Brydon Coverdale on Australia in South Africa 2008-09 February 21, 2009

When spectators get a taste of the action

A fun lunch for those watching the tour game in Potchefstroom

"Patrons are reminded that they are not permitted on the playing arena at any time." That's the usual message that is broadcast over the PA system at cricket grounds around Australia, regardless of whether it's an international match, a state fixture or a tour game.

So it was rather unexpected to hear the announcement as the players left the field for lunch on the second day of Australia's warm-up game - a first-class match - against the South African Board President's XI in Potchefstroom. The PA system delivered a message telling the fans they were allowed to run amok on the oval during the break, though perhaps not in those words.

Being a Saturday, several hundred fans had turned up and they didn't need to be told twice. Soon there were dozens of mini-cricket matches being played by kids in the outfield and some of the bowling looked just as dangerous as anything offered by the two proper teams on a flat pitch.

Other spectators went for an inspection of the pitch, although they were stopped from getting on the centre square by a group of security guards holding up a protective tape. It meant the day was actually fun for the spectators and it was a refreshing change at an international venue.

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