5.51pm The game has been called off. It will be a no result. Pakistan are saved by the rain. Aaron Finch will be frustrated. He did everything he could to try and get the win but a bizarre 20 minute innings break and consistent showers have ended this match prematurely.

Aaron Finch: "It's frustrating. The 20 minute break in between innings was an interesting one. When you lose a few overs and then you still have a 20 minute break I thought that was really interesting. It probably played out of our hands at that moment. But you can't do too much about the weather. If you're cutting overs off the game and you still have a 20 minute break it doesn't make much sense to me. But it's part of the rules and you can't do much about it. But we played really well. To restrict them to 107 off 15 overs was a great effort and then to be on track to get them was nice. When you're old and fat you get a bit of luck sometimes. It was nice to get a few out of the middle. Like I said, a bit unfortunate the rain played such a part."

Frustration all around. The series will move to Canberra for game two at Manuka Oval on Tuesday night. Hopefully we have better weather there. Until then, on behalf of the team, it's bye for now.

5.47pm It's still raining. Hard to see how the game can get back on prior to 6pm. We still haven't got official word on the cut off time but we think that it is 5.58pm.

Salman saleem: "I just left the ground. Rain is heavy not gonna stop early. "

Ryan: "I believe this is Aaron Finch's 28th match as Aus t20 captain - equaling George Bailey as the most time captained Australia in t20s. So that's something for a rainy day." Great effort. He might already have the record if he wasn't replaced prior to the 2016 T20 World Cup.

5.38pm Gnasher: An umpire is coming out - fourth official, I think. Proper rain is back...said official does a quick u-turn.

Tushar J: "If Aus have already scored the runs they need to in 5 overs, why the game will be called off?" Getting a few questions like this from Tushar. There must be a minimum of five overs bowled because the DLS score changes depending on how many wickets fall. If Australia lost a heap of wickets, the par score would be higher than what they currently have. So we need a minimum of five overs bowled to constitute a game.

The attendance is 19,176. They're all hiding under cover at the moment.

5.33pm The rain is lighter but it is still falling. The covers remain on and there is no movement from the ground staff and the umpires are staying inside.

Allie: "Did they need to take a 20 mins innings break (test cricket only has 10mins) we would've had our 5 overs minimum " You make an excellent point Allie.

safdar akbar: "sitting in my office praying for rain and counting remaining minutes "

5.27pm Andrew McGlashan: Meanwhile, there is also a power outage in parts of the ground. What a great day.

5.23pm The rain is too heavy and the players are heading off. The covers are coming on. The big square covers are coming on now. We do need five overs to constitute a match. This shower will only be a short one according to the radar. But it's just a question of what comes behind it. The broadcasters, Fox Sports, are suggesting unofficially that play would need to resume by 5.58pm otherwise the game would be a no result.

Mohammad Amir to Finch, 2 runs, back of a length wide of off, he opens the face and works it wide of third man for a couple

3 | 26 Runs | AUS: 39/0 (80 runs required from 11.5 overs, RR: 13.00, RRR: 6.66)

  • Aaron Finch35 (15b)
  • David Warner2 (4b)
  • Mohammad Irfan2-0-31-0
  • Mohammad Amir1-0-7-0

Australia only needed 33 without loss in the powerplay to pass the par score. They've got that already. Now it's wickets in hand

Mohammad Irfan to Finch, 1 run, 136kph, full on leg, he drives back to the bowler who misfields and they pinched one
Mohammad Irfan to Finch, FOUR runs, 139kph, half volley, he's hanging back but slapped a drive straight of mid off, didn't time it perfectly but beat the man, Wahab has a long chase, he slides to save but as he went over the rope he touched the ball again before jumping back! Four runs
Mohammad Irfan to Finch, no run, 138kph, half volley on off, he hangs back and miscues a punch to mid off
Mohammad Irfan to Finch, SIX runs, tees off over square leg again! Set his feet early, cleared the left leg, got a length ball in the slot and smashed it high over square leg into the crowd again!

Free hit coming

Mohammad Irfan to Finch, (no ball) FOUR runs, over-steps and delivers a 122kph short wide throw down and Finch slaps it over cover-point with ease!
Mohammad Irfan to Finch, FOUR runs, half-volley leg stump slower ball, 117kph, he clips this beautifully between midwicket and mid on. Lovely timing
Mohammad Irfan to Finch, SIX runs, boom over square leg! 136kph, back of a length, he cleared the left leg and swung it high up and over square and into the crowd! Towering stroke

2 | 8 Runs | AUS: 13/0 (106 runs required from 11.5 overs, RR: 6.50, RRR: 8.15)

  • Aaron Finch10 (8b)
  • David Warner2 (4b)
  • Mohammad Amir1-0-7-0
  • Mohammad Irfan1-0-5-0
Mohammad Amir to Finch, 1 run, 124kph, back of a length on off, he defends with soft hands to cover and they take an easy one
Mohammad Amir to Finch, no run, 138kph, back of a length on off, he's back and mistiming a punch back to the bowler
Mohammad Amir to Warner, 1 leg bye, 139kph, he charges and gets hit on the pad but it was sliding down, the balls runs to gully and they get a leg bye
Mohammad Amir to Finch, 1 run, 124kph, good length, nipping away a touch, he's squared up as he defends to cover but they pinch a run

Starting to drizzle again

Mohammad Amir to Finch, FOUR runs, cracking back foot drive! Superb from Finch. Just a length ball, fourth stump line, he hung back and punched it powerfully through cover-point. No need to run
Mohammad Amir to Warner, 1 run, 138kph, shorter length, he pulls from off stump behind square to the sweeper

Mohammad Amir with a slip in

1 | 5 Runs | AUS: 5/0 (114 runs required from 11.5 overs, RR: 5.00, RRR: 8.14)

  • Aaron Finch4 (4b)
  • David Warner1 (2b)
  • Mohammad Irfan1-0-5-0
Mohammad Irfan to Finch, no run, nearly a run out! Finch pushes a length ball towards mid off and called yes but then yelled 'no, no get back get back!'. Warner slipped slightly but his dive just beat the throw back
Mohammad Irfan to Finch, FOUR runs, 136kph, short and wide and he cuts neatly up and over point! Good shot. Using the pace and going up with the bounce
Mohammad Irfan to Finch, no run, another high full toss at 138kph wide of off, but it does drop under waist high as he misses on the drive
Mohammad Irfan to Finch, no run, good length, hint of shape in, he pushes forward and punches to cover

Atiq Butt: "Excited to see Irfan on Aussies tracks, A good length ball will be enough to rattle the helmet for Irfan, Other bowler gets injured to ball shorts to hit the helmet. What a blessing"

Mohammad Irfan to Warner, 1 run, back of a length on off, he defends into the leg side and Finch calls Warner through
Mohammad Irfan to Warner, no run, 137kph, waist high full toss! It shocks Warner as he bunts it down in surprise. Not called a no ball though. Umpire said it was under waist high

David Warner will be on strike with Aaron Finch at the other end. Mohammad Irfan will let them fly with a slip in.

Wahab Riaz has said on the mic that they lost some momentum but it's a defendable target.

5.00pm Finally the players are coming out. Waleed: "Often i get frustrated with ridiculous organization in cricket sport. Why on earth we have such a long pause innings break when we are all starving for every single min of no rain time. So much time get wasted in cricket" Seems crazy doesn't it.