2nd ODI (D/N), Taunton, Jun 30 2021, India Women tour of England
(47.3/50 ov, target 222)225/5
ENG Women won by 5 wickets (with 15 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match

9.35pm So that's the end of that. England lead 2-0 in the ODIs with Worcester to come, plus three T20Is in which they hope to close out the multi-format series. Annesha and Valkerie are preparing their post-match analysis, but from Miller, Sreshth, Ranjith and the rest of the ESPNcricinfo team, good night!

The Player of the Match is Kate Cross: "A good day, and an amazing crowd. I feel like I got recognition for being boring, tried to do that most of the series, sometimes I get the rubbish job so nice to get a few myself! It's difficult, you always want to play cricket so running drinks can be draining. We had a real gutsy team performance, and it was set up by the bowlers."

Harmanpreet Kaur: "All the batters batted really well but otherwise we were in the game. We want to go with our best XI, the tournament is still on for us. We want to go with our best XI."

Heather Knight: "We were tested today which is good for our development as a side. So chuffed for Crossy, some up and down years, but she's been Mrs Consistent, and a few new tricks, adding the bouncer. Thinking a lot about her five-for when that catch went up!

On Dunkley: "So important, such a mature innings, kept it simple, a natural ball-striker but reined it in and made the No.6 spot her own."

9.20pm So England lead the series by six points to two after two wins in a row in the ODIs. And if we didn't know it already, a new England star has been born. Sophia Ivy Rose Dunkley finishes unbeaten on 73, with Brunt unbeaten on 33 alongside her. Each of England's batters reached double-figures, which tells a tale. India couldn't match that consistency, largely thanks to a brilliant five-for from Kate Cross. Mithali Raj made a fighting fifty and Jhulan Goswami defended a sub-par total with intent. But it wasn't quite enough.

Sampath has a stat-attack for you: "Sophia Dunkley's 73* is the second highest score by a No.6 or lower batter for England Women in ODIs."

In fact, he has two. "Dunkley and Brunt's partnership is the highest for 6th wicket or lower in a successful Women's ODI chase"

Steve: "SIR has played beautifully, but if there is any justice in the game Kate Cross should get player of the match. "

Swarnanka: "SIR Dunkley has career runs of 78, 74 and 73 in T20Is, Tests and ODIs respectively, at the same time. She has also remained Not Out in more international innings than she has been dismissed."

Sharma to Brunt, FOUR runs

hammered to the rope, and England take a 2-0 lead! Brunt seals the seal in an unbroken fifth-wicket stand. That was a fabulous tussle, and settled in style

Sharma to Dunkley, 1 run

bashed down the ground off a full length to bring the scores level

Sharma to Dunkley, 2 runs

worked off the legs with a paddle sweep, behind square, that's two of them

end of over 475 runs
ENG-W: 218/5CRR: 4.63 RRR: 1.33
Sophia Dunkley71 (79)
Katherine Brunt29 (45)
Sneh Rana 10-0-43-1
Jhulan Goswami 10-0-40-1

Ashish: "Both the losses have been due to slow run rate of Indian team. Either they are not able to judge what is the defendable score on the pitch or could not execute the plans.Some one need to step up or step down !! " I'd say it was the untimely dismissals too. Not to mention an outstanding partnership

Rana to Dunkley, 1 run

fuller length, chipped to the on-side, another single

Rana to Brunt, 1 run

languid ball-striking now, a skip to the pitch and thumped to long-on. A boundary away now

Dude: ""second maiden 60"??? I don't get it, how a maiden can be done twice??? " Different format innit

Rana to Dunkley, 1 run

works the gap again

Rana to Dunkley, no run

closes the face on a full length

Rana to Brunt, 1 run

boshed to long-on, shades of Graham Gooch in that followthrough. But I see that in most authoritative on-drives

Rana to Dunkley, 1 run

drilled off the front foot, to long-off

end of over 467 runs
ENG-W: 213/5CRR: 4.63 RRR: 2.25
Sophia Dunkley68 (75)
Katherine Brunt27 (43)
Jhulan Goswami 10-0-40-1
Sneh Rana 9-0-38-1

John Gilks: "Or more accurately Dame Sophia Dunkley. Lady Dunkley would be a peer." I need to swot up on my Burkes.... either way, Slam Dunkley will probably suffice

Goswami to Dunkley, 1 run

into the toes, clipped off the pads behind square

Goswami to Brunt, 1 run

thumped over the on-side, into the blockhole from Goswami and walloped on the bounce to long-on

Mark: "That Indian collapse from 145-3 is beginning to look expensive now, even if the last pair did add 20-odd to rescue it a bit. " And some...

Goswami to Brunt, no run

full toss, a chance to free the arms again, but tidied up in the covers

Goswami to Dunkley, 1 run

worked into the gap, another single to the target

Duncan : "Second maiden 60 in the series for Sir Dunkley. I think 50 is such an arbitrary number. " Indeed. Five-fingered hands have a lot to answer for. We should be more Anne Boleyn about such things...

Goswami to Dunkley, no run

defended into the off side

Goswami to Dunkley, FOUR runs

banged in short, crashed through midwicket! Goswami leaks a boundary first up, and now it feels like the gig is really up

end of over 453 runs
ENG-W: 206/5CRR: 4.57 RRR: 3.20
Sophia Dunkley62 (71)
Katherine Brunt26 (41)
Sneh Rana 9-0-38-1
Jhulan Goswami 9-0-33-1

Jamie Dow: "We need more SIRs in the women's game ... Sir Alastair Cook, Sir Ravi Jadeja, make way now for SIR Dunkley (with a capital S.I.R.!)." Lady Dunkley will suffice

Rana to Dunkley, 1 run

drilled hard to mid-off, a full followthrough, bounces just short of the fielder

Rana to Dunkley, no run

chopped off the back foot, out to point, sharp spin from a good length

Rana to Brunt, 1 run

back of a length, Brunt winds into a flat swivelling pull through square leg, gathered on the bounce

Rana to Brunt, no run

full length, back to the bowler

And if SIR's are your bag... Sir Andy is in another bar-brawl at Wimbledon right now. Or will be when the roof is on... something to fill the evening when this one is done

Rana to Brunt, no run

back of a length, cut to point

Rana to Dunkley, 1 run

a stride to the pitch, punched to cover

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