Ranji Trophy 2012-13, Round IX January 1, 2013

Ranji Trophy 2012-13, Round IX, Day 4

6.10pm With that we end the last day of the league stages of Ranji Trophy

6.10pm With that we end the last day of the league stages of Ranji Trophy. If you scroll below, you will see great drama involved. Thanks for joining us. We will see you with the quarters. Cheers

Brief scores - scroll down for text updates

Saurashtra (toss) 242 (Vasavada 54, Jackson 53, Makvana 51, Pandey 3-43) and 303 for 4 decl. (Pujara 203*, Vasavada 55) beat MP 135 (Joshi 3-17, Unadkat 3-20) and 183 (Saxena 75, Jadeja 6-51, Makvana 3-43) by 227 in Rajkot

Delhi (toss) 523 for 9 decl. (Rawal 104, Chand 82) drew with Vidarbha 257 and 216 for 7 (Shrivastava 80*) in Nagpur

Karnataka 572 for 9 decl. (Gautam 264*, Binny 172) and 92 for 2 (Rahul 42*) beat Maharashtra (toss) 99 (Mithun 6-36, Binny 4-37) and (f/0) 567 for 9 (Bawne 155*, Khadiwale 136, Atitkar 78) by eight wickets in Pune

Jharkhand (toss) 120 (Suraj Yadav 6-43) and 219 for 5 (Nemat 86, Verma 72) beat Services 185 (Chatterjee 97, Ajay Yadav 5-30) and 152 (Ajay Yadav 6-43) by five wickets in Delhi

Railways 214 (Paunikar 50, Sarkar 4-62) and 314 for 9 decl. (Paunikar 54) beat Bengal (toss) 157 (Karan Shamra 4-22) and 249 (Anureet Singh 4-46) by 122 in Kolkata

Gujarat 244 (Parthiv Patel 101) and 337 (Juneja 98, Gandhi 64) drew with Mumbai (toss) 447 (Jaffer 171) and 65 for 1 in Mumbai

Rajasthan 384 (Saxena 84, Ashish Reddy 5-67) and 329 for 9 decl. (Saxena 146*) drew with Hyderabad (toss) 349 (Jhala 75*, Ashish Reddy 62) and 38 for 0 in Jaipur

Tamil Nadu (toss) 571 for 6 decl. (Dinesh Karthik 187) drew with Haryana 180 for 3 in Chennai

Andhra 329 (Muzumdar 146, Manukrishnan 3-87) and 191 (Shahid 5-52) drew with Kerala (toss) 312 (Sanju Samson 122, Jagadeesh 117, Vijaykumar 4-77, Atchuta Rao 4-78) and 192 for 4 (Jagadeesh 70*, Samson 51) in Cuddapah

Goa 381 (Amogh Desai 105, Das 5-83) and 241 for 4 drew with Assam (toss) 366 (Roy 87, Pallav Das 70) in Porvorim

Tripura 355 for 8 decl. drew with J&K (toss) 41 for 1 in Jammu


6pm Oh my. Just getting to know that Kerala needed 17 off the last over when play was stopped because of bad light. Oh my. What a finish. Had Kerala won that game, they might well have given Jharkhand a scare

That has to be gutting for Kerala. We will try to find out more about what happened, but it's also time I start winding up this blog. If there is a controversy/story to why the match ended the way it did, you will see it on Cricinfo

5.55pm The venues were decided by the toss, it seems. So Mumbai, Jharkhand and Saurashtra get home games. Services won their toss against UP, but their home ground, Palam in Delhi, is hosting a warm-up one-day game for England, hence a neutral venue

5.50pm Jharkhand are through. The BCCI has confirmed it



· MUMBAI V BARODA AT MUMBAI – Will be telecast live.


5.40pm We are going right down here, folks. Kerala 183 for 4 in 23.3 overs. They need 26 off 9 balls. And Jharkhand can't do anything about it

5.35pm Kerala 160 for 4 in 22 overs. They need 49 in three overs. Jharkhand will be glued to this

5.20pm Light is holding in Cuddapah. We might go to the very end there. Kerala 123 for 3 after 18.3 overs. They now need 86 in 39 balls

5.12pm Oops. Oops. Jharkhand can't celebrate yet. Kerala were set 209 in 25 overs. And they have reached 112 for 3 in 17. They need 97 in eight overs. That can spoil Jharkhand's party. It will come down to run quotient in that case. Oh what a beauty this final day is

5.10pm You have got to love Ranji Trophy. What a finish. The last place decided with a little over one over left. That's nine rounds, people - 108 matches. Absolutely brilliant

Delhi are out now. Let's just confirm quarter-finalists for you.

