Cardiff MCCU, Glamorgan, Wales Minor Counties
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Abergavenny is widely regarded by players, the press and the general public as one of the most picturesque grounds on the first-class circuit. Its intimate atmosphere and rural location, nestling amongst the tree-topped hills on the Welsh border, a mile or so to the north of a small and friendly market town, to say nothing of its quaint pavilion and irregular boundary, all provide a tranquil atmosphere

The ground was opened in 1896 and developed well over the next few decades, hosting Minor County matches, but in 1977 a fire severely damaged the pavilion. It proved to be a blessing as the redevelopment which followed made the venue into a modern facility, and in 1981 and 1982 it successfully hosted two John Player League matches and then in 1983 Glamorgan played a Championship matches there. They continued to do so until 1997 when the decision to centre games at Cardiff meant the ground was dropped.
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A general view of the pavilion at Abergavenny
A general view of the pavilion at Abergavenny
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