18th Match, Pool A (D/N), Melbourne, Feb 26 2015, ICC Cricket World Cup
(47/50 ov, target 333)240
Sri Lanka won by 92 runs
Player Of The Match
161* (146) & 2/35
end of over 476 runs • 2 wickets
BAN: 240/10CRR: 5.10 RRR: 31.00
Rubel Hossain0 (5)
Lasith Malinga 9-0-35-3
Tillakaratne Dilshan 8-0-35-2

22.07pm This match belonged to the Sri Lankan top order and the bowlers complemented the effort very well, winning the match by 92 runs. Bangladesh do have a strong batting order but Mushfiqur and Shakib came out pretty late and the RRR had climbed up a lot by then. Soumya tried initially, Sabbir chipped in with a fighting fifty at No. 8, but it wasn't enough.

Dilshan is the Man of the Match: Really happy today because in last game I got out on first ball. I'm enjoying every single moment in the middle and try to enjoy every ball there with the youngsters. Sanga is a great man, no doubt. With him I've had more than 14-15 hundred partnerships. With him I discussed how to build the partnership and the Powerplay. I also dropped one catch and it's part of the game, but I'm very happy how we came back and Malinga bowled well. We bowled and fielded well.

Mashrafe Mortaza: Fielding cost us but our bowlers were up to the mark and next match we will try to come up with good things. Dilshan and Sangakkara are great players, they showed us today. Without a win you can't think anything and I hope this is our worst game in the tournament.

Angelo Mathews: They [Dilshan and Sangakkara] were brilliant, they batted us through and Dilshan was amazing. It was a calculated effort and it was a clinical performance. I won't say clinical because we were slightly sloppy on the field, we could have done better. But once we got the runs bowlers got to bowl freely. It's important to peak at the right time and when it comes to the QFs, we'll take it one match at a time.

Sir Lanka go to second place in the points table now, just behind New Zealand. They should feel better about that. And that's the end of our coverage here, do join us for South Africa v West Indies tomorrow at 1430 Sydney time, 0330 GMT. It's goodbye and good luck from Vishal and Sidharth Monga, ciao!

Malinga to Taskin, OUT

he's finished it off with a yorker on middle and gets him lbw! Oh hang on, Taskin asks for a review. Taskin, a left-hander, tried to tuck the ball to leg but got his bat nowhere close to the ball and was trapped low and right in front of middle stump. The decision stays

Taskin Ahmed lbw b Malinga 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Malinga to Sabbir, OUT

bangs in the short ball, makes Sabbir uncomfortable who gets a glove to it while trying to cover his chin and Sanga runs to his right to complete a good, low catch. Malinga gets his second wicket

Sabbir Rahman c †Sangakkara b Malinga 53 (63m 62b 7x4 0x6) SR: 85.48
Malinga to Sabbir, no run

bouncer now on the leg stump line, Sabbir ducks under it

Malinga to Sabbir, FOUR runs

errs down the leg side and Sabbir helps it along the way fine down leg for four to bring up his fifty

Malinga to Sabbir, 2 runs

full on middle and leg and this one is flicked in the air nicely to deep midwicket for two

Malinga to Sabbir, no run

back of length outside off, helps it to point

Back comes Malinga, he has two overs left

Ahmed: "where is Mominul?" In the dressing room, He came at No. 4 today

end of over 461 run
BAN: 234/8CRR: 5.08 RRR: 24.75
Rubel Hossain0 (5)
Sabbir Rahman47 (57)
Tillakaratne Dilshan 8-0-35-2
Angelo Mathews 5.4-0-36-1
Dilshan to Rubel, no run

that one spun the other way and Rubel punched it into the covers

Dilshan to Rubel, no run

punches the ball after it turns in from outside off

Dilshan to Rubel, no run

turning in from outside off, he goes back and defends

Dilshan to Rubel, no run

on length and just outside off, pushed back to Dilshan

Dilshan to Sabbir, 1 run

short and flat, pulled off the middle of the bat to deep midwicket

Dilshan to Sabbir, no run

flighted outside off, Sabbir tries the reverse sweep and it goes off his arm towards leg slip

ds: "failure of middle order batsmen is giving time to low order batsmen to make their highest score"

end of over 455 runs
BAN: 233/8CRR: 5.17 RRR: 20.00
Sabbir Rahman46 (55)
Rubel Hossain0 (1)
Angelo Mathews 5.4-0-36-1
Tillakaratne Dilshan 7-0-34-2
Angelo Mathews to Sabbir, 1 run

slightly shorter outside off and he chops it to third man for one

Angelo Mathews to Sabbir, FOUR runs

too full and wide and he crunches it through the covers with a powerful drive for four

Angelo Mathews to Sabbir, no run

back of length outside the off stump, guides it late to backward point

Angelo Mathews to Sabbir, no run

offcutter outside off, tapped to point off the back foot

Angelo Mathews to Sabbir, no run

covers his stumps this time and blocks it back

Angelo Mathews to Sabbir, no run

length delivery outside off, taps it to point

Mathews to continue

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