Group A: Punjab, Saurashtra, Mumbai Griup B: UP, Baroda, Karnataka Group C: Services, Jharkhand

5.02pm Journalists in Pune getting calls from Delhi support staff. They don't have good news to report to them because Karnataka have won it, with eight balls to spare. Rahul 42 off 34. Binny 25 off 17. Gautam 12 off 6

5pm Last two overs. Seven runs required. Rahul and Gautam doing it for Karnataka

4.55pm Sanjay Bangar has announced his retirement. What a stellar career. Well played, sir

Karnataka have just had an edged boundary off a no-ball. They are 76 for 2 now. Followed by another four. Need 9 off 15

4.53pm Binny is gone. Karnataka now need 20 off 19

Our serves are dying, I think. It is taking a bit of time to load changes in the blog. Bear with us

4.50pm Delhi, because they bowled their mandatory overs fast, are still bowling on, but they still need three wickets, and they don't have much time left.

In fact, as we speak, it is a draw in Nagpur. Delhi could take only seven wickets

4.44pm Binny is not out. Karnataka 53 for 1 after eight overs. They need 36 off 30. As all this happens, the official broadcasters are showing BBL. What a shame

4.41pm Maharashtra not overtly defensive. Karnataka 51 for 1 after 7.5. Binny awaits a third umpire's call on a run-out

4.38pm Last over for Delhi. They need three wickets

Karnataka 50 for 1 after 7.3 overs. Binny 18 off 10. They need 39 off 33 now

4.35pm Down to 11 balls for Delhi. I am sure they are on the phone to Pune too

Karnataka 44 for 1 after seven overs. Need 45 off 36 balls. The last two balls were dots. Stuart Binny is batting at 3

4.32pm Karnataka 39 for 1 after six overs. Need 50 off 42 balls

Delhi meanwhile stay wicketless. They have 14 balls to take three wickets. Otherwise they wait for Karnataka's result

4.27pm One more over gone in Nagpur. Delhi need three wickets in four overs

Karnataka 29 for 1 after 5.1. They need 60 off 47

All this also means that Baroda are through. These two teams are now fighting for one place, but in different matches in two different cities against two different teams. Ranji Trophy, you beauty

4.25pm Delhi now have five overs left to take the remaining three wickets

In Pune, Kunal Kapoor is out. Karnataka now have to hope Delhi don't win, otherwise there is no point winning this match. They are 26 for 1 after 4.4 overs. Need 63 off 50

4.20pm - Official good news for Karnataka They have been set 89 in 13 overs. Their openers, Kunal Kapoor and Lokesh Rahul, have reached 21 in 3.5 overs. That leaves them 68 off 55

4.15pm I am now hearing Karnataka need 89 from 13 overs, but this is not official yet

Meanwhile, in Nagpur, Delhi have 6.3 overs left to take three wickets. Vikash Tokas took the seventh

4.10pm - Equation in Pune Official word yet to come, but tentatively Karnataka are chasing 89 runs in 11 overs, and are now 9 for 0 after two overs

4.05pm - Jharkhand win Ishank Jaggi has taken Jharkhand to the win. They are all but through. They will want to put celebrations on hold until the match in Cuddapah is officially called off

Kerala can't get there, though. They are 14 for 0 after three overs. They need to go at twice this rate

4pm - Delhi get another One more wicket falls in Nagpur. Sairaj Bahutule gone. Delhi need four wickets in 11 overs. This is all too close. What a finish

Karnataka, too, get their final wicket. Maharashtra 561 all out. Karnataka chasing 89 for a win, and with wickets falling in Nagpur, preferably without losing wicket

3.55pm - Jharkhand not doing it easy Two more wickets gone. Sveen runs still left. Jaggi is still there, though, and the injured Saurabh Tiwary has now come out to join him. Seven runs needed there

