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1st ODI (D/N), Sydney, November 27, 2020, India tour of Australia
(50 ov, T:375) 308/8

Australia won by 66 runs

Player Of The Match
105 (66)
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end of over 501 run • 1 wicket
INDIA: 308/8CRR: 6.16 
Jasprit Bumrah0 (3)
Navdeep Saini29 (35)
Mitchell Starc 9-0-65-1
Josh Hazlewood 10-0-55-3

11.24 pm: Right, that brings us to the end of this first ODI. Australia have taken a 1-0 lead. Can India come back - don't forget to join us for the second ODI in two days' time.

Aaron Finch: I found it reasonably hard to get my timing in the middle overs. Took a couple of chances and luckily they came off. We've barely been together as a team, half in quarantine and half training at SCG. There was no conscious effort to say we're going to go and target X,Y,Z. As partnerships grow you work it out. Each guy has different strengths and weaknesses. Davey is moving beautifully, something he's been working on. Smudge was different class altogether. And Maxi, that rare ability he's got to almost just click his fingers and put pressure back on the opposition. Super skill, some of those reverses were extraordinary.

Virat Kohli: We got enough time to prepare, I don't think there's any excuses on the field when you don't pull up as a side. Probably the first long game we've played in a while, we've been playing T20 cricket. But having said that, we've all played a lot of ODI cricket. The body language after 25-26 overs was disappointing. A quality side will hurt you (if you have fielding lapses). We'll have to find out ways of getting a few overs from a few part-timers in the side. Unfortunately Hardik is not ready to bowl yet so we have to accept that and work around it. That is an area we have looked at, which is a very big part of any team balance. Stoinis and Glenn (Maxwell) do it for Australia. The key to keeping the batsmen in check is picking up wickets and we couldn't do that. From the batting point of view, we had a chat briefly after the game - all of us committed to playing positively and that's why you saw everyone go out there and play with intent. We just need to have a big innings from the top three, 130 or 140, which didn't happen unfortunately. Hardik's innings was an example of that (intent). At no stage did we think we might not get there. We committed to playing positive cricket and we are going to do that going forward as well. When teams put up large totals, you have to have a plan. (On him bowling a few overs) [laughs] Maybe I'll bowl a few when Finchy is batting because I know he doesn't want to get out to me.

Steven Smith is the Man of the Match: I've been searching for something for a couple of months now, unfortunately haven't been able to find it. But a couple of days ago I started to hit the ball where I wanted it, and everything came back, the rhythm came back. Finchy and Davey set an excellent platform, we could come and just take off. I wasn't thinking too much out there, just seeing the ball and hitting it. That's probably when I bat my best. I took a few more risks than I would normally, targeted some bowlers and fortunately it came off today. I thought it was a bit high (on the lbw referral) and fortunately it was. You need a bit of luck sometimes, nice to ride it today and score a few for the team.

11.12 pm: How good was Australia's batting though? Aaron Finch shrugged off periods of unfluency to raise another century. David Warner was quietly efficient, Glenn Maxwell put behind a poor IPL to unleash a typically Maxwell innings. And Steven Smith, with newly rediscovered hands, was amazing.

11.09 pm: A 66-run win for Australia, which speaks about the gulf between the sides today. Australia's batsmen, led by Steven Smith, were a cut above what India could muster. The Indians did challenge the total for parts of the innings, but the enormity of the target meant everytime a wicket fell, the pressure ratcheted up. Especially with India's long tail. Hardik Pandya played a fine hand, and Shikhar Dhawan did his bit at the top of the order too. Starc had a very rusty day but Hazlewood and Zampa ensured there would be no miracle win for India.

Starc to Bumrah, no run

yorker goes through him, misses off stump though, and it's a big win for Australia

Starc to Bumrah, no run

back of a length outside off, Bumrah was probably expecting a yorker, and he's late on that, goes past his bat

Starc to Bumrah, no run

yorker outside off, Bumrah keeps it out, getting right behind it and patting to cover

Starc to Shami, OUT

the Starc yorker on show finally. Too good for Shami, blockhole and off stump knocked back. Not been a happy day for Starc, but he at least has one trademark wicket now

Mohammed Shami b Starc 13 (10b 1x4 1x6) SR: 130
Starc to Saini, 1 run

steps away to carve this length ball through point. There's a man in the deep to field

Starc to Saini, no run

fuller on the stumps, patted to mid-off

end of over 498 runs
INDIA: 307/7CRR: 6.26 RRR: 68.00
Navdeep Saini28 (33)
Mohammed Shami13 (9)
Josh Hazlewood 10-0-55-3
Mitchell Starc 8-0-64-0
Hazlewood to Saini, 1 run

length outside off, he's trying to thrash it through off again but gets the toe-end of the bat and it trickles to third man

Hazlewood to Saini, no run

low full toss, yorker gone wrong, he heaves it to mid-on

Hazlewood to Saini, 2 runs

back of a length outside off, steps away and throws his bat at it. The sliced shot lobs up, but doesn't carry to third man

Hazlewood to Saini, no run

full on the stumps, clipped to mid-on

Hazlewood to Saini, 2 runs

width outside off and he crashes this full ball through cover

Hazlewood to Saini, (no ball)

yorker on middle and leg now, he can't get bat on it. Was sliding down leg

Hazlewood to Saini, 2 runs

goes for the yorker on middle stump, doesn't quite get it, the batsman clears front leg and swipes across the line to deep midwicket

end of over 482 runs
INDIA: 299/7CRR: 6.22 RRR: 38.00
Mohammed Shami13 (9)
Navdeep Saini21 (26)
Mitchell Starc 8-0-64-0
Glenn Maxwell 6.4-0-55-0
Starc to Shami, no run

beaten outside off, length ball and he is feeling for it

Adarsh: "Smith's innings today ended up being the difference between the two teams. A very obvious choice for the man of the match."

- Agreed. He'd be my Man of the Match too

Starc to Saini, 1 run

fuller outside off, thick outside edge goes to third man

Starc also trying to hurry through his over. Asked for the ball back quickly and jogged back to his mark.

Starc to Saini, no run

full outside off, giving himself room to slash it on the offside but can't connect

Starc to Saini, no run

yorker outside off, driven confidently to mid-off. Not timed that well though

Starc to Saini, no run

they've gone for a review for caught behind. I think it flicked the pad. length ball goes down leg and Carey collects and belts out an appeal. Starc follows but not as confidently. Finch has gone for the review though Starc seemed to shrug as if to say 'I'm not sure'. Nothing on HotSpot and no spike on Ultra edge either. So it'll stay not out.

Starc to Shami, 1 run

full on off from around the wicket, driven on the up to deep point

Anmol: "Is Finch bowling his spinners instead of the the quickies for the over-rate?"

Indeed he is. But now Starc is back.

end of over 4715 runs
INDIA: 297/7CRR: 6.31 RRR: 26.00
Navdeep Saini20 (22)
Mohammed Shami12 (7)
Glenn Maxwell 6.4-0-55-0
Adam Zampa 10-0-54-4
Maxwell to Saini, FOUR runs

flatter and quicker, tried to flat bat it towards midwicket but it takes the top edge and runs very fine - no fielder to stop that one

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