Match Day

82dJarrod Kimber at Headingley

The curious case of Phil Simmons

Afghanistan stand to lose one of the best coaches in the world because of off-field drama, and West Indies could stand to benefit (again) at their expense


Afghanistan 2nd innings Partnerships

1st5Gulbadin NaibRahmat Shah
2nd133Rahmat ShahIkram Alikhil
3rd51Najibullah ZadranIkram Alikhil
4th5Asghar AfghanNajibullah Zadran
5th7Mohammad NabiAsghar Afghan
6th26Samiullah ShinwariAsghar Afghan
7th17Asghar AfghanRashid Khan
8th11Dawlat ZadranRashid Khan
9th5Sayed ShirzadRashid Khan
10th28Sayed ShirzadMujeeb Ur Rahman