Meanwhile, Sreesanth has come out to open the batting for Kerala, who are chasing an improbable 209 in 17 overs. They are 9 for 0

3.50pm - Tension in Pune That wicket by Amit Verma has brought Karnataka closer to a shot at the quarters. They have 15 overs left now. Maharashtra are 557 for 9. That's a lead of 84. They need a wicket soon, because two overs will be used for the change of innings

Meanwhile Delhi too take a wicket. They have nine balls to the new ball, so a twist is possible in Nagpur where Delhi need five wickets in 14.3 overs. What a finish we are having ourselves

3.45pm - Delhi even closer to a draw Now they have 16 overs left to take six wickets. Doesn't seem like it is happening

Meanwhile, Amit Verma has provided the breakthrough for Karnataka, taking the ninth wicket

3.40pm - Three more overs gone Karnataka have gone three more overs without a wicket. Maharashtra 557 for 8, a lead of 84

3.35pm - Jharkhand within striking distance Ishank Jaggi has steadied the ship and has taken Jharkhand to 200 for 3. Now they need 18 more

3.32pm - Mithun is doing it for Karnataka And Mithun has another wicket. Karnataka racing against the clock. Maharashtra 549 for 8, with 19 overs to go, minus two for the innings end. That's a lead of 76

3.30pm - Delhi running out of time With 20 overs remaining and six wickets to get, Delhi are becoming more and more reliant on the result in Pune. Shalabh Shrivastava - 57 off 161 balls - has stalled them

3.25pm - Railways finish their win Anureet Singh gets four wicket to bowl Bengal out for 249. That consolatory win takes Railways to 21 points. Not good enough, though

3.20pm - A twist in Delhi Jharkhand lose another wicket. They are 186 for 3 now. Still 32 runs to get. Ishank Jaggi is the main man now

3.15pm - Bizarreness in Mumbai Mumbai have refused to go for the chase. MS Dhoni will be proud of them. It's a draw. Mumbai get three points from the match, and qualify for quarters with just one outright win. I don't know why Mumbai have done this. I know wasim jaffer is not at the ground - he is tending to some family emergency - but still they had nine wickets in hand, 70 runs to get, and 14 overs to go. Absolutely bizarre. For what it's worth, Jaffer is the Man of the Match

3.10pm - Mithun finally strikes Bring out the coconuts. Abhimanu Mithun has got Mundhe. Karnataka 535 for 7, a lead of 62 with 23 overs to go. Karnataka not out of it yet. Bawne continues, though. He is 151 not out

Meanwhile Parthiv Patel is bowling in Mumbai, who are 60 for 1 after 26 overs. It's bizarre that they don't seem to be going for the target. Are they trying to avoid Delhi in the quarter-final?

3.05pm Kapil, Andhra are indeed no declaring. They now lead by 186. There is 29 overs left in the day's play. I don't think they can lose from here. So there should be no harm in trying. One last desperate push for the season

Jharkhand, meanwhile, have lost Nemat for 86. At 182 for 2, they need 36 to win

3pm - Clock ticking away for Karnataka Ankit Bawne refuses to budge. He is 149 not out, and Maharashtra now lead by 60. Only 25 overs to go. Four wickets still stand

Meanwhile, in Nagpur Delhi haven't added to their wickets collection either, but they will take heart from Karnataka's struggles. Twenty-eight overs and six wickets is the equation in Nagpur

2.55pm - Jharkhand's target under 50 Rameez Nemat continues to go strong. He is 86 not out out of 181 for 1. Ishank Jaggi has also looted 16 off 15. Just the 37 runs required now

2.45pm - Railways close in on consolatory win Anureet Singh's three wickets have reduced Bengal to 228 for 8. Railways have 21.4 overs to take the remaining two wickets. This might be the end of the road for these two teams, but they have put up a close finish

2.25pm - Into the final session now And we still have three places open. It's running away from Maharashtra. They have 28 overs left. Maharashtra are 40 ahead. Four wickets to be taken, and then the runs to be scored, preferably without losing a wicket. Too much to ask? We will know soon

Delhi will have an eye on this match. Every over Maharashtra survive will help Delhi's cause, who need to take six Vidarbha wickets in 31 overs. But if Karnataka don't win their match, Delhi can through with just a draw

