Bangladesh news October 15, 2012

BCB to investigate alleged umpires corruption

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has formed a three-member committee to investigate allegations of "corrupt conduct by umpires under its jurisdiction" levied by an Indian news channel that conducted a sting operation. The committee comprises BCB directors Sirajuddin Mohammad Alamgir and Mahmood Jamal, and Mesbahuddin Serniabat, the board's head of anti-corruption and security.

The BCB, along with the ICC and the cricket boards of Sri Lanka and Pakistan, had already agreed not to appoint any of the umpires named by India TV in domestic and international matches until an enquiry is conducted.

Bangladesh's Nadir Shah, the only umpire shown in the sting to have met the undercover reporters in person, returned to Dhaka on Monday afternoon. He said was ready to speak to the investigation committee whenever he is called.

"I will definitely comply with the investigation committee," Shah told ESPNcricinfo. "BCB have done so much for me so far, so I have to tell them my side of the story. I have some evidence that I will turn in."

Shah said he had felt "threatened" by the party he met at a Delhi hotel earlier this year. "I went there to complete a deal to umpire in the Sri Lanka Premier League. I was taken from the airport to a hotel, where I was introduced to a guy. There were a few others in the room.

"I felt threatened by what they were saying and as a result I went along with what they were asking me to do. I knew it was wrong and a few days later I was told by my agent that they were not the sort of people I should talk to. They called me a few times afterwards but I said I don't want to be disturbed."

Shah has officiated in 40 ODIs and three Twenty20 internationals. "I can't comment on what will happen to me and what is there in the future until the investigation is over. I have a clean record and have never participated in any sort of match-fixing."

Sharfuddoula Ibne Shahid Saikat is the other umpire who was shown to have had a Skype conversation with India TV. According to sources, Saikat is also going to be questioned by the committee. At the time of his first contact with the undercover reporters in the guise of sports agents in July, Saikat had reported the matter to the BCB umpires manager.

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo's correspondent in Bangladesh