ICC World Cricket League Division Eight November 10, 2010

A language with few cricket terms

Germany's Andre Leslie writes about the ICC WCL Division Eight.

Germany's Andre Leslie writes about the ICC WCL Division Eight.

It's great to have finished top of our group after beating Bahamas in our third game on Tuesday. Our victory was a solid team effort, but the standout performance definitely came from our legspinner Kashif Haider. He bagged an amazing eight wickets.

I'm so pleased for Kashi. He regularly bowls well for us but often misses out on the wickets a bit. Against Bahamas, his turn and control was superb. If only we could improve his fashion sense, he might pass for Germany's next Shane Warne.

In the field yesterday, our energy levels were much better and there was plenty of encouragement. Because of our different backgrounds we have Urdu and Hindi, Punjabi, Sinhala and English speakers in the team. The only language that everyone speaks is German. The problem is, the language doesn't have too many cricket expressions. One German word for stumps translates to "wooden goal" for instance. That doesn't sound so good.

I shouldn't forget to give a special thanks to yesterday's two reserves - Tarun Rawat and Shafraz Samsudeen. They ran the drinks all day and boy, did we need it. Both of these guys have come up through the German junior sides and it's good to have them along on tour. An experience like this in Kuwait is invaluable. Even though they weren't in the starting eleven against Bahamas, they were in the middle of post-match celebrations yesterday.

We can't afford to get too excited yet though. Everything is still to play for in the match against Vanuatu. But first, we have a day off. I don't have any big plans. Mainly, I'm looking forward to getting up late and enjoying a big breakfast.

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