Mumbai, who have already qualified, need 86 off 23 overs in the last session for an outright win and the second position in their group. They are 49 for 1 off 18 overs now

In Delhi, Jharkhand have lost opener Akash Verma for 72 but not before he and Rameez Nemat have set them on their way to a win. They are 158 for 1 now, needing only 60 more. Nemat 79 not out

Andhra are 153 for 6 with 32.5 overs remaining in their match. Even if Kerala get all four wickets in the next over, they will have a very difficult chase on their hands. That's a lead of 170 already

2.07pm - Mumbai step it up Mumbai are indeed going for it. Hiken Shah has just Rakesh Dhurv for four fours in one over. Now they are 42 for 1 after 11

@Monga Even though if mumbai manages with just first innings lead they make it 23 points(same as saurashtra) ... doesn't mumbai have better quotient than saurashtra

No Srihari. Mumbai will have just one outright win, and Saurashtra two. Outright wins are the first tiebreaker, then comes the run quotient

2.05pm - Delhi get a wicket now Pradeep Sangwan has got Hemang Badani. Vidarbha 110 for 4. Delhi have 36.3 overs to take the remaining wickets in

2pm - Railways keep pegging away In Kolkata, Railways know they can't make it any further but they are working hard to get the consolatory six points. They have Bengal down at 212 for 6, and need four wickets in 29 overs to win outright

can any one tell which team faces relegation fron groupB
Srihari, it's Maharashtra who are going out

1.58pm - Curious scenes in Mumbai Mumbai don't seem to be going for it. Reports Amol Karhadkar: "After a cautious start, Aditya Tare - opening the innings in place of Wasim Jaffer who is not at the ground - has a wild heave outside off stump off Kushang Patel and edges to Parthiv Patel behind the stumps. Mumbai 15 for 1 in the eighth over."

1.55pm - Jharkhand's target under 100 Jharkhand are 123 for 0 in 29 overs. Need just 95 more. meanwhile, Andhra lose one more wicket in Cuddapah, but it's a long long way for Kerala to make a comeback there. With 40 overs to go, Andhra already lead by 154 with five wickets in hand

1.40pm - HS Sharath keeps Karnataka interested Another wicket for HS Sharath. Maharashtra 489 for 6 now. Tripathi caught at the wicket. Bawne still batting on 135 - 38.5 overs to go

1.35pm - Fifties for both Jharkhand openers What a time to come up with aggressive half-centuries. Akash Verma and Rameez Nemat are making it look easy. Nemat 54 off 66, Verma 53 off 88. Jharkhand 110 for 0. They need just 108 more. At this rate, they can even get a bonus point. Remember their whole team managed just 120 in the first innings

1.30pm - Karnataka will have to bat again Maharashtra have reached 474 for 5. That's a lead of 1 run. Karnataka have 40.2 overs to take these five wickets in and score the runs that will be scored from now on. Preferably without losing a wicket of their own. It's advantage Baroda right now. I am sure Delhi are following this too, and taking heart from it.

Mithun has bowled 13 overs today, Binny 8

If Tamilnadu game was inconsequential, Now why r u publishing Guj v/s Mum Comments? Fact is like the ESPN Start Cricket and the BCCI you people don't consider Ranji Imp. You don't have 12 correspondent at site.

Hem, Mumbai game had big implications on the quarters line-up when it started, and even now despite the names of the teams known, this game holds importance. If Mumbai win, they finish second and face the team placed third in Group B. If Mumbai draw, they dinish third, and face the team placed second. On the other hand, Tamil Nadu game doesn't make any difference to anybody, not in terms of promotion, not in terms of relegation. And the rain put paid to any chance of a result there, so it can't be enjoyed in isolation either. Hope that makes sense.

1.20pm - Jharkhand are racing Jharkhand have put up a stellar chase. Akash Verma and Rameez Nemat, their openers, have added 58 runs in a little over 10 overs this morning. Jharkhand 93 for 0. Andhra's chances fading away. Jharkhand need another 125

1.15pm - Mumbai need 135 to win Reports Amol Karhadkar: "Manprit Juneja misses out on a deserving century. The right-hand batsman tries to clear Abhishek Nayar at cover with a lofted drive off Ankeet Chavan, but Nayar takes an acrobatic catch. Juneja gone for 98. In the same over, Suryakumar Yadav takes a diving catch to end Gujarat's innings. Mumbai need to chase 135 in 41 overs."

