Punt Road Oval
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Richmond Cricket Ground


Located in a relatively open, grassy setting bordered on its eastern side by Punt Road (one of the city's major arterial routes) and by the parklands that lead to the Melbourne Cricket Ground on its western frontage, the Richmond Cricket Ground is one of Melbourne's more highly rated cricket venues. The latest in a relatively long line of backup venues to the MCG, the facility has been the headquarters of the Richmond Cricket Club - a member of Melbourne's premier district competition - since 1856. However, occasions in its history on which it has hosted anything more prestigious than club cricket matches have been few and far between. The 1999-2000 summer, during which it served as the venue for two first class matches and one interstate one-day fixture, has been by far its busiest in this sense. Prior to that, one first class contest (a game between Victoria and Tasmania in 1932-33 in which spinner Chuck Fleetwood-Smith's fourteen wickets led the locals to a six wicket victory); a women's one-day international between Australia and England in 1988; and a women's Test between the same two nations in 1991, have been its only fleeting dalliances with such games. In keeping with its limited experience in hosting major matches, formal amenities at the oval still remain sparse (there is only one significant stand for instance); nevertheless, it is an attractive ground and one that may well grow in importance and stature during forthcoming seasons. From its history as a setting for many matches of Australian Rules Football over the years and as the base for the Richmond Football Club (one of Australia's most famous footballing establishments), it has also come to be known simply as the Punt Road ground. (John Polack, June 2000)

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24 Oct 2001: General view of play, during day one of the Pura Cup Match between Victoria and Queensland, played at Punt Road Oval, Melbourne, Australia.
Richmond Cricket Ground (Punt Road Oval), Victoria v Queensland, Pura Cup, 2001/02
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