Day 4

Day 3

Day 2

914dDavid Hopps at Taunton

Go Somerset? Handscomb silences the song

Somerset have been offered a new club song. But even if they accepted it, with no wins this season, the dressing room must wonder when they can ever get the chance to sing it

Day 1

915dDavid Hopps at Taunton

Sidebottom sniffs out Somerset vulnerability

Somerset's young captain, Tom Abell, knows that the time has come for his batsmen, himself included, to respond if their memorable tilt at the Championship last season is not to be followed by relegation this time around

Somerset 4th innings Partnerships

1st7ME TrescothickD Elgar
2nd10ME TrescothickTB Abell
3rd21ME TrescothickJC Hildreth
4th11JC HildrethAJ Hose
5th118SM DaviesAJ Hose
6th22SM DaviesL Gregory
7th42L GregoryC Overton
8th11C OvertonJ Overton
9th8MJ LeachJ Overton
10th8J OvertonDM Bess