1.10pm - No joy for Delhi and Karnataka Parnerships seem to be building in Nagpur and Pune. Delhi still stuck at three wicket, Karnataka have five, but they lead by just 20 now

1.05pm - AMol Karhadkar in Mumbai

Rush Kalaria's cameo comes to an end. After scoring 39-ball 43, Kalaria holes out to Kaustubh Pawar in the covers off Dhawal Kulkarni. Gujarat 322 for 8

And, boy, do things happen fast? Manprit Juneja falls for 98. Ankeet Chavan has got him. Gujarat 336 for 9 now. Lead by 133

12.50pm - Solid resumption for Jharkhand Jharkhand openers have added 18 runs in five overs after fog delayed the resumption in Delhi. The score now is 53 for 0, and they need another 165 to win

12.45pm - Vineet Saxena signs off with a century There was no hat-trick of titles for Rajasthan, but they have avoided relegation, and Saxena has scored a century in their last innings of the season. Game headed to a draw in Jaipur, as expected

12.40pm - Moinuddin gets another for Karnataka Time to break another coconut then. Syed Moinuddin, who has gone for a few runs, has taken his second wicket, sending back Kedar Jadhav. Maharashtra 430 for 5. A deficit of 43. Bawne still unbeaten on 109

12.25pm - Jharkhand resume chase Good news for Jharkhand fans. They have a big target to chase - considering the low scores in this match - but at least they now have a shot at it. About three hours lost today to fog and dew. They need 183 in about two sessions to win and knock Andhra out

12.05pm - Group A done With Saurashtra winning - congratulations to them - other Group A matches now become more or less inconsequential. Of course Mumbai will want to win, and finish second so that they can face the third-ranked team from Group B. Railways, though, are now out even if they beat Bengal

Noon - Interesting in Cuddapah Andhra lose Amol Muzumdar just before lunch. Muzumdar came out attacking, hitting four fours and a six in his 29-ball 27. Clearly Muzumdar wanted the runs on board, and not getting into the mindset of batting just time. Consequently , Andhra are 108 for 4, a lead of 125. Another hour of batting, and they will be safe

As we speak, it's all over in Rajkot. Jadeja gets a sixth. Guess you can't go wrong if you have a Jadeja in the side. MP bowled out for 183. Poignantly, Pandey is the last wicket to fall. He tried his best through the season, but it has ended in a heartbreak. That's end of the road for Railways and Gujarat too

Sums up Abhishek Purohit: "MP's inability to handle the Saurashtra spinners, especially Jadeja, has knocked them out. Nothing wrong with the pitch at all, apart from the delivery that got Bundela, which reared up from a fullish length"

11.55am - Lunch postponed Yes, lunch has been postponed in Rajkot. This is how Abhishek Purohit describes the action on the ninth wicket: "Five on debut for Dharmendra Jadeja, the second-highest wicket-taker in the U-25 CK Nayudu Trophy. Anand Rajan going after a pitched-up delivery, and thick-edging it to gully, where the captain Jaydev Shah takes a sharp catch"

11.50am - Lunch updates From Amol Karhadkar in Mumbai: "Gujarat lead by 65 runs at lunch. Manpreet Juneja has held on to one end. But he is likely to run out of partners in the post-lunch session"

In Nagpur, Vidarbha are 54 for 3. Delhi need seven more

In Pune, Maharashtra go into lunch at 416 for 4, which means a deficit of just 57. Karnataka running out of time there

In Rajkot, MP have lost a ninth. Debutant Dharmendrasinh Jadeja has five. Anand Rajan gone. I think they won't take lunch now then

11.42am - Promised land in sight for Saurashtra Surely all over in Rajkot? Saxena is gone. Reports Abhishek Purohit: "That will be it for MP. Makvana taking his third wicket, that of Jalaj Saxena, who comes out of his crease, looking to work the ball to leg, only to get a leading edge, which the bowler takes comfortably. Saxena scored 75. MP 160 for 8"

11.36am - Utter chaos in Rajkot MP are folding faster than beach chairs in rain. Jalaj Saxena watches on helplessly from the other end as Makvana takes another. Ankit Sharma gone now. Two in the same over for Makvana. Now Ankit Sharma is gone. He lunges forward, the ball pops up tamely to forward short leg. Saurashtra 155 for 7, Saxena 70 not out. Fifty-two overs to go

Says Abhishek Purohit: "MP have lost 5 for 17 in 15 overs. They can stop checking the scores of the Mumbai v Gujarat match now"

11.35am - Wickets in both Mumbai and Rajkot Just as Mumbai have begun doing MP a favour, MP have gone on and lost one more wicket.

