October 6, 2009

Champions Trophy

Who's responsible for those jackets?

Brydon Coverdale

Peter Hanlon in the Age wonders who could possibly have thought those white jackets for the Champions Trophy winners were a good idea.

Cricket, bless it, has largely stayed a fashion-free zone, as anyone aware of the evolution of one-day uniforms since the West Indies first donned pink pyjamas would attest. This blissfully daggy state of affairs took a disturbing turn yesterday morning and someone must be held accountable.

On Richie Benaud, a white jacket (or any off-white, cream or beige derivative) is perfectly acceptable. Mandatory, even. Likewise umpire Billy Bowden. Or Lionel Richie. On a team of cricketers already clad in louche gold shirts and caps with a sprinkling of little green stars, it is simply unacceptable, even if it matches their shoes. What next? Nathan Hauritz halts the presentation of the Champions Trophy to have shoulder pads fitted?

Apart from their ability to effortlessly host a global sporting event, the Champions Trophy also highlighted South Africa's inability to rise to the occasion at home. A disappointed Rob Houwing sums up the tournament in Sport24.com.

Though the ICC Champions Trophy was followed with more than average interest by fans, former Indian great Sunil Gavaskar feels the tournament will need to change its format, if it is to sustain in the long run. He lists the alternatives in his column for the Hindustan Times.


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