Ashes February 15, 2007

Aussies are now the bigger whingers

Ted Corbett lets rip in Sportstar

Ted Corbett lets rip in Sportstar. Click here to read the tour diary.

I hear a claim that the old cry about "whinging Poms" — who are supposedly always complaining about some slight, mishap or wrong — no longer comes readily to Australian lips. Perhaps the Aussies are now the bigger whingers. They spent most of this warm summer telling us that they want to see more fight from the England side but when the Poms not only put up a fight but win a match there is a complaint that Aussie fans did not pay $50 a ticket to see their side lose, particularly when their favourite player Brett Lee is left out of the team. Now that is whinging; and in my opinion no-one whinges better than a defeated Australian.

Sriram Veera is a former staff writer at ESPNcricinfo