In Mumbai, Nayar gets Dhurv caught at first slip. Gujarat 259 for 7 now, a lead of just 56

In Rajkot, though, MP have lost two. First Birla is bowled by Jadeja. Then Harpreet Singh pads up to a full Kamlesh Makvana delivery. Not sure whether it would have hit off, but you don't shoulder arms to one that pitches so full, and in line with the stumps 155 for 6

11.25am - That man Nayar again From Amol Karhadkar in Mumbai: "Mumbai get the much needed breakthrough. And it's that man Nayar again. He gets debutant Chirag Gandhi caught in front of the stumps in the fifth over with the new ball. Gujarat 256 for 6"

11.22am - Delhi keep on taking wickets Vidarbha 48 for 3 now. It's Vikar Mishra this time. Vidarbha's top three gone. Delhi have a great chance now

@Siddharth- What happens if both Delhi and Karnataka win with a bonus point?

Nikhil, in that case Delhi will go through for sure. Karnataka will be tied with Baroda, but in all likelihood their run quotient will be better. I can tell you Baroda are praying Karnataka lose at least one wicket today

11.20am - Lunch in Kolkata Railways still need seven wickets for the win. Bengal 108 for 3

11.15am - All going wrong for MP Devendra Bundela is gone. Says Abhishek Purohit: "Dharmendra Jadeja pivots with a flourish and that helps him get bounce, which the others are not getting. Bundela surprised by the lift and edging it to the keeper. MP 152 for 4."

11.10am - Change is strategy for MP MP are on a hot line to Mumbai now. They have begun to play safe in Rajkot. Saxena and Bundela have added 9 runs in 8.3 overs. They are banking on Gujarat to lose. It's all happening.

Poor MP, though. Because they were positive last week, they are forced to being defensive here. What a game

In Mumbai, though, Zaheer is not on the field, and Gujarat are finding it easy. Chirag Gandhi joins Manprit Juneja as a half-centurion. Gujarat 251 for 5, a lead of 48

11.05am - More good news for Andhra Papi Reddy, you might not need coconuts. Still a little foggy in Delhi. Covers haven't come off yet. I am being told at least another hour to go before they can begin. Andhra an hour closer to qualification. Jharkhand will be frustrated

11am - Gujarat are not out of this Not by a long shot. All they need is for the other team from Gujarat, Saurashtra, to lose out. Not lose the match, but end up with a draw. Of course Gujarat will themselves have to survive in Mumbai and take one point. That will take Gujarat to 22, MP to 21 and Saurashtra to 20. Even if Railways their match, the best they can get to is 21

Anyway Gujarat are 237 for 5 now, a lead of 34. Juneja 71 not out

10.55am - Bawne gets hundred Ankit Bawne, who has become watchful, finally reaches his hundred off 198 balls. Maharashtra are 392 for 4 now, trailing by 81

10.50am - Delhi strike too Sumit Narwal gets Ubarhande in Nagpur. That leaves Delhi eight wickets away. Delhi have a second line of defence too: if Karnataka don't win, Delhi don't need to win either

10.45am - A wicket in Rajkot Says Abhishek Purohit: "Saxena and Rameez batted nearly 90 minutes this morning but now Rameez is gone, playing a tossed-up Jadeja delivery from the crease. The ball dipped and sneaked past to hit off stump. Rameez gone for 31 off 97 balls. Partnership 85 off 200. MP 138 for 3 in the 47th over"

10.40am - Bring out another coconut HS Sharath is the man again for Karnataka. He has got Prayag Bhati too. Maharashtra 385 for 4. Bawne still on 98. Is joined by the triple-centurion, Kedar Jadhav

