October 9, 2007


US cricket continues to lack accountability

Martin Williamson

Silence continues to be the order of the day in the USA where it is proving impossible to find out how the review of the constitution is progressing.

Cricinfo has learned that the process has stalled, and it seems that is because the USA Cricket Association executive has thrown up a series of objections at the 11th hour. The exact nature of these is unknown, and the irony that the very body that tried to force through a new constitution earlier this year with almost no consultation is now stalling at the end of a lengthy and all-encompassing review is not lost on anyone.

With the review process now weeks behind schedule, it looks increasingly unlikely that national elections can be held by the end of November. That delay will mean that the USA’s long-awaited readmission to international cricket will be further stalled. Once more, grassroots cricketers suffer because of largely anonymous administrators' egos.

The few glimpses Cricinfo has had behind the scenes reveals increasing exasperation among many stakeholders at what they perceive as the relentless attempts of the existing USACA executive to remain in place regardless of the harm it does.

However, most stakeholders remain in the dark. The USACA refuses to comment on anything – it has still not ever admitted publicly that it has been suspended from the ICC – and the review group are equally silent. This is turning out to be a most private battle.

The USA is the world’s major democracy. The USACA, however, is about as open and accountable as the North Korean government.


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Posted by Randolph Ramlall on (October 30, 2007, 1:41 GMT)

Yes, I agree that for cricket to develop incrementally in the U.S.A,there is a need for people who are dedicated and can change things around.These people must be transparent individuals, who are not looking at cricket for ways to fulfil their small ego.We need leadership so that we can move forward. Sometime ago,I suggested two cricketers,Dr.Sunil Ramlall and Dr.Tariq Samad from the Minnesota Falcons team.These two gentlemen have exceptionally successful track records at management level and have demonstrated success in leading programmes that have helped organizations to meet their institutional objectives.Dr.Sunil Ramlall, a Professor,has presented papers on areas related to strategic planning,revenue generation and organizational behavior.He has distinguished himself as a leader with strong skills in management.He is currently the Captain of the Falcons cricket team of Minnesota. I strongly recommend that these gentlemen be included in the efforts to establish cricket as one of the major sports in the U.S.A. Thank you.

Posted by Asif Ahmad on (October 29, 2007, 17:40 GMT)

Coach: I could not believe that you wrote " young players should not voice there opinion" That is a stone age as well as slave driving mentality. I hope you are willing to change, if you really wanted to make some progress here in US in cricket. Your statement is terrifying.

Posted by Coach on (October 24, 2007, 13:27 GMT)

hey Ashif, I might be harsh on the kid but that is the way I coach. Read my posting, I said play on the field. Kids need to concentrate on the playing surface. These forums are not for kids to write about. A good Cricketer is one who understands the game and plays the game the way it should be. If the kid writes he is not building the future of USA. None of the kids that I coach will ever do anything like this. Maybe from your team. If you need a coach call me 212-371-1580. I coach for free. I owe an apology to you not the kid. I apologize to you for being rude cause you deserve it. You fool. Young players should not voice their opinion. I have all the proof I need, I was there at the tournament.

Posted by Asif Ahmad on (October 22, 2007, 17:01 GMT)

Hi Coach; That was little harsh for a young player who is willing to voice his opinion. You have no proof that this was not written by under 19 player. You are implying that all under 19 players are not smart enough to read and write English. people like you are the problem and are guilty of discouraging youngsters to participate in building future of cricket in US. You owe an apology to this young player and learn to encourage young players. With this kind of attitude, I will never ask you to coach cricket to any young players in US.

Posted by Coach on (October 21, 2007, 14:47 GMT)

U19 player, comments like these will not get you to play for USA (Stop Patronizing). You must be playing in another tournament in Florida at the same time. Or these comments have been written pretending as a player. Concentrate on your game and improve it rather getting into political aspects of it. Simply put play cricket on the field not on websites. All the best player. Your written english is too good for an U19 player. Especially for a minor.

Posted by North West region u19 player on (October 21, 2007, 7:30 GMT)

I played the under 19 tournament in Florida representing the North West region this year. I got a first hand experience at the tournament and I have to say I disagree with most people here about how the under 19 tournament was run.

I felt that the tournament was pretty well organized and the organizers didn't seem to favor a particular team ie. New York Region. They must be given credit where it is due. The tournament was played in Florida where weather wasn't the most supportive but still the grounds were in good shape and the turf pitch played well even though there was rain.

I understand that USA teams can't play in ICC sanctioned events and that being an under 19 player specially hurts me and I hope that this gets cleared up as soon as possible. Seeing the improvement of this years u 19 competition compared to last years (where NW region won) gives me hope that US cricket is headed in the right direction.

Furthermore, based on this U-19 tournament you can not say that President Dainty favored the New York Region. The region won because they were well prepared and played two solid days of cricket and not because of political reasons.

Posted by League President on (October 19, 2007, 1:17 GMT)

Nominations should be posted for each position on the website and each league cast's it's vote for the right Candidate. Elected by Majority rather than Regional Director. No Current Executive or Regional Director is eligible for nomination.

Posted by timmyj51 on (October 18, 2007, 1:01 GMT)

Well, this new constitution draft still has lots of flaws but it looks like its better than the previous ones. Most importantly, the five executive USACA board members (pres., vps, sec, tres.) will now be elected by representatives of each league, rather than the regional directors as in the past, so looks like the CLP have got their way.

Big losers are regional directors who are no longer on the BOD. They're replaced by regional reps. Says the BOD nominee with the majority is elected but doesn't say what happens if no nominee gets a majority. Also has a bunch of confusing points. Says honorary members can't vote but doesn't tell us if life members can. Associate members (schools, colleges) can't vote and can't become full members. Why would anyone be an associate member? Says (X:4) BOD members must be elected by March 31. Then says (XXI:1) must be elected by Nov. 30. Says BOD won't manage day-to-day activities of USACA but if you look at the responsibilities of the secretary and treasurer hard to see how this won't be the case.

Posted by Raj on (October 16, 2007, 17:33 GMT)

We are having all these problems because the Executives (President, VP etc) and BODs have no term-limits. Let us put a term-limit as part of the constitution. ICC has one, BCCI has one and most of the boards have term limits. Why not USACA???

Posted by Adam Scholem on (October 15, 2007, 18:24 GMT)

Regional Director, If New York is the best part of the country for cricket, why can't I easily find information about joining a team? I live across the river in Jersey City, and am happy to go to New York (any of the five boroughs, Long Island, Westchester) to play. I'm part of that supposed holy grail of American cricket, a US-born non-Asian who loves the game and wants to play and spread the good word of cricket. One of the major gripes about cricket in the US is that it's played exclusively by ex-pats and their children. I'm the target market; why is it so hard to play?

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