Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    2.1 aims a punishing blow down the ground... but he's misjudged the line and nicks through to Buttler! Willey hits back with a counter punch and England have their first wicket, the dangerous Guptill taken out early. This was full in the channel, went on rather than swung back, took the outside edge of the toe and that's enough to stub Guptill out 17/1
    10.3 tossed up, Willamson takes it on... and sends a skier to mid-off... where it's taken by Moeen Ali, the very same! Nerveless catch from Mo, who's taken one look at Kane and said 'My beard's bigger than yours, son'. Huge top edge on this attempted slog-sweep and it was the bowler who tracked it back towards the edge of the circle to make sure of the dismissal 91/2
    13.2 slung down well outside off, Munro gives chase... and slices it h-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-g-h straight to third man! Another key breakthrough for England, Munro was flying but Plunkett has lassoed him to the ground, clearly a plan to try and frustrate him and a wild hack went straight to Moeen walking a few yards in from the fence 107/3
    17.4 another full toss miscued into the Delhi sky... and Jordan swallows it on the run round from long-off! Stokes has two in two, he's going to be on a hat-trick and the set Anderson is gone into the bargain! Full toss, maximum reward for Stokes 139/6
    16.3 full on off, tries to heave it over the off side... Brilliant from Morgan, takes the catch diving to his right! There'll be no Rosco special, forced to try and get going straight away, it was too full to hit over the infield but was still travelling pretty quickly, dipping on Morgan as he leapt forward to take it a couple of inches from the ground 134/4
    17.3 low full toss, sends it straight down the throat of long-off! Ronchi throws his head back in disgust, Stokes bags the fifth England wicket and the lead weights around NZ ankles tug a little more insistently 139/5
    not out
    19.2 tries to hit on the up - and sends it straight into the safe hands of Jordan at long-off! Third wicket for Stokes, NZ struggling to get away as England wrap them up in a chokehold. Santner had the right idea, to hit inside out, but lacked the muscle or timing 150/7
    19.6 big ole swing and a miss from McClenaghan... and this time Stokes hits at the non-striker's end, relaying the ball on from Buttler. Another brightly buffed final over from Stokes, conceding just three and saving another run at the end there. So, NZ put up 153 for 8. Is that enough in the can for cricket's catenaccio masters? 153/8
    11 (b 1, lb 4, w 6)
    153/8 (20 Overs, RR: 7.65)
    Did not bat: IS Sodhi, AF Milne
    Fall of wickets: 1-17 (Martin Guptill, 2.1 ov), 2-91 (Kane Williamson, 10.3 ov), 3-107 (Colin Munro, 13.2 ov), 4-134 (Ross Taylor, 16.3 ov), 5-139 (Luke Ronchi, 17.3 ov), 6-139 (Corey Anderson, 17.4 ov), 7-150 (Mitchell Santner, 19.2 ov), 8-153 (Mitchell McClenaghan, 19.6 ov)
    DJ Willey201718.5043000
    CJ Jordan402416.00123020
    LE Plunkett403819.5094110
    AU Rashid403308.2583120
    BA Stokes402636.50112110
    MM Ali201015.0051000

Match Notes

Quick fifty


No. of balls required by Jason Roy to complete his half-century - second-fastest for England in World T20s. Fastest is in 25 balls by Morgan vs WI, 2012.

Eng's excellence at death


Runs scored by NZ in the last four overs, which is the lowest by any team against England in T20Is (playing all 4 overs). They lost five wickets and hit just 2 boundaries.

England's comeback


Runs scored by New Zealand in the last ten overs. They were 89 for 1 at the end of tenth over but lost seven wickets in the second half.

Expensive spinners


Economy of England spinners in the Super 10 stage - worst among all teams. New Zealand spinners have the best economy (5.12).

Rare failure


No. of times in their last ten partnerships Williamson-Guptill had added 50-plus runs, before this. They added only 17 runs today.

Top pair


No. of pairs that have added 1000+ p'ship runs in T20Is. Guptill-Williamson became the 2nd to do today. First was Warner-Watson; they have 1154 runs.

Win toss, win match?


No. of tosses lost by New Zealand in the Super 10s. They batted first in all four and won all. They are batting first in this match as well despite losing the toss.