5th ODI, Cardiff, July 02, 2016, Sri Lanka tour of England and Ireland
(42.4/50 ov, T:325) 202

England won by 122 runs

Player Of The Match
70 (45)
Player Of The Series
316 runs
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6.34pm So, England head to the podium to get their champagne on, and continue to enjoy their new-found success. That's it from Cardiff, thanks for joining us today, from Deivarayan Muthu and Andrew Miller, goodbye.

6.16pm So, presentation time, and Jos Buttler is man of the match for his 70 from 45 balls. "I've had a little bit of success, so nice to contribute in a fantastic performance and a fitting end to the series for us," he says. "Great innings from Joe, we always wanted to get to 300 and knew if we batted our 50 overs we'd get more than that."

The Man of the Series, unsurprisingly, goes to Jason Roy for his two matchwinning hundreds. "I've been getting 40s and 30s and getting out, so nice to push on. I've put in a lot of hard work, a lot of respect for the coaching staff." And a word for his stand-in partner, James Vince: "He's class".

Do you see yourself as a Test player too? "That's the dream, but it's a gradual climb."

Sri Lanka's captain, Angelo Mathew has this to say: "We've been having the same problems, we need a perfect game to beat the English boys, they outplayed us.

"It was not a 325 wicket, but unfortunately for us the batting didn't click either. Our running was very poor in the past five games, we need to work as a team and day-by-day try to improve."

That tie in the first game. "England did well to tie it up and got momentum from there. Lots of positives, we are a young group. The seniors have a major role to play but the youngsters have to take up the challenge."

Eoin Morgan: "We adapted to conditions a lot better. If I'd have known I'd have gone in with two spinners, but our seamers held their lengths pretty well. A couple of things please me, the belief in the changing room has been outstanding, Jason Roy's individual performances, everyone has contributed with the bat except for myself, which is disappointing, but it'll come..."

6.10pm England won by 122 runs, the margin highlights the gulf between the two teams. Morgan and Roy lead England off the field. They move to fifth on the ODI table. After Root and Buttler charged the hosts to 324, England's seamers made early inroads. They bowled disciplined lines and lengths before Rashid pitched in with a couple wickets.

Chandi made his fourth successive half-century, but the other batsmen failed to rally around him. The visitors were ultimately bowled out for 202 in 42.4 overs. Do stick with us for the presentation.

Gnasher from the ground has whipped up the plays of the day, featuring Plunkett's pinpoint yorker

Ian: "How does this series affect the World Rankings?" --- England move to fifth

Willey to Pradeep, OUT

England wrap up a 3-0 series win. Full at the leg stump, hint of reverse-swing again, Pradeep backs away and searches for a lofted hit. He can only miscue it to mid-on. Woakes settles under it

Nuwan Pradeep c Woakes b Willey 7 (8b 1x4 0x6 11m) SR: 87.5
Willey to Bandara, 1 run

length and holds its line outside off, Bandara gets his first runs via an flashing outside edge to third man

Willey to Bandara, no run

full and reverse-swings in, inside-edged to the leg side as the No.11 wafts at the incoming ball

Willey to Bandara, no run

floated full on off, pushed down to mid-off

end of over 426 runs
SL: 201/9CRR: 4.78 RRR: 15.50
Nuwan Pradeep7 (7b 1x4)
Chaminda Bandara0 (0b)
Chris Woakes 9-0-36-0
David Willey 8-0-33-3
Woakes to Pradeep, no run

loopy slower short ball, 67mph. The batsman is fooled and is pinged on the elbow

Woakes to Pradeep, no run

full at middle, Pradeep stays in the crease and taps down the ground

Woakes to Pradeep, 2 runs

full on middle, Pradeep backs away outside leg and scythes it to the right of Roy at backward point. Perhaps, Roy did not pick it up. He was late to react

Woakes to Pradeep, no run

Pradeep shuffles outside leg for the third time in a row. Woakes follows him, instead of targetting the stumps

Woakes to Pradeep, no run

Pradeep jumps outside leg again, Woakes replies with a bouncer chasing the moving batsman. Beaten on the hook

Woakes to Pradeep, FOUR runs

low full toss on middle, Pradeep backs away and flat-bat biffs to the cover fence

No.11 Bandara

end of over 414 runs • 2 wickets
SL: 195/9CRR: 4.75 RRR: 14.44
Nuwan Pradeep1 (1b)
David Willey 8-0-33-3
Chris Woakes 8-0-30-0
Willey to Chandimal, OUT

knocked em' over. Back of a length and swings away from Chandimal from over the wicket. Is the ball reversing? Chandi pushes with a straight bat and misses. Willey strikes the top of middle. SL nine down

Dinesh Chandimal b Willey 53 (66b 2x4 1x6 116m) SR: 80.3
Willey to Pradeep, 1 run

full at the legs from round the wicket, Pradeep whips to deep midwicket


Willey to Lakmal, OUT

Lakmal plops a catch into the hands of Morgan at short extra cover. Cutter from Willey, sticks in the surface, outside off. Lakmal loses his shape as he seeks to drive. He has to settle with a sliced hit to the England captain

Suranga Lakmal c Morgan b Willey 10 (23b 1x4 0x6 29m) SR: 43.47
Willey to Chandimal, 1 run

yorker, squeezed to sweeper cover

Willey to Lakmal, 1 run

tucked to the leg side

Willey to Chandimal, 1 run

back of a length on leg from over the wicket, Chandi surges down the track and heaves to deep midwicket

end of over 402 runs
SL: 191/7CRR: 4.77 RRR: 13.40
Suranga Lakmal9 (21b 1x4)
Dinesh Chandimal51 (63b 2x4 1x6)
Chris Woakes 8-0-30-0
David Willey 7-0-29-1
Woakes to Lakmal, no run

full and outside off, another one flashes past the outside edge

Sooryanarayanan: "Meanwhile, a shocker at SW19. Novak Djokovic has been knocked out of Wimbledon."

Slight hold-up in play. Lakmal needs a change of bat. Instead, the reserve player gets some drinks. The bat is finally out. Lakmal growing in confidence? He has reached his highest ODI score

Subodh Yeole: "Its a shame that majority of Chandimal's recent knocks have come in a losing cause."

Woakes to Lakmal, no run

full and outside off, Lakmal is caught on a fishing expedition in the channel. Woakes defeats the outside edge

vikrammeena: "Dinesh Chandimal has been in sublime form over the past few days..he just needs someone to support him in chases like this"

Woakes to Lakmal, 1 wide

errant ball down the leg side

Woakes to Lakmal, no run

back of a length outside off, worked to mid-on

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