Player of the Match
Player of the Match
380dThe Report by Peter Della Penna

Lamichhane's five-for takes Nepal closer to World Cup Qualifier

After limiting Kenya to 177 for 8, Nepal's lower order clinched a thrilling three-wicket win over Kenya, helping them recover from 82 for 5 in a chase of 178

Match Centre

50 | 9 Runs 1 Wkt | NEPAL: 178/7 | RR: 3.56

  • Sompal Kami5 (5b)
  • Karan KC0 (0b)
  • Nelson Odhiambo6-1-30-1
  • Shem Ngoche9-1-28-1

Another game at this ground goes down to the last ball! A much needed win for Nepal as we move in to the last round of the tournament

NM Odhiambo to Sompal Kami, 2 runs, Nepal win! played away on the leg side and the fielder coming in from the deep fails to pick it up cleanly and they get enough time to come back for the second
NM Odhiambo to Sompal Kami, no run, fails to make contact, keeper runs in quickly and cuts off the single
NM Odhiambo to Paudel, OUT, and a run out! just when you thought they will sail through. Taps it away on the off side, straight to the fielder coming in from behind square. Non- striker goes for it blindly and Paudel had no option but to go for it and is run out by miles at the non-striker's end

RK Paudel run out (Odhiambo/Obuya) 47 (91m 86b 1x4 0x6) SR: 54.65

NM Odhiambo to Sompal Kami, 1 run, cut away off the back-foot to third man, easy single... nicely played in the end
NM Odhiambo to Paudel, 1 run, pitched up outside the off stump, hit in the air and on the bounce to the fielder at long-off
NM Odhiambo to Paudel, 2 runs, slower ball, was slightly shot as well and Paudel mist hits it down to long-on, the fielder is placed deep there and the batsmen get enough time to scamper through for the second

Nelson Odhiambo to bowl the last over

Nepal 2nd innings Partnerships

1st8G MallaAK Sah
2nd3P KhadkaG Malla
3rd3P KhadkaDS Airee
4th55P KhadkaS Vesawkar
5th13S VesawkarAarif Sheikh
6th87Aarif SheikhRK Paudel
7th7Sompal KamiRK Paudel
8th2Sompal KamiKaran KC