10.30am - Mumbai will have to bat again Says Amol Karhadkar: "Chirag Gandhi's twin boundaries in an Ankeet Chavan over ensure they won't concede maximum points. With the 203-run deficit wiped off, Mumbai will have to bat again. But for that too happen, they will first have to get the remaining five wickets. Going into the drinks break, Gujarat 205 for 5. Manprit Juneja 63 not out"

10.25am - Bangar strikes for Railways Captain Sanjay Bangar traps Arindam Das lbw, and Bengal are 76 for 3 now. Railways need seven more wickets, and then hope and pray

10.20am - Sharath breaks through Rags, bring out them coconuts. Or at least one of them. HS Sharath has got rid of Motwani. Maharashtra 369 for 3.

@siddarth,if delhi wins..and karnataka wins withot bonus point..will karnataka go through q/f

Nayeem, if Delhi win, Karnataka have to win with a bonus point. If Delhi don't win their match, any victory will do for Karnataka

10.10am - Rajasthan lose two wickets But it's too late and too little for Hyderabad. Rajasthan have reached 146 for 4, a lead of 181


@Siddarth, can u also update as to how many overs mithun n binny have bowled today, so that with the scores, we can also guess how much more they can bowl

Srinivas Bharath, they have bowled two overs each out of the 11 bowled this morning. Bawne reaches 93, and Maharashtra are 346 for 2

10am - Jalaj continues rallying In Rajkot, Jalaj Saxena has now added 58 for the third wicket with Rameez Khan. MP 111 for 2, Saxena 58 not out. Target exactly 300 now

Says Abhishek Purohit: "Jalaj Saxena and Rameez Khan have been fairly solid this morning. They have also looked to score whenever possible, Saxena reaching his fifty with a picture-perfect on-the-knee cover drive off Unadkat. Saurashtra having four men around the bat with the left-arm spinner Dharmendra Jadeja bowling, but not breaking through yet."

9.55am - Amol Karhadkar in Mumbai

Happy New Year, folks. Manpreet Juneja and Chirag Gandhi have dropped anchor, adding just 12 runs in the first 10 overs of the day. But the last thing on their minds as of now is the runs on the board

9.50am - No such luck for Karnataka Half an hour into the day, and Karnataka haven't got a wicket. Maharashtra reach 340 for 2. Bawne 12 short of a hundred

9.45am - Delhi get one of 10 Pradeep Sangwan has got SS Das caught at the wicket. Vidarbha 9 for 1. Delhi need nine more wickets to ensure qualification

9.40am - Hope for MP still Jalaj Saxena has reached 54, MP are 102 for 2. They are fighting. One final day of a season they have played exciting cricket in. They are the fans' favourites

9.35am - Good news for Andhra Not so good for Jharkhand. Heavy fog in Delhi. Don't expect a start before 11am. However, if it starts at 11, it is time enough to get 183 runs should Jharkhand well

Andhra themselves have lost the attacking KS Bharat for 37 off 28. They are now 45 for 1, leading by 62

9.30am - Bengal doing what they can Anureet Singh gets Sudip Chatterjee out. Bengal 43 for 2 now. Railways need eight more

9.20am - Mumbai update Amol Karhadkar wishes a happy new year to all and says the day has begun with two maidens. Gujarat 144 for 5

9.10am - Update from Kolkata It's a day of early starts, and they began at 8.45am in Kolkata. Bengal have survived five overs without any further loss. They are 27 for 1

9am First day of 2013. Final day of Ranji Trophy league stages. No time for hangovers this. We still have four places open in the quarters, and eight teams are fighting for those places. In particular, four matches are big: Saurashtra v MP, Delhi v Vidarbha, Maharashtra v Karnataka and Services v Jharkhand. We will keep an eye on others too, but these are the big games

The scenarios: the winner out of Saurashtra and MP takes the final place from Group A. However, if there is an unlikely draw in Rajkot, it gives Gujarat and Railways a look-in should they do the best in their matches, which is to hang on for a draw in Gujarat's case and win in Railways' case

Group B is complicated, but if Karnataka and Delhi both take seven points, they both go through. We will discuss other weird scenarios over the day

Group C is simple. If Jharkhand beat Services they go through, if they lose Andhra go through

Sidharth Monga is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo