May 17, 2007


US no closer to being readmitted to the fold

Martin Williamson

Nearly three months after the ICC charged West Indies with the responsibility of helping to resolve the bitter infighting which led to the USA Cricket Association being suspended from world cricket, Cricinfo can reveal that no progress has been made.

With the ICC's AGM due at the end of June, a mere six weeks offers scant time in which to make any headway into resolving the situation, leaving USA facing an indefinite period in international isolation.

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Posted by Bruce Baskin on (May 22, 2007, 7:21 GMT)

I have begun a program called World Cricket Today on Radio Miami International (or WRMI), a shortwave radio station in Miami. WCT began as a daily one-minute update that ran for 50 consecutive days during the World Cup, and is now a weekly 15-minute program that airs every Sunday (and is audiostreamed on the internet at While WCT covers international cricket, it also provides coverage of the game in the USA and Canada by reporting on five domestic leagues per week. I'm hoping to carry year-round updates of 30 North American leagues on a rotating basis, and so far I've reported on 15 of them since the beginning of May.

The reason I'm doing this program (and paying for it out of my own pocket) is because I believe cricket deserves a damned sight better than it has received in the USA. USACA has been an utter failure, and one result is that there is no effort to bring the game to the American public as a whole. I realize there is only so much a weekly program on shortwave radio can accomplish, but it's a start in a positive direction. When's the last time anyone could say that about anything USACA has done? My pockets are not deep, but at least I'm trying to get the information out. Even the smallest step forward is a step forward.

Cricket is far from dead in the USA...If anything, it's growing at the local level. But there needs to be a concerted effort to connect the dots and present cricket on a national basis, especially to American-born people like me who might me open to learning about it.

Cricket is a beautiful game, but even the most gorgeous of roses will wither if they're kept out of the sun.

Posted by Nazir on (May 19, 2007, 20:09 GMT)

ICC should concentrate its efforts towards Ireland. Instead of wasting money on American Cricket (approximately)USD $1 million, it should make sure those players get paid for their participation in World Cup Cricket. We read reports on that the Irish players were paid nothing, I fact, some of them had to for-go salaries from their regular jobs to play. The ICC gained from their inspired performance, it's only fair to share the wealth, rather than throwing it away to a corrupt regime. American Cricket will sort itself out in the long run. It cannot go like this forever, unless the ICC supports the current organization. Revolution is at hand, let it work it's course.

Posted by Texan on (May 18, 2007, 20:53 GMT)

I hope Mr. Bruce Aanensen takes an active role in resolving this issue. As a President of one of the prominent league in CW Zone, I can assure you our full support to Mr. Bruce Aanensen. We have tried to work with USACA Executives in the past and its waste of time for lot of us. As League Presidents have expressed earlier, they tried their best to resolve the issues with USACA Executives and after suspension by ICC no communication from them on coming to table and discuss issues. These executives have no interest of cricket players at their heart. In Central West we are proceeding with our annual CW Championship Tournament in Dallas on Memorial Day weekend with HCL (Houston), NTCA (Dallas), CTCL (Austin) and CCL (Colorado) participating. We are also holding Under 19 Trials during the same time at same place. USACA Executives are doing nothing. So if you really like to resolve these issues, Mr. Bruce Aanensen you need to talk to these League Presidents and hear their side of the story. Couple of months back about 15 to 20 League Presidents met via Conference call and suggested some ideas. Please follow up with these people who care about cricket instead of wasting your time with USACA Executives . I hope more League Presidents will express their opinion via this forum. Mr. Bruce Aanensen let us know when you are ready to talk to us. We are waiting for your invitation. Thanks for looking into this matter Mr. Bruce Aanensen. Thanks Cricinfo.

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