months. If you win today, you don't even get to keep it for an year. Rubbish!

Posted by Chaudhuriz on (June 16, 2009, 11:14 GMT)

I do agree with the coach.There has to be a check on the amount of cricket the players play. Every job requires some time off to rejuvenate and keep delivering the best. Apart from the amount of cricket that a (national) player is made to play, there should also be check on the number of endorsements that a player does. Infact it also makes sense to restrict a player from signing any individual endorsements if he is part of the national team. Being part of team/group endorsements for team sponsors can still be considered ok. Dhoni, (though/ (or should I say) because) he is the captain is seen in every second ads on TV. That surely does take the focus away from the game and the task at hand. The third point I would like to point out is the dip in the leadership, team management and team player qualities of the captain, Mr. Dhoni. Initially when he came into international fame he was probably the best with those skills. Not sure if it is because of the attitude that he has developed.

Posted by rakesh23 on (June 16, 2009, 10:55 GMT)

Yes, Gary is cent percent right. India's exit, blame the board, not the players. Juz imgaine the amount of travel the team has made in the past 2-3 months.. from India-NZ-India-SA-Eng, its no wonder the teams energy level was down, that was evident in the matches also.. The team should be fresh for a major tournament and you cannot expect this after a hectic schedule. Mr BCCI , dont kill the Indian Team for money.. if Pakistan tour is canceled why the hell we need another tour instead of that.. dont the team need some sort of rest?? And Mr Modi.. now chance for a mini IPL: Ind, Aus,Eng, NZ (to follow), Bangl.. enough.. and u have time till the eve of next one day against WI, pour some money and reap more money yourself.. and dont forget to show yourself on tv every 5 min... pls pls stop killing cricket in India.

Posted by mubeenkemisaal on (June 16, 2009, 10:47 GMT)

It was seen clear Team India was lacking in energy level & team spirit that we had been watching in past 2 years.Team India played as they are still playing IPL matches where the opposition came hard at them.Indians also had the pressure of defending the title where as other teams played with little ease.After all T20 is the game of controlling nerves.BCCI & IPL management should think over this seriously & IPL should be assigned with less fatique & stress to key international players.

Posted by Shahzad_Tirmizi on (June 16, 2009, 10:37 GMT)

I agree with Kirsten but who will explain it to those greedy administrators who are planning to hold even 2 IPLs every year & a Champions Trophy too.

Posted by osama94 on (June 16, 2009, 10:35 GMT)

These are useless excuses. Kristen have to admit the mistakes during their world cup journey. The Indian team was over confident. In their crucial match against England they rested Ojha , who was taking wickets in previous matches regularly with good economy rate. The played with a rookie Jadeja , in a very crucial match. Jadeja scored 25 runs from more than 35 balls!!. They were surely over confident and their over confidence let them sink and out of the world cup. IPL was not the problem instead IPL produces player like Yusuf Pathan and P. Ojha. India delivered bad cricket. They were expected to reach the finals.But again over confidence!!!!!

Posted by whiteknight59 on (June 16, 2009, 9:49 GMT)

Kirsten's explanation deserve respect, because, there is inarguable truth in them. No other international team plays as much cricket as India does, and despite the emergence of some really encouraging talents, it is very tough for the team management and selectors to frame a team that can rotate itself very smoothly. In any case, a team can't have captains rotating too many times. The alarm bells were already there in the match against Bangladesh, but because Bangladesh imploded spectacularly, these were ignored. The middle-order batting looked distinctly sluggish until Yuvraj bailed them out and the opening bowlers were just not coming hard enough at the Bangladeshi batsman. Mental fatigue seems the top reason for the early elimination and while it may be very disappointing for those fans who wanted India to defend the title successfully, in hindsight, this is better than playing too many matches and losing players to long-term stress injuries.

Posted by kadampan on (June 16, 2009, 9:31 GMT)

When ICL started its twenty20 its purpose was to give exposure to young lads in or with International cricket. Players cannot get a chance with national team will get a chance with ICL. What is wrong with it. Greedy Indian cricket board wants to earn every $ earned in cricket. SO it banned ICL, banned players who played in ICL. Then it copied its owm version of the same game at even higher levels. Now due to the money coming from IPL no one wants to miss IPL. Last time Dhoni missed Sri Lankan test tour not IPL. Had he played being in form player then India could have won the test series. Now Indians were playing cricket continuously without rest. IPL was over just days before world cup. IPL should be banned or after IPL players would be given a rest for minimum one month.

Posted by KamranZahid on (June 16, 2009, 8:40 GMT)

I'm not convinced by Kirsten's statements. When he gives the reason for India's loss as fatigue, that's essentially an excuse. Yet he says it's not an excuse, it's a factor. Australia also had a tough schedule before the IPL and they too had many players in the IPL but I don't think their coach or captain used fatigue as an excuse. If players and coaches keep making such excuses then one day they'll make demands to cut down on the amount of Test & ODI cricket. Compare the cricket schedule with the baseball schedule in the USA. They play 162 games over 6 months (virtually nonstop). In fact they only get November, December and January off if you include the preseason and postseason. I'm not comparing the two sports; I'm only comparing their schedules. Pro baseball players play on a daily basis and they train themselves to maintain a high level of fitness. Cricketers should also train according to the cricket schedule. The FTP is available to them and they know their int'l committments.

Posted by dashing_dear on (June 16, 2009, 8:07 GMT)

I'm although a Pakistani fan, but I certainly admire Indians for their great cricket. I want to say every team has a certain periods of turmoil and success. This time it was not their time. Blaming Captain, a certain individual or fatigue etc is not good. I am also surprised by the reaction of Indian media and fans, thats disgusting. They at once lift a player and bring him at the top and on the other instance they push him down to mud. I admire the statement of Dhoni that "teams are tested in bad times"

Posted by swartshaun on (June 16, 2009, 8:04 GMT)

Not an excuse... The whole SA team plus bench were also playing IPL as well as lots of other key players of other teams. So why is it only India that is suffering from fatigue. Before the IPL, SA came out of possibly one of the hardest tours 4 months of Aus. So Kirsten call it like it is and admit you just did not perform........

Posted by scc4cricket on (June 16, 2009, 7:56 GMT)

Yes he is right. Make sure that playes are much relaxed before going for a big series like Worldcup.

Posted by daks999 on (June 16, 2009, 7:53 GMT)

Why is hw blaming ipl it s upio the players to decide whether he want to play or not ,.There is no excuses for loss

Posted by LordAnkur on (June 16, 2009, 7:51 GMT)

Yes,the performance of the players was not up to the mark.........But to be fair Indian players have been playing non-stop cricket since october 2008 when they played Australia...

Cricketers are also human and they also need good breaks in between series...But either they get 4-5 days rest or players themselves waste it by doing advertisements...

No country in the world plays so much non-stop cricket and i personally think,IPL is just a money making propaganda and nothing else...

Posted by arunasampath on (June 16, 2009, 7:48 GMT)

Kirsten is trying to hide his incapabilities with the tight scheduling. If so, seven Sri Lankan playes also played in the IPL and South African playes too. For that matter apart from Austrailia & Bangladesh most of the players in other nations played the entire IPL. Then they also should have this fatigue problem.

Simply other teams are far more better than India now. That;s the truth and India should accept that bitter truth.

Posted by CricFan78 on (June 16, 2009, 7:45 GMT)

Not sure how you can blame IPL for defeat Mr. Kirsten. On contrary IPL was ideal platform for players to get used to T20 cricket and fine tune their